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UltraHome Premium Whole House Water Filtration System


UltraHome Water Filtration is Simply the Best

If you want the very best water filtration for your entire home, then the UltraHome Water Filtration is what you need. With the UltraHome Premium, you will be able to have peace of mind that all of your home's water is protected for up to 10 years (up to 1 million gallons of use).

The list of contaminants removed by the UltraHome water filtration system is enormous, but to simplify, here are the categories of contaminants removed:

  • Heavy metals
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Industrial chemicals
  • VOCs
  • SOCs,
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Pharmaceuticals

The UltraHome water filtration system must be plugged into a 120v electric socket. It can work in a wide range of water pressure (20 psi to 120 psi), so just about any home's pressure will work. The maximum humitity for this system is 75%. Height: 60 inches (5 feet). Weight 180-200 lbs.

The UltraHome Water Filtration System is made in the USA. It is a bacteriostatic system (inhibits the growth of bacteria) and it's nice to know the main filter does not need to be changed for 10 years (Note: There is an annual sediment filter change required). This whole house water filter system should be installed professionally, but when it comes to filter replacement, that always comes with easy-to-follow instructions. There is no maintenance whatsoever, and that includes no backflush. The UltraHome Whole House Water Filtration System is environmentally friendly.

The UltraHome Water Filter System is protected by the AlkaViva warranty for UltraHome Whole House Water Filtration Systems and qualifies for free shipping.

How Does the UltraHome Water Filtration System Work?

Why No Back-Flushing is Needed

The UltraHome system includes sediment filters in front of the main filters to eliminate the need to back flush. Back-flushing is a waste of time and water. Sediments filters are cheap, and simple to replace. The UltraHome systems come with three, one to get started and the first two replacements. Most folks only need to change these once a year or so, sometimes way less than that even. Replacements are sold in three packs, at $129.95 for the set.

The only other reason that a filtering tank would need to back flush is that certain filter media, like KDF, need to be fluffed up now and then. If not they settle and become solid and create a restriction. But this is only if they use loose filter media.

The UltraHome filters do not use media like these. Each filter media is impregnated into foam structures that prevents it from electroplating together and solidifying. 

The system does have a control valve, though, that can be manually back flushed if someone wants to, or in the rare case it is needed for servicing. Super simple to do, but almost never actually needed.

Why the UltraHome Water Filter System Lasts 10 Years?

In each UltraHome Filter System you will find more media than other filter systems in its class. This gives a much larger surface area and contact time to remove contaminants. Also, of course more media means a longer life-span of the filter.

In addition to this, UltraHome filters are formed into foam structures that keep the filter media active and alive, while stretching out the lifespan of the filters by many years.

There is a 3-week lead time for shipping of the Ultra-Home filter systems, and the product will be scheduled for delivery with a trucking company.


  • UltraHome - 7.25" x 60"
  • UltraHome Sediment Filter - 7.25" x 14"