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How Alkaline Water Changed My Life


by Cathleen LoGrasso

I have been drinking alkaline ionized water for 25+ years [since the mid-90's] and in that time I experienced consistent and stable life-changing benefits. I was a teacher/principal; raising 5 kids; and allergies and illness used to be normal for us. I remember just myself, personally, going through about a box of tissues per month back then...sometimes more. Allergies and illnesses aren't normal at all  for me now. Even allergies that I was told all my life were genetic and unavoidable disappeared. I was actually a disaster waiting to happen, but over the years, with drinking alkaline ionized water, I have been consistently amazed at the health benefits I've had. I think now I use less than a half of a box of tissues in a year.  Some years I think I haven't used even that many. From even my very first water ionizer I experienced health benefits. Note: The least expensive water ionizer I sell today is better and less expensive than that first water ionizer was too.

Here's the Short Story of Why I Developed this Website: When I left teaching in 2006, after a 24-year carreer in education, I decided to use the skills I learned in computers to build an online store. I didn't know what to sell at the time, but I had a coach who asked me, "What is the very best product you ever bought?"

My answer was, "A water ionizer!" and that's where Alkaline Water Plus began.

There have been no negative effects from drinking alkaline water either.  As a matter of fact I do routine checks, blood-analyses, urine/stool/saliva analyses, blood pressure, etc. which all show that I am in perfect health. Actually in better health now at age 66 than I was when I was 40!

Water is important...the body is made up of a majority of water! Alkaline ionized water is very mild and completely absorbable -- it's simple, yet powerful. Not only does it help to balance the pH of a body, but its very powerful antioxidants are able to go right into your cells within minutes of drinking and neutralize free-radicals before they make you ill. The toxins that are often trapped in cells are buffered so they can safely come out and get flushed away too. Ionized water does all this while leaving no byproducts. There is no residue left behind and no side-effects.

More About the Story Behind Alkaline Water Plus: My Testimonial

Alkaline Water Plus offers education on the benefits of alkaline ionized water. Probably it's the former teacher/principal in me that makes me so passionate about educating as many people as I can on the benefits of alkaline ionized water. I have been writing about, testing, and comparing water ionizers for many years

I used to have allergies to mold, grass, pollen, and dust ever since I was a child. My children had several allergies as well, and because I was interested in nutrition and natural healing I made regular trips to the health food stores.

During the entire year before I purchased my first water ionizer I had a recurring sore throat, which I called "a throat-thing" and which I had no idea how to solve. I had it tested, but the doctor said it was just caused by post-nasal-drip, related to allergies, and suggested antihistamines. I didn't want to take medications; I just wanted to fix the problem at its source; yet hadn't found the answer yet. At the time I thought I was healthy, but now, looking back, I was rediculously unhealthy. 

My First Water Ionizer

At about 40, I was in the middle of raising 5 children and being a teacher/principal when I read Sang Whang's book, Reverse Aging. It made a lot of sense to me that water could greatly impact one's health and longevity. Because I had this "throat-thing" I decided it was worth the investment to see if changing my water would help. So, I bought my first alkaline water machine, which was called the Ange water ionizer. (It was a precurser to the Enagic water machine.)

After drinking alkaline water for a few months, what happened was miraculous. All of the runny noses, ear aches, head aches, sore throats, acid reflux, and other little defects in my health started to disappear....along with the "throat thing". This happened with the rest of my family too. Even allergies that I was sure were genetic and unavoidable disappeared. As each of my three younger children reached puberty they were virtually free of the problems experienced by my older two children [who didn't have an alkaline water machine growing up].

Opening Alkaline Water Plus

After retiring from my 24-year career as teacher/principal, I decided to use the skills I learned in the area of computers to open up an online store. During a brainstorming session with my coach I realized that my water ionizer was in fact the single most useful and effective product I had ever purchased.

I used my computer skills and lots of elbow grease to build my first AlkalineWaterPlus website. I wanted it to be both easy-to-use and educational [that was the teacher in me].

When I searched for the best of the existing water ionizers (products to sell) I found many things I was thrilled with: 1) water ionizers had improved over the years; and 2) the prices had come down relative to inflation.

Water Ionizer Comparisons

I could see that every water ionizer company said their water ionizer was best, though, and I really didn't know the truth. So I began buying, testing, demonstrating and comparing water ionizers regularly, as a service I provided to my customers on the web. My water ionizer comparisons page has become the largest, most comprehensive and honest one you will find anywhere. I have always been open to selling every water ionizer [except maybe Chinese-made ones]. It is important for me to represent the truth, though, and not to forward on the companies' hype about themselves. Some water ionizers were clearly better than others, although all the ones I ever sold were good. Some of the companies I was selling for didn't want me to report my comparisons, of course, if their water ionizer hadn't tested as well as the others. But I just kept reporting even if it did get me in trouble with a company or two.

Still to this day I continually buy and test new water ionizers to bring more real water ionizer comparison information to my customers.

Water Ionizer Reviews

I wish it weren't true, but it is... that many companies often tell lies about themselves and about their competitors. Being a dealer and working with the companies and products gives me the inside story and I don't like it when I see hype. That is the reason I have been so thorough. You can read more about that on my Water Ionizer Reviews page.

What are the long-term effects of drinking ionized water?

Because I have been drinking ionized water for so long, and I sell water ionizers, I feel it is my responsibility to periodically do bloodwork or other specific, scientific or medical tests to verify that what I sense to be true [that I'm perfectly 100% healthy] is verified. I have written more about that here: The Long-Term Effects of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water.

Long-Range Plans for Alkaline Water Plus

Alkaline Water Plus has always had its driving force as a passion for sharing the benefits of ionized water with people everywhere. As we grow and expand that is where our focus will remain. No matter what water ionizers we sell or don't sell at any given time, we will always offer the best water ionizers that are available right then. We will always present the facts as we know them in our water ionizer comparisons and water ionizer reviews. But even more emphasis will be placed in the future on finding ways to teach people about how important water is to health. So many people are concerned about their health, but at the same time have no idea of the importance of a simple thing such as water to the health of every cell in their body.