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Excel IE-500 Water Ionizer


Product Description

The Excel IE-500 water ionizer is made by the Impart Group in Japan. [Read more about the Impart Group below.] It's a great-quality water ionizer and will give you many years of fantastic ionized water.

The IE-500 water ionizer will give a wide range of pH and ORP, produced by adding salt into the electolysis chamber.

The Impart Excel IE-500 is one of the most respected Japanese water ionizers. For alkaline drinking levels of ionized water it will easily produce the pH you need [between 8.5 and 9.5], but the IE-500 will also produce the stronger alkaline water for cleaning purposes, if you add salt. [Note: Adding salt to the source water of a water ionizer can cause eventual corrosion of the plates if you don't properly rinse out the water ionizer after each use of salt.]

* Built in temperature sensor
* Microcomputer monitored flow rate
* Automatic self-cleaning electrolysis chamber
* Antibacterial activated charcoal filter
* Three large platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates

Note: All pH and ORP levels are approximate, depending on local water supply.

Model No. IE-500

  • * Power Source: 120v
  • * Power Consumption: Max. 160w
  • * Continuous Run Time: 30 min.
  • * Filter Capacity: 1579 gallons
  • * Safety Features: Over current, over-voltage, water temperature
  • * Size: 10.63 x 11.81 x 5.51 inches
  • * Weight: 7.05 lbs.
  • * Warranty: 1 year bumper-to-bumper and 3 years electrolysis chamber [provided you send it in for servicing once a year at the cost of about $39.


Enagic bought Toyo Metal and is now using this technology to make the expensive Leveluk brands of water ionizers. However the engineers from Toyo continued to do what they have done for decades: make quality water ionizers, but now under a new name called the Impart Group.


The IE-500 comes with 3 large platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates. The IE 500 is a great water ionizer, plenty strong enough for most drinking levels of pH.

Medical Recognition:

The Excel IE-500 is recognized by the Japanese government as a medical device. The Japanese Ministry of Health recognizes the IE-500 as a medical equipment and has assigned it the medical equipment No. 21500BZZ00213000.

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