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  • Hydro-Water Machine

Hydro-Water Machine

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Product Description

The Hydro-Water Machine is a great little portable electronic water ionizer.  It slightly raises the pH of your source water and gives very high antioxidants. In my testing I've found it to be able to produce close to 1 ppm of molecular hydrogen regularly (which is fantastic).

To learn more about the benefits of molecular hydrogen read these articles:



  • Plate Materials: Pure Platinum Coated over Pure Titanium.
  • Comes with charger. Recharge after 12 uses.
  • Holds about 12 ounces.

The Hydro Water Machine could potentially last a few years. We give a 90-day warranty on it, provided it isn't dropped and only water is put into it.


Directions for Use:

  1. Rinse out container before initial use.
  2. Put water into the machine (any amount you want).
  3. Push the button to turn on the Hydrogen pump. The base will glow green and you will see thousands of tiny bubbles of Hydrogen pumping into the water when it is ionizing. It will softly beep after about 2 minutes, signaling that it's finished and 
  4. ready to drink.
  5. If the light starts flashing, it means it's time to charge the machine. You may also see no light and no bubbles, in which case you need to charge it.
  6. To charge the machine, plug in the USB chord and let it charge for 4 hours or overnight. It should be ready to go the next morning.

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