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UltraHome Salt Free Softener


The UltraHome Salt-Free Softener offers an environmentally friendly and quite effective solution to hard water problems. The media in the UltraHome salt-free softener will never have to be replaced, and the entire system has a Lifetime Warranty.

The UltraHome Water Softener is made in the USA with NSF certified components. Unlike salt softeners, the Ultra Home Softener allows the healthy minerals to pass through. This system works naturally to soften your water without salt or harsh chemicals. There is no waste, no backwash, no harmful discharge, no electricity, and there are never any refills needed, ever. With no ongoing costs, you have the potential to save hundreds of dollars per year. You also save the live of every water related appliance you use, including a water ionizer. 

How the UltraHome Salt-Free Softener Works

The UltraHome Salt-Free Natural Water Softener uses small proprietary beads which assist the natural free calcium in the water to bond with carbonic acid to become properly balanced calcium carbonate. By this process, the calcium, which would ordinarily be hard and scaling, will become balanced and non-scaling. In other words, the hard minerals are neutralized with no harmful or unnatural chemicals whatsoever. These inert polymer beads are NSF certified. Nothing is actually added to the water. These beads stay in the softener and simply assist the natural bonding & neutralizing process of the hard minerals, calcium in particular, to make it less sticky.

  • They use an electrochemical attraction to draw hardness in, then change its shape and release it. They don’t ever get used up, they just keep going like little energizer bunnies!
  • The Salt Free systems can last decades with the right water. [However, there are a few things that can cause them to expire. Certain contaminants can make them fail over time. Iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfides and chlorine being the biggest concern. But if on a public water system they probably don’t have manganese and hydrogen sulfides, and unless it’s a really old house they shouldn’t have too much iron in the water, and a filtering system in front gets rid of the chlorine.]
  • Because of how they change the minerals shape, they are the only technology proven to eliminate old mineral scale built up in a system.
  • The changed minerals act like sand blasting and knock the older stuff out of the pipes over the first few weeks of service. No other tech can do this.



Weight: 180-200 pounds

Height: 58"

Country of Manufacture: USA

Acceptable Water Pressure: 20 psi - 125 psi

Range of Hardness: Up to 26 gpg or 444 ppm

Designed for an Average Sized Home with 2.5 Bathrooms or Less (but can be customized)


Comes with a Lifetime AlkaViva warranty and qualifies for free shipping.

There is a 3-week lead time for shipping of the Ultra-Home filter systems, and the product will be scheduled for delivery with a trucking company.