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Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machine

The Biobase hydrogen gas machines have been around the longest and are the strongest and most reliable of all residential hydrogen gas machines. Biobase is one of the best names for high-quality in medical equipment.

The Biobase 300S gives ample hydrogen levels to fit all possible uses of hydrogen. Whether it's for breathing or for making hydrogen water, or even for making hydrogen rich other liquids.

The Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machine can Double as a Hydrogen Water Generator!

Simply hook up a hose instead of a cannula and drop it into a glass, bowl or pitcher of water and after about 5-10 minutes the water will be saturated with molecular hydrogen.

Instructions for Use

  1. Your hydrogen gas machine comes with a little bit of water in the line, to keep the membrane moist.
  2. The first thing to do is unpack it carefully and fill the tank with deionized water of 2 mega-ohms or higher.
  3. Place the cannula hose on the port, and you are ready for regular breathing.
  4. Turn the machine on, and you're ready to breathe H2.
  5. Normal breathing time is about 20 minutes. Note: The machine should be used for no longer than a few hours at a time (with 1/2 hour break periods between uses).
  6. You can set it up to pump H2 into a water jug (any sized jug). Drinking hydrogen water is even more beneficial than breathing. Note: You can pump H2 into other types of liquid as well if you want. 
  7. About every 3 months the water in the tank should be replaced (always use deionized water of 2 mega-ohms or higher).

Read more about molecular hydrogen benefits.

Caution: Don't Allow the Membrane to Dry Out.

With hydrogen machines the membrane that produces the hydrogen can easily dry out if the machine is stored without using it for several months. If you let it dry out you need to follow the steps of a vinegar wash (below) to moisten up the membrane.

How to do a Vinegar Wash With the Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machine

If the flow-rate of your hydrogen gas machine goes lower than optimum for that machine, do a vinegar wash as follows:

  1. First, pour out all the water of tank using the drain hose. (If it's clean water, you can store it temporarily and put it back in the machine at step 9 if you want.)
  2. Fill the tank with distilled white vinegar, and then turn on the switch for 30 seconds.
  3. Check the flow-rate. If it's going up, that's good.
  4. Wait about 20 minutes (with the machine off) and then try steps 2 & 3 again.
  5. It should be improving. Repeat the above, until the flow is stabilized at a high level for that machine.
  6. If the flow is not increasing well enough, you should leave the white vinegar in the machine overnight (or for 10 hours).
  7. After the flow is normal, the cleaning is completed.
  8. After cleaning, pour all the white vinegar out of the water tank and rinse the water tank with distilled water as follows: fill up with distilled water wait about 10 minutes; then empty the distilled water out of the tank. (You may save the vinegar for later use if you want.)
  9. Finally fill the tank to the proper level with qualified water (distilled or deionized water, whichever the manufacturer suggests).

Dimension(L*W*H): 56*41*60 centimeters

Weight: 21 pounds

Power Supply: 110v, 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption: 150W

Hydrogen Production: 0-230 ml/min

All Biobase hydrogen gas machines are in stock, and will ship within 2 business days of order, unless otherwise noted. They are sold as final-sales. They qualify for refund (less 15% restocking fee) only if returned within 10 days of receiving them (with all parts, packaging and no defects). No refund is possible unless the machine is returned either unused or is in like-new condition, including all packaging and parts.