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Hx-1000 SPE 99.999% Pure Hydrogen

All orders for the hydrogen machines from AlkalineWaterPlus are pre-orders, and will be delivered approximately 3 weeks after the date of order. We do this to ensure you are always getting the latest upgrade of the machine, freshly made.

Product Description

The Hx-1000 99.999% Pure Hydrogen Gas Machine is the strongest hydrogen gas machine you can buy. It is suitable for hospitals, clinics, health clubs, spas, and home use. Multiple people (2 or more) can breathe hydrogen gas at the same time or you can concentrate it all into one line for the strongest flow of all hydrogen gas machines. The Hx-1000 comes with two breathing ports on the front of the machine, but if only one person is breathing the hydrogen, you can combine the hoses to get all 1,000 lpm flow-rate of H2.

Is there a benefit to higher and higher flow-rates of H2 Gas?

I'm not certain if there is any further benefit of inhaling higher and higher amounts of H2 gas. It probably needs to be tested, in particular with sick people. I have personally used all of the H2 Gas generators, and while I feel they are beneficial, I don't notice more benefit from doubling, tripling or quintupling the normally suggested flow of 150-200 lpm. However the scientists researching H2 gas applications have reported that H2 gas has no toxic levels; they have not observed anyone who has overdosed on it. Whatever your body doesn't need, simply evaporates. So, I imagine I feel no personal difference, because my body isn't ill and doesn't really need high doses. But without more research I really just don't know.

The HX-1000 Hydrogen Gas Generator is Powerful & Big

The Hx-1000 Hydrogen Gas Machine is a large machine (see dimensions, below), and the flow-rate of the Hx-1000 is a much faster flow than the other hydrogen gas machines. You cannot close off one port while running the machine. Either both ports can be used for breathing or one can simultaneously be pumping hydrogen into a large jug of water to turn it into hydrogen water for drinking.

Most people will not need such a powerful and expensive hydrogen machine. 

DuPonte SPE/PEM Membrane

The Hx-1000 SPE membrane is made in the USA by the DuPonte company. It produces 99.999% pure hydrogen. DuPonte's SPE/PEM membrane is the only way to be sure to get the quality and purity of a toxin-free, healthy hydrogen from a gas generator. 

Caution: Don't Allow the Membrane to Dry Out.

With hydrogen machines the membrane that produces the hydrogen can easily dry out if the machine is stored without using it for several months. This is why we do not stock these machines and make sure that we order newly-made hydrogen machines "on-demand" for our customers. We apologize for the 3-week wait, but I assure you it is worth it. Note: If you ever do allow this Hydrogen machine to dry out, simply follow the instructions for a vinegar wash, below.

How to do a Vinegar Wash With a Hydrogen Gas Machine

If the flow-rate of your hydrogen gas machine goes lower than optimum for that machine, do a vinegar wash as follows:

  1. First, pour out all the water of tank using the drain hose. (If it's clean water, you can store it temporarily and put it back in the machine at step 9 if you want.)
  2. Fill the tank with distilled white vinegar, and then turn on the switch for 30 seconds.
  3. Check the flow-rate. If it's going up, that's good.
  4. Wait about 20 minutes (with the machine off) and then try steps 2 & 3 again.
  5. It should be improving. Repeat the above, until the flow is stabilized at a high level for that machine.
  6. If the flow is not increasing well enough, you should leave the white vinegar in the machine overnight (or for 10 hours).
  7. After the flow is normal, the cleaning is completed.
  8. After cleaning, pour all the white vinegar out of the water tank and rinse the water tank with distilled water as follows: fill up with distilled water wait about 10 minutes; then empty the distilled water out of the tank. (You may save the vinegar for later use if you want.)
  9. Finally fill the tank to the proper level with qualified water (distilled or deionized water, whichever the manufacturer suggests).


  • 110V
  • Height: 16 inches
  • Width: 14.5 inches
  • Depth: 24 inches
  • 50 lbs. (empty weight)
  • CE certified
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
Note: All HX hydrogen gas machines are able to work for up to 2 hours at a time (with a one-hour break in-between). If you try to use it more than that it may affect the life of the machine.

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