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The Importance of Kidneys; How they Get Damaged & How to Repair Them Naturally

The Importance of Kidneys; How they Get Damaged & How to Repair Them Naturally

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on 24th Jun 2021

Kidneys are super-important organs. Healthy kidneys should not be taken for granted. Kidneys clean gallons and gallons of blood daily and are the principle organs we use to clean the blood. When the kidneys are working correctly they remove toxins and wastes from the blood all day long. They also help to regulate the blood viscosity (how sluggish the blood is), pH balance, electrolytes, red blood cell-count, and blood pressure. Without our kidneys we are in sad and sorry shape, so pay attention to this article.

Here Are the Ways Kidney Gets Damaged

For remedies see the next section.

1. Too much dehydration 

Dehydration causes a shutdown of the body, organ by organ. It also causes increased blood viscosity, which inhibits the elimination of wastes as well as the ability of blood to freely circulate around your body and deliver its nutrition to your cells. (You can tell if you’re dehydrated if your urine is dark-colored. It should be a light yellow. If you're over-hydrated your urine will appear colorless.) At least 75% of Americans are dehydrated enough that it affects the health of their kidneys as well as their overall health.

2. Too many painkillers
3. Too many heartburn drugs
4. Too much anti-inflammatory drugs
5.  Illegal drugs: cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine
6.  Steroids
7.  Too much processed food
8.  High levels of phosphorus in food (such as in processed meat)
9.  Too much meat or too acidic of a diet
10. Too much sugar
11. Too much diet soda
12. Too much alcohol
13. Too little sleep
14. Too much sickness (i.e., strep throat which lingers and doesn’t seem to go away). The excess antibodies can cause the kidneys to become damaged.
15. Excess use of antibiotics
16. Lack of blood supply to kidney
17. Over-kill on working out
18. Too much weight gain

Natural Remedies for Kidney Damage

Alkaline ionized water is my favorite way to prevent kidney damage, and I recommend it for those who want to heal their kidneys, naturally. The studies show that it is both the Hydrogen (molecular hydrogen) in ionized water and the pH value of the alkaline ionized water that have benefits for the health of the kidneys.  

I am not giving medical advice with this section. However, as a 25-year veteran educator with a strong background in physiology, biological sciences, nutrition and health, I have been truly interested in finding and using the best, most natural remedies for all physiological ailments I have come across in my life. I have found powerful answers in alkaline ionized water, and have for the last 25 years been virtually free of all illness. See my testimonial

I have also been searching for answers to the dilemma of why we (as a nation and a world) seem to remain ignorant about how to keep the body healthy, naturally. Could it have anything to do with the unprofitability of people getting well, naturally? I'm inclined to follow the money trail, myself. 

See many natural remedies, below, listed out by the many causes of the condition. I have included plenty of links to scientific articles to back up the remedies. 

I encourage all people to learn how to observe their own bodies and to learn more about natural prevention and remedies. The kidneys tell us that they WILL be damaged by over-medication, so it is worth the effort it takes to learn about natural remedies for kidney ailments, as well as for all disease.

1. Dehydration. Ionized water is a great remedy for dehydration. It's the most hydrating water there is. Improving hydration and blood viscosity can get you started on the right road to repairing the kidney and can certainly help to prevent kidney damage. Drinking alkaline ionized water (ERW – Electronically Reduced Water) has been studied and found to be a great remedy for dehydration.  

2. Pain-Relief: When you drink ionized water, it is less likely that you will experience the types of body-problems that produce pain. In the event you already have taken way too many pain-killers, medications, drugs or other toxins, ionized water can help detox kidneys. Also, if I ever have a headache, I drink a glass of ionized water and it goes away almost instantly.  

3. Heartburn Drugs: It is far less likely that you will experience heartburn when you regularly drink ionized water. Drinking ionized water has been demonstrated as a remedy for a heartburn & gastrointestinal disorders. However, in the event you already have had an excess of toxins, trapped in your kidneys, from heartburn drugs, drinking ionized water will help you detox them from the kidneys. See Detox section, below. 

4. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: It is unlikely that you will have need for anti-inflammatory drugs while drinking ionized water, see the special section, below, called  Reduce Oxidative Stress & Inflammation. However if you already have an excess of trapped toxins from anti-inflammatory drugs in your kidney, ionized water is likely to help you detox them from the kidneys. See Detox section, below.

5. Illegal Drugs: Any type of drug can do damage to the kidneys, especially if they accumulate and the kidney cannot be detoxified. Alkaline ionized water is great at helping the kidneys to detoxify. See Detox section, below.

6. Steroids: Steroids can be inadvertently consumed when you eat meat treated with steroids. Consuming alkaline ionized water can help you detoxify these from your kidneys.

7. Processed Food: Processed food can have numerous toxins in them, which have the potential of damaging the kidneys. Alkaline ionized water can help you detox these.

8. Phosphorus: For some reason excess phosphorus can damage the kidneys. Drinking ionized water can help detox the trapped excess. See Detox section, below.

9. Too Acidic of a Diet or Metabolic Acidosis: If your kidneys are experiencing distress from too acidic of a diet, drinking alkaline ionized water can help. It is important to help heal your kidney by reducing Metabolic Acidosis.

10.11. 12. Too Much Sugar, Diet Soda or Alcohol: Too much sugar, diet soda or alcohol are all similarly detoxed from the kidneys by drinking alkaline ionized water. Drinking ionized water has been demonstrated as a remedy for a hangover

13. Sleep: Alkaline ionized water has a positive effect on sleep.

14. Bacterial Infections: Drinking ionized water has been demonstrated as a remedy for a bacterial infection or prevention from such infection.

15. Antibiotics: You are less likely to be in need of antibiotics if you drink alkaline ionized water daily. But if there are already many of these trapped in your kidneys, drinking ionized water can help you flush them out. See Detox section, below.

16. Blood Viscosity: Ionized water help reduce the blood viscosity and make the blood more able to flow through the kidneys and all other organs freely. See section 1, above, for articles about ERW (ionized water) and blood viscosity.

17. Over-Exercising: Exercising is great, but if you regularly over-exercise (like in training for the Olympics or professional sports). Drinking ERW (electrically reduced water or alkaline ionized water) has been demonstrated as a remedy for the oxidative stresses of over-exercising.

18. Obesity: Being over-weight or gaining too much weight is dangerous for many reasons, but it’s particularly dangerous to the kidneys. Drinking alkaline ionized water helps to normalize weight (reduce obesity), which in turn helps relieve the stress on your kidneys

19. Kidney Injuries: Drinking electrolyzed reduced water protects against and attenuates renal injury (injury to the kidney)

20. Diabetes, Heart Disease or Other Diseases: Drinking ERW (electrically reduced water or alkaline ionized water) has been demonstrated as a prevention for diabetes or alleviation from the oxidative stress of diabetes and hundreds of other diseases.

Special Section - Reduce Oxidative Stress & Inflammation:

Oxidative stress and inflammation are responsible for so many diseases, it's impossible to count them all. Drinking Ionized Water or Hydrogen Water has a protective effect on nerves, cells and organs, because it directly alleviates oxidative stress. 

Special Section on DETOX: Drinking alkaline ionized water helps to Detox Kidneys

Detoxing can help heal kidneys and prevent kidney damage in the first place. Increase urinary excretion of toxins and excess minerals: Drinking ionized water helps to eliminate toxins, toxic metals, and excess mineral buildup in the kidneys.

Special Section on Dialysis: What Does One Do About End-Stage Renal Disease, When the Kidneys are Already so Diseased That Dialysis is Needed?

For doctors, applying it to patients with End-Stage Renal Disease: In Dialysis the adding of molecular hydrogen (H 2) or using ERW in dialysis solution is effective as an anti-inflammatory agent. [ERW – Electrically Reduced Water, Ionized Water, Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen Gas]

Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

My background is in physiology, teaching, nutrition and weight loss. I have raised 5 children who are all grown now. I have a masters degree in education and was a teacher/principal for 24 years. I created Alkaline Water Plus in 2009 to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER, and I've been in perfect health ever since I started drinking ionized water 25 years ago!

Cathie LoGrasso Owner, Alkaline Water Plus

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