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Commercial Water Ionizers

9.5 PH Water!

Do you have a health club, sport club, exercise club, store, restaurant, doctor's office, chiropractor's office or other location where you've wanted to offer your customers a better quality of water for less price? If you have been looking for a restaurant quality, fast-flowing, commercial water ionizer, you have come to the right place! Alkaline Water Plus now offers you the 9.5 PH (with great ORP) commerical water ionizers!

These Commercial Water Ionizers are NAMA Certified!

All commercial water ionizer vendors we work with are NAMA Certified! NAMA stands for National Automatic Merchandising Association. That means that they have passed the rigorous inspections that your municipality may require in order for you to legally sell water through a vending machine or in a commercial capacity.

Commercial grade water ionizer for restaurants

Commercial and Restaurant Grade Water Ionizers

With restaurant-quality, commercial-grade water ionizers you will not see anything above the counter but the spigot. The rest will be tucked away inside a base cabinet of your choice. The water ionization and filtration parts are constructed in the US with water-cells that are made in Korea or Japan. The water filtration systems are all BPA-free and are up to Water Quality Association standards.

Unless you specify otherwise, the water will always come out at 9.5 pH and at least -300 ORP. The standards are scientific and exact. There are no variations! You can customize your commercial water ionizer system to the exact specs of what you want, though. On this page, we show you the most popular and common options for commercial water ionizers. However just give us a call if you have ANY customizations you want to check out for our commercial water ionizers. 

Vending Machines: Choose Between a Single Vendor or Dual Vendor

High Quality Commercial Vendor Water Ionizer


Commercial Water Ionizer Vending Machines

These water ionizers are the only commercial water ionizers which have NAMA certification , which is the official organization that certifies vendors for excellence in management, design, materials, construction and performance of all vending equipment.

All Commercial Water Ionizer Machine's we carry contain water cells and plates that are made of pure titanium coated by pure platinum! Depending on your needs, the 9.5 PH Water Ionizer you purchase will contain 10 or more of these titanium/platinum plates. All Commercial Water machines we carry are equip with commercial, high-speed, reverse osmosis and remineralization systems. No stone has been left unturned to ensure that only the best quality materials and workmanship go into these very fast, high volume, restaurant quality/commercial grade water ionizers. Here's what to expect from each commercial water ionizer machine:

Perfect filtration using carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and then running the water through remineralizer filters to add back the proper minerals... as the first step in treating the water. No matter what your location, all water will be perfectly cleaned and remineralized to "PERFECT" standards as step #1.

Ionization: Your perfectly filtered water now goes through several water cells at an exactly measured, fast speed (about 1 1/2 gallons per minute) to ensure that every bottle or glass of pH Water comes out the same as every other bottle or glass of pH Water! The standards are scientific and exact. There are no variations!

There are two commercial water ionizer vending machines. One is a single-vendor and the other is a double-vendor. The cost of the single-vendor is $15,995.00 and double-vendor is $16,995.00. They can be either installed inside or outside. Wherever installed, it will need access to a water supply, drain and electricity. The water pressure must be at least 75 psi. There also may be permits needed. The machines should be installed by a plumber or maintenance personnel who are knowledgeable about plumbing and installations.

A few other things to check into: There may be license requirements, taxing requirements, etc., which should all be checked into. If you lease your facility, the landlord should be consulted to ensure it is in compliance with all of his regulations. For instance, Pepsi may not allow another water vending machine to be placed in the same location.

In-Store Water System

There are other commercial indoor water ionizers which are similar, but don't collect the money for you and are installed inside your facility under a counter with a spigot above. These run $7995.00 for the cost for the machine [shipping is extra]. The capabilities and on-going costs are about the same as with the vending machines. All commercial water ionizers come with a one-year warranty. When repairs are needed after that, the costs are about what you'd pay a plumber.

Bottled Water Vending Machines

If you have a bottling company, we DO NOT recommend bottling ionized water.

Replacement Filters and Upkeep

The ongoing upkeep and maintenance of all commercial water ionizers is the responsibility of the customer. Typically only filter-replacement is needed. The approximate cost of replacing filters is $200 each time (every thousand gallons of use).

How to Order One of Our Commercial Water Ionizers

All commercial water ionizers are customized to your specific needs and wants. The pricing, described above, for the different systems is pretty close to accurate. There is no better place to order your commercial water ionizer than through us. We ensure that the quality of parts, such as water cells, is the very best you can get. Cost of shipping and installation is the buyer's responsibility. You can initiate the ordering process by giving us a call or emailing us. All commercial water ionizer systems must be paid in full (wire transfer) prior to shipping.