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  • BioBase-200


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Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machine -- Great Deal!

The Biobase Hydrogen gas machine produces an abundant amount of molecular hydrogen antioxidants (hydrogen gas) for inhaling. It is quite beneficial to inhale hydrogen gas, and is the subject of dozens of scientific tests. Whether you are a health professional (doctor, naturopathic physician, chiropractor, etc.) or simply an interested lay person, this molecular hydrogen machine is about as good as you can get. We have the price marked down for introductory purposes, but hurry...this price won't last very long.The Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machine is a wonderful way to bring the healing benefits of molecular hydrogen to your patients or family in a wide variety of ways. 

The Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machine has a powerful 200 ml/min flow-rate of 99.999% pure hydrogen gas. It's simple to set up and use. It's a wonderfully refreshing way to relax. There are many special uses for this hydrogen machine that I have discovered over the past few months of using it. 

The Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machine can Double as a Hydrogen Water Generator!

Simply drop the cannula hose into a glass, bowl or pitcher of water and after about 5 minutes the water will contain as much molecular hydrogen in it as most water ionizers or hydrogen water machines will produce.

Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machine Warranty

The Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machine can possibly last up to 10 years or more. It is very well-built. The manufacturer warranties it for 1-year from your purchase date. Shipping for warranty fulfillment is the responsibility of the customer.

Read more about molecular hydrogen benefits.

Testing and Comparing the Biobase and SPE270 Hydrogen Gas Machines

Both machines perform extremely well. This particular test shows dropping a cannula hose into a cup of water for each machine and compares how fast and well the water becomes saturated with H2 Molecular Hydrogen Antioxidants. So, not only is the Hydrogen gas inhaler a great way in itself to breathe in the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen while relaxing, but one can also create powerful, molecular-hydrogen-enriched water in only a few minutes.

Dimensions: 17x9x14 inches

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