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Excel MX and IE-Series Premium Filter


AF-9000PP (2 micron rating) Advanced multi-stage filtration with highest grade coconut shell carbon and KDF media delivers clean, great-tasting water. High chlorine taste, odor, chemical, and heavy metal reduction. Compatible with Sanastec, Leveluk series (original model HG filter only), IE series and Toyo water ionizers. Recommended replacement every 6-12 months. Made in USA.

The Excel IE-Series Premium Filter is better than the filters that come with the existing line up of Toyo, IE Series or Kangen Water ionizers. The PREMIUM filter has a 2 micron rating and it is a heavy metal removal filter cartridge. The IE PREMIUM Filter is made right here in the United States by Sanastec International. More important it is made with higher quality filtration media than the filters coming from even Japan. We feel confident that if you try one of these filters, you WILL NOT want to ever use your old filter again!

The Excel IE-Series Premium Filter is manufactured using a proprietary process with FDA compliant materials. The materials and components used in this filter is certified by NSF International against NSF standard 61. The components used for chlorine, VOC and TOC reduction are based on laboratory testing conducted using test protocol contained in NSF standards 42 and 53 respectively.

Also note that application has been made for our filters to have complete NSF certification, so while we can only state that the materials used are made with NSF grade materials, we will soon be able to say that our filters are completely NSF certified. In terms of quality and price our filters cannot be beat.

Why You Might Need A Pre-Filter: Most customers use our filters without the need for a pre-filter. However please note that our filters are carbon block design which means they are more tightly packed with filtration media. The practically all of the previous generation of filters such as the IEC-8000, the MW-7000C, or the OS-1000 or the filters made by Enagic are granulated activated carbon (GAC) with much larger pores which allows more contaminants to get trough the filter.