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  • The Cloud Cup Mini Water Ionizer

The Cloud Cup Mini Ionizer


Product Description

The Cloud Cup Mini-Water Ionizer (Molecular Hydrogen generator) uses the electronics of a cell phone to give you a very efficient tool to produce hydrogen water on the go. Molecular Hydrogen machines are the latest technology in water ionization and bring you very high antioxidants in every cup. This machine can be charged every night like a cell phone and then operate to give you up to 10 cups of ionized water before needing another charge. Once you activate the Cloud Cup it takes only a few minutes till you get hydrogen-rich, ionized water.

To learn more about the benefits of molecular hydrogen read these articles:



  • Plate Materials: Pure Platinum Coated over Pure Titanium.
  • Rechargeable battery, lasts for 10 uses between charging. Comes with USB cable.
  • Holds about 12 ounces.
  • Note: Hydrogen Water Machines do not significantly alter the pH of your source water. They ionize the water without splitting it into two streams. So, they are different from an electric water ionizer in this way.

Instructions for Care:

  1. Before using, wash the glass enclosure and the lid. Use warm water to clean with. Rinse thoroughly. 
  2. Charge the machine for 4 hours before the first use and then after every 10 uses.  
  3. Avoid direct sunlight, freezing and boiling water. 

Keeps the PH the Same as Source Water

The Cloud Cup is good when you want to ionize acidic water (to make "beauty water" that is full of antioxidants. Here's a video of this. 

The Cloud Cup could potentially last a year or two. We give a 90-day warranty on it, provided it isn't dropped and only water is put into it.


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