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Commercial Grade Hx-1000 SPE 99.999% Pure Hydrogen

All orders for the hydrogen machines from AlkalineWaterPlus are pre-orders, and will be delivered approximately 3 weeks after the date of order. We do this to ensure you are always getting the latest upgrade of the machine, freshly made.

Product Description

The HX-1000 99.999% Pure Hydrogen Gas Machine is the strongest hydrogen gas machine you can buy. It is suitable for hospitals, clinics, health clubs, spas, and is safe and versatile enough for home use.

There are two ports, each of which can be split in two if you want, so Multiple people (up to 4) can breathe hydrogen gas at the same time or you can concentrate it all into one line for the strongest flow of all hydrogen gas machines. There is no toxic level for breathing hydrogen, but there is a point where a person simply doesn't need more than a certain amount. This amount varies. If you breathe more than your body needs the extra H2 will simply evaporate.

The HX-1000 comes with four cannulas.

Drying Tubes

Most hydrogen machines are capable of inserting drying tubes, but the HX-1000 comes with them already inserted. The benefit to drying tubes is that it allows a person to breathe hydrogen longer than they could without using drying tubes. Too much breathing hydrogen without the drying tubes could put too much moisture into the air and lungs. Note: Usually if a person is only breathing for 10 or 20 minutes it isn't an issue, but if you plan to breathe longer than that it is a very big perk to have the drying tubes already inserted.

The HX-1000 Hydrogen Gas Generator is Powerful & Big

The HX-1000 Hydrogen Gas Machine is larger than most hydrogen gas machines (see dimensions, below), and the flow-rate of the HX-1000 is a much faster flow than other hydrogen gas machines as well. You cannot close off one port while running the machine. If you're not using both ports for breathing, I suggest to have the second port inserted into a gallon jug of water to turn it into hydrogen water for drinking or join the two hoses together.

DuPont SPE/PEM Membrane

I only sell hydrogen gas machines that use DuPont's SPE/PEM membranes in their hydrogen pump. The Hx-1000 SPE hydrogen pump membrane is the SPE/PEM membrane, made in the USA by the DuPont company. It produces 99.999% pure hydrogen, removing all potential toxins. DuPont's SPE/PEM membrane is the only way to be sure to get the quality and purity of a toxin-free, healthy hydrogen from a gas generator. 

Caution: Don't Allow the Membrane to Dry Out.

The HX-1000 will be shipped to you with a little deionized water in the tank to make sure the SPE/PEM membrane doesn't dry out. With hydrogen machines the membrane that produces the hydrogen can easily dry out if the machine is stored without using it for several months. 


  • 110V, 50-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: <500 W/hr
  • H2 Production: 800 mL/Min
  • Height: 16 inches
  • Width: 14.5 inches
  • Depth: 24 inches
  • 50 lbs. (empty weight)
  • CE certified
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
Note: All HX hydrogen gas machines are able to work for up to 2 hours at a time (with a one-hour break in-between). If you try to use it more than that it may affect the life of the machine.
All hydrogen gas machines are built to order and require an average of 3-week lead time after you order for shipping. They are under full warranty for 1 year and serviceable for as long as you need or want it after that, but there is no trial period, in other words all sales are final.

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