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Portable Alkaline Ionizer by WellBlue Filter Bin


The Portable Alkaline Ionizer by WellBlue Filter Bin is an economical and portable way to make sure you have fresh, antioxidant-rich water all day long, no matter where you go. This product is only the bin of the Alkaline Plus Ionizer Pitcher by WellBlue, so to use it you would need to also purchase filters. Alkaline Plus by WellBlue Replacement Filters can be purchased in bulk. Here are some reasons why you might want to purchase this bin.

  • If you already have a pitcher, but occasionally want to filter more than just a quart or two at a time. Having an extra bin will allow you to get the best results doing that.
  • If you plan to use this as a portable, travel filter, or for some other reason don't want the pitcher, then the bin would be all you need (along with a filter of course). This product is similar to the PH Travel Kit, except it doesn't include the filter. I'm guessing that the cheapest way to get this great-tasting, clean, 8.5-9.5 pH, antioxidant ionized water from a filter is to simply buy the bin then buy the filters in bulk.

Here's how to use the Portable Alkaline Ionizer by WellBlue Filter Bin:

  • Make sure to have Alkaline Plus Pitcher Filters on hand.
  • Screw a filter into the bin.
  • Pour about a quart of water through the bin to rinse out the loose carbon (until the water coming out of the filter is clear).
  • Now that your filter has been activated (wet), wait about 20 minutes to filter your water for best results.
  • Pour about a quart or less of water into the bin, placing your finger on the hole at the bottom of the filter (to temporarily stop the water from coming out).
  • Move it over to the top of a bottle, glass or other container and rest it there, allowing the water to now filter through.
  • Use this to filter your water (about a cup to a quart at a time) throughout the day for the freshest, most antioxidant-rich water.

The Portable Alkaline Ionizer by WellBlue Has Great Results!

Watch this short video showing me using the Alkaline PH Pitcher by WellBlue.