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AquaLiv Filter System

The AquaLiv company is just outright lying on their site (with statements about natural vs artificial and various warnings). It is a sales gimmick to scare people and make claims like they do. There is no such thing as "natural" vs "artificial" making of alkaline water. There are some regions where the water is naturally alkaline, because of all the calcium or lime in the water, but that is not what AquaLiv is saying. They are saying "Buy my product! Buy only my product!   ....and by the way you really need to WATCH OUT for the other guy's product!" It's basically a scam that he is doing.

I bought and tested the AquaLiv product, and I can say it filters fine, but it doesn't alkalize or ionize the water. I tested the AquaLiv water for Molecular Hydrogen and it had none.

If you look at my Molecular Hydrogen page you will see all of the medical studies (see bottom of page for links) that have been done with molecular hydrogen. The links on the page are just a sample of the many more hundreds of studies that have been and still are being done with molecular hydrogen. 

You should read that page.