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Many people hear about the benefits of molecular hydrogen and want to consume it in every way possible. One effective way to consume molecular hydrogen is with a hydrogen/oxygen generator. Using the SPE-270 H2 GENERATOR, you could be watching a movie, curling up to a good book, watching the sunset, sleeping or even driving in your car and experience the benefits of molecular hydrogen with each passing second.  

The SPE Inhaler is very advanced and powerful. It is possible to consume more molecular hydrogen when inhaling for only 1/2 hour than for drinking molecular hydrogen antioxidant-rich ionized water, 8 glasses per day. The volume of hydrogen gas is quite high with the flow-rate of this inhaler, breathing hydrogen gas is a different way of consuming molecular hydrogen than drinking ionized water, but administering H2 Gas to patients in clinical trials has proven to be a very effective way to help these patients fight free-radical damage and conditions related to it. See the Molecular Hydrogen page for more information about this. There is no reason whatsoever not to both drink ionized water and inhale molecular hydrogen. Drinking ionized water all day long helps your cells to get water enriched with molecular hydrogen antioxidants all day long. Inhaling molecular hydrogen gas when you are going to be sitting still anyway (such as watching TV, reading, or working at the computer) is a wonderful way to get those antioxidants into your body by way of your respiratory system. While both are equally effective ways to consume molecular hydrogen, you can often get more when inhaling it.

The SPE-270 Pure Hydrogen Gas Generator is the best kind of hydrogen gas generator you can buy. The proton exchange membrane (main hydrogen-gas producing part) is imported from DuPont in the USA. 100% titanium electrodes assure you of great quality and highest efficiency.

Hydrogen gas breathing is easy and safe with the Pure H2 Generator. The SPE-PEM (special membrane - proton pump) removes harmful nitrogen and active oxygen efficiently along with other chemicals, so what you are breathing is pure. It works by adding distilled water to a reservoir within the machine. While the machine is operating, the membrane splits water molecules into pure hydrogen and oxygen gas and in the process eliminates any nitrogen and chlorine that's in the water into a tiny waste receptacle. By using water as the source of hydrogen you can be assured that the operation of the machine is not only user-friendly but also very safe. 

The SPE-270 is a gas inhaler machine. One must use a cannula with this product. The way it works is the cannula fits around your head and two probes fit into the nostrils loosely. When you breathe in through your nose the hydrogen being emitted from the cannula mixes in with the air you are breathing. The fact that hydrogen is so small and permeable means that it can pass through your body and begin to fight free radicals the instant you breathe it. Don't worry about extra hydrogen escaping from the cannula. It will simply act as an antioxidant to your skin, ears, eyes and/or moisturize the air around you. No harm. You are cautioned, though, not to smoke around this machine or have it near an open flame and to use it in a well-ventilated room.

The SPE-270 is a precise scientific instrument and an asset to any home. You can breath 99.999% pure molecular hydrogen gas in the comfort of your home using almost no effort to set it up or use. A flow-rate of ~250-270 ml/min. means you can be assured of an equal to or greater ability to supply molecular hydrogen gas to your cells than what typical researchers have been using in their clinical trials.

The SPE-270 H2 Generators use DuPont's special SPE/PEM membranes and platinum electrode plates for only the finest quality and most efficient hydrogen pumping techniques.

Read more about the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen; If you click the link, you can read a full explanation of the benefits of molecular hydrogen. On the same page I also included links to a many of the most recent medical research articles as well (for those who like to do their homework).

The warranty starts from the day you receive it.

Height: 15.5" Length: 7" Depth: 7"

Weight: 20 lbs.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Warranty Information

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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