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We are sorry for our back-order for the SPE-270. Order will be shipped around mid to end of November.

Product Description


Many people hear about the benefits of molecular hydrogen and want to consume it in every way possible. One effective way to consume molecular hydrogen is with a hydrogen gas generator. Using the SPE-270 H2 GENERATOR, you could be watching a movie, curling up to a good book, or any number of sit-still activities and experience the benefits of molecular hydrogen (powerful antioxidants) with each passing second as you breathe.  

The SPE Inhaler is a very advanced piece of equipment. Administering H2 Gas gives you antioxidants in its purest and simplest form to go to work instantly to help fight free-radical damage. See the Molecular Hydrogen page for more information about this.

Inhaling molecular hydrogen gas should be done when you are going to be sitting still anyway (such as watching TV, reading, or working at the computer). It isn't for everyone though. There shouldn't be an open flame nearby or cigarette-smoking by the person using this machine (or in close proximity). The room should be well-ventilated.

The Hydrogen Gas Machine should be grooved into slowly, just like any new thing. I use it for only 15-30 minutes at a time, with a large break between uses. One needs a balance between Hydrogen and Oxygen in the body. While the SPE-270 Inhaler is a wonderful way to get antioxidants into your body, it wouldn't be good to overdo it. For my own personal use, I have learned to limit inhaling H2 for 1-2 hours per day (3 or 4 x 30-min.; 6 x 15 min). This amount is sufficient, as the Hydrogen gas inhaler supplies a very good amount of antioxidants. More than this amount of use could cause an imbalance in your body.

Briefly, let me explain: Oxygen/oxidation gives us a barrier against infection or congestion. Anti-oxidants protect our cells against free-radical damage, aging, and diseases like cancer. 

The SPE-270 Pure Hydrogen Gas Generator is the best kind of hydrogen gas generator you can buy. The proton exchange membrane (main hydrogen-gas producing part) is imported from DuPont in the USA. 100% titanium electrodes assure you of great quality and highest efficiency. The SPE-270 H2 GENERATOR has a port to hook your cannula up to either hydrogen gas or oxygen. 

Hydrogen gas breathing is easy with the Pure H2 Generator. The SPE-PEM (special membrane - proton pump) removes harmful nitrogen and active oxygen efficiently along with other chemicals, so what you are breathing is pure. 

How the SPE-270 is a gas inhaler machine. works

The way this or any H2-inhaler works is the cannula fits around your head and two probes fit into the nostrils loosely. When you breathe in through your nose the hydrogen being emitted from the cannula mixes in with the air you are breathing. The fact that hydrogen is so small and permeable means that it can pass through your body and begin to fight free radicals the instant you breathe it. Don't worry about extra hydrogen escaping from the cannula. It will simply act as an antioxidant to your skin, ears, eyes and/or moisturize the air around you. 

The SPE-270 works by adding distilled water to a reservoir within the machine. While the machine is operating, the membrane generates healthy hydrogen gas from the water and diverts it into a small receptacle. H2 is then pumped into the breathing line (cannula) when you hook it up. The onboard computer system keeps hydrogen levels safe by knowing when to pause operation (waiting to hook in your line). It also is programmed to shut off after 30 minutes of use for your protection as well. By using water as the source of hydrogen you can be assured that the operation of the machine is not only user-friendly but also safe when used as directed.  

Using the ON/PAUSE Button

Once you plug in the SPE-270 hydrogen gas machine and turn on the switch, the SPE-270 goes into stand-by mode. Just a quick push of the ON/PAUSE button gets the H2 generation mode started. If you push it longer than a quick push it may not start. There is a learning curve with the kind of push that is required...just a quick one. After starting the hydrogen flow, another quick push will pause it (which is very convenient if you want to take a quick, few-minute, break). When you return and hit that button again you will resume your H2 breathing session. If you want to pause H2 production for a long period, it will save energy and do no harm to simply use the on/off switch instead.

Letting the System Warm Up

Within a minute of turning on the hydrogen flow hydrogen will start coming out of the cannula, but it may take several minutes to build up enough pressure to reach full capacity for the machine. Be assured you are still getting hydrogen during this period. This is just part of what to expect with hydrogen gas machines.

Making Hydrogen Water With the SPE-270

What I have done to make hydrogen water is to remove the cannula nose piece from the hosing and put it into a water bottle filled with filtered water. I usually rig up some sort of cap or plastic wrap for the bottle top so less hydrogen gas escapes. After about 5 minutes the water is usually saturated with hydrogen and ready to drink. The hydrogen pumped into water this way is just as good and in as high concentrations as from any hydrogen water machine or water ionizer.

About the DuPont Membrane:

The SPE-270 H2 Generators use DuPont's special SPE/PEM membranes and platinum electrode plates for only the finest quality and most efficient hydrogen pumping techniques.


The SPE-270 is a professional, scientific machine and should not be used without a responsible adult monitoring it. You should not allow anyone to smoke around this machine or have it near an open flame, such as a gas stove, fireplace or charcoal grill. The SPE Inhaler should be used in a well-ventilated room.

The typical time period for inhaling hydrogen gas is 20-30 minutes at a time. One should take breaks from using the inhaler and not try to overdo it. If you should start to feel dizzy or light headed it means you need more oxygen. Simply turn off the inhaler and breathe regular air for a while. 

Molecular Hydrogen's Spectacular Benefits:

Read more about the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen; If you click the link, you can read a full explanation of the benefits of molecular hydrogen. On the same page I also included links to a many of the most recent medical research articles as well (for those who like to do their homework).

Demo of the SPE 270 vs Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machines

This demo shows putting the cannula hose of the SPE 270 and Biobase Inhaler machines into glasses of water. They both produce very strong, fully saturated molecular hydrogen enhanced water within just a few minutes. The SPE 270 is a bit stronger than the Biobase Hydrogen Gas Machine.

Start-Up Guide

There might be a tiny learning-curve with any new type of equipment you buy. Here is a simple start-up guide to help you get going successfully.

  1. With the SPE-270 Hydrogen Machine you have to fill the water tank with distilled water almost to the top or nothing will operate at all.
  2. Do not put any hose on the O2 port at all. (Let that cap stay on it). Put your cannula on the H2 port. Act as if you are screwing it on and the rubber will catch on the grooves and hold it in place.
  3. After turning the machine on, you need to push the on button again to get the Hydrogen to begin flowing.
  4. The fan will not turn on until the sensor tells it the unit needs cooling.

Other Information:

The SPE-270 is a precise scientific instrument and an asset to any home. You can breath 99.999% pure molecular hydrogen gas in the comfort of your home using almost no effort to set it up or use. A flow-rate of ~250-270 ml/min. means you can be assured of an equal to or greater ability to supply molecular hydrogen gas to your cells than what typical researchers have been using in their clinical trials.

The warranty starts from the day you receive it.
Height: 15.5" Length: 7" Depth: 7"
Weight: 20 lbs.
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Warranty Information

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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