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  • Quality Hydrogen Machine Bottle

Quality-10 Hydrogen Machine Bottle


Product Description

The Quality-10 Hydrogen Machine Bottle is our newest addition of hydrogen water machines. It is both economical and capable of producing high levels of hydrogen (almost a high as the High Rich Machine). It can connect up to a plastic bottle or use the glass bottle it comes with. 

DuPont Membrane

The Q-10 Quality-10 Hydrogen Machine uses a high-quality SPE/PEM membrane, made in the USA by DuPont. Cheaper membranes and flat plates used in other hydrogen machines produce hydrogen rich water which is great for skin and hair, but is potentially dangerous to drink. Only the DuPont membrane is capable of removing chlorine, ozone and harmful oxides, byproducts of the hydrogen production process.

Initial Set-Up of the Quality-10 Hydrogen Machine Bottle

  1. Remove the lid and bottle by unscrewing them. Wash with warm water (no soap).
  2. Do not wash the base other than to wipe it with a clean, damp cloth. Also, do not let water drip down the base and get into the electronics of the machine.
  3. Remove the plug over the membrane of the base by unscrewing it. Save the membrane cap in case you need it in the future.
  4. Screw the glass bottle back onto the base. Make sure to screw it very tightly, so as to get a good seal with the gasket, below. Give it an extra twist after you think it's tight enough, to ensure it is fully seated into the gasket.
  5. Fill half way with water and wait a minute to ensure there is no leak. (If there is a leak, then tighten the cup even more.)
  6. Insert the USB cable into the port on the side of the base, and charge it until it lights up green. Once it's charged remove the cable.
  7. Do an initial cleaning cycle: Press the button for 3 seconds, and it will light up green. The cleaning cycle lasts about 3 minutes. Do not drink. [Note: Repeat this cleaning cycle once per week, or more often if your water is hard or if you use the machine a lot.]
  8. Discard the water produced by the cleaning cycle.
  9. Now you are ready to produce hydrogen rich drinking water.
  10. Notes:
    • Do not operate the Quality-10 Hydrogen Machine Bottle without water in the cup.
    • When the bottle is empty, keep the lid on to prevent the membrane from drying out.
    • You can hook the Quality-10 Hydrogen Machine up to a plastic bottle, but in that case when you're not using the machine make sure to screw the membrane cap back on to keep it from drying out.
    • Only use water in the machine. No chemicals, cleaners, carbonated beverage or other liquids.
    • Charge it once per day (or over night), and then unplug it. More frequent charging will use up the battery life prematurely. (Machine Life:  Approximately 500 charges.)

Using The Quality-10 Hydrogen Machine Bottle

  • Fill the bottle with water to below the rim (below the threads).
  • Press the power button one time. The blue light comes on, and hydrogen production will go for 3 minutes.
  • For a longer hydrogen production cycle (10 min.) you can press the button twice in a row. Pressing a third time turns the machine off.

Charging The Quality-10 Hydrogen Machine Bottle

Either every night, or when you see the bottle light flash blue, it is time to charge it. Simply plug it in until you see it light up green, then unplug it. The Quality-10 Hydrogen Machine Bottle comes with its own USB cable, which can be plugged into a standard USB outlet or plug. Do not overcharge. Overcharging will unnecessarily use up your battery life.


  • Made with high-quality, tempered glass
  • The USB can plug into 110v or 220v
  • Holds about 10 ounces.

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