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How Alkaline Water Changed My Life


by Cathleen LoGrasso "I'm healthier today than I was 25 years ago."

I have been drinking alkaline ionized water for over 25 years [since the mid-90's] and in that time I experienced consistent and stable life-changing benefits. I was a teacher/principal; raising 5 kids; and allergies and illness used to be normal for us. I remember just myself, personally, going through about a box of tissues per month back then. Allergies and illnesses aren't normal at all  for me now. Even allergies that I was told all my life were genetic and unavoidable disappeared. 

During the entire year before I purchased my first water ionizer I had a recurring sore throat, which I called "a throat-thing" and which I had no idea how to solve. I had it tested, but the doctor said it was just caused by post-nasal-drip, related to allergies, and suggested antihistamines. I didn't want to take medications; I just wanted to fix the problem at its source; yet hadn't found the answer yet.  

Then I bought my first water ionizer, at about age 45. After drinking alkaline water for a few months, what happened was miraculous. All of the runny noses, ear aches, head aches, sore throats, acid reflux, and other little defects in my health started to disappear....along with the "throat thing". This happened with the rest of my family too. Even allergies that I was sure were genetic and unavoidable disappeared. As each of my three younger children reached puberty they were virtually free of pimples or other problems experienced by my older two children [who didn't have an alkaline water machine growing up].

Here's a very short video about water ionizers that will help to illustrate how they prevent disease.


The key issues that make ionized water so vital are:

  • Source of Disease: So many diseases are thought to have unknown sources or genetics at their source, when in fact are related to more basic reasons, such as hydration, pH-imbalance, free-radicals and nutrition. There are a wide range of diseases and conditions that have been alleviated with alkaline ionized water Here are some of them: headaches, digestive disorders, diabetes, cancer, kidney disorders, arthritis, allergies, obesity and hypertension.
  • Foods are Poisoning Us: There is so much junk food we eat these days (plus other poisons we are regularly exposed to). Many people are not aware of junk vs good nutrition. But the bottom line is that our bodies have been accumulating toxins for years that are poisoning us and so have to be flushed out.
  • PH-Balancing: Most of us eat overly acidic diets, and so a vital balance (of pH) becomes upset in our bodies.
  • Free Radical Damage: Free radical damage and oxidation has been found at the source of many diseases.
  • Dehydration: The source of many diseases is dehydration. Many drinks which contain mostly water don't actually hydrate the body; instead they dehydrate it. Coffee, tea, soda and alcoholic drinks are a few examples. But even among the many kinds of water one can consume there are differences in how hydrating that water is for the body. Alkaline ionized water is super hydrating because of the added free hydrogen, the extra good filtration and the microclustering of it.
  • Healing Water vs Other Kinds of Water: Water is, always has been, and always will be a KEY to flushing out toxins from our bodies and balancing the pH. However, not all water is therapeutic. Healing waters around the world have been studied and the key elements of healing water has been isolated to these factors, which are found in alkaline ionized water: 
    • PH should be alkaline to provide pH-balance. The acidic load of the body in patients with kidney disease, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases is high. Alkaline ionized water has been found to help lower the acidic load of the body.
    • The water should be filtered, so as to not add toxins to the already over-toxic body.
    • Healing water will have free hydrogen, a natural antioxidant that is more powerful than any other in fighting free-radicals.

Opening Alkaline Water Plus

I retired from my 24-year career as teacher/principal in 2007, and decided to use the skills I learned in the area of computers to open up an online store. [This was about 10 years after I began changing my life with ionized water.] I chose to sell water ionizers, because my water ionizer was in fact the single most useful and effective product I had ever purchased. I wanted to share this fantastic "find" with others, i.e., sell water ionizers and teach people around the world about them.

I began researching which water ionizers to sell at that point, and have continued doing that for all these years that I have been selling them. My goal was and is to sell the highest quality water ionizers for the best prices I can manage. I have found that water ionizers have improved over the years and prices have come down relative to inflation. So, this is a very good time to buy a water ionizer.

In an effort to report true comparisons between the water ionizers, I buy, test, and compare water ionizers myself. My water ionizer comparisons page has become the largest, most comprehensive and honest one you will find anywhere. Here is some background into why I had to do this.

In earlier years, about 2010, I found out that I was unable to find accurate and honest descriptions of water ionizers from other companies. So, I began to do all of my own water ionizer comparisons myself. This required that I buy the machines (along with the best test equipment) to test the various water ionizers against each other, which I have been doing now for all these years.   

I continually buy and test new water ionizers to bring more real water ionizer comparison information to my customers. I also compare hydrogen water machines the same way. Over time, I have accrued a lot of information about the differences in water ionizers and their manufacturers. You can read my reviews on this page: Water Ionizer Reviews 

What are the long-term effects of drinking ionized water?

Because I have been drinking ionized water for so long, and I sell water ionizers, I feel it is my responsibility to periodically do bloodwork or other specific, scientific or medical tests to verify that what I sense to be true [that I'm perfectly 100% healthy] is verified. I have written more about that here: The Long-Term Effects of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water.

Is a Water Ionizer Better than a Hydrogen Water Machine or Hydrogen Gas Machine?

Yes. It is better in a variety of ways (at least the water ionizers we sell are).

  1. Water ionizers are more tried and true than hydrogen water machines or hydrogen gas machines.
  2. Water ionizers produce enough free-hydrogen to combat free-radicals as long as you pour at a fairly slow flow rate (1 to 1.5 liters per minute) and use a setting just under the highest alkaline setting (such as kangen water 9.5 or level 3). After extensive testing, I haven't found a need to overdo it with the hydrogen.
  3. Water ionizers alkalize the water, improving its ability to absorb acidic toxins (wastes) and flush them out of the body. (i.e., detox)
  4. Over the past couple of years I have done many tests in order to really experience the differences between water ionizers and hydrogen machines, and have learned the following:
    • Drinking ionized water helps me detox and rids me of allergies.
    • Hydrogen antioxidants (from either a water ionizer or hydrogen machine) helps me with energy, mental clarity and rids me of spider veins.
    • Baking soda or other harsh methods of attempting to alkalize my body produce adverse reactions, such as increased blood pressure.
    • Plain filtered water is good for a few days, but then allergies and spider veins start to come back.
    • Drinking too high a pH water (more than a gallon per day of over 11 pH water) has the adverse effect of restricting urine flow. (Note: easily reversible by switching to hydrogen water for a little while or adding a little lemon to the water.)
    • Inhaling too much hydrogen gas (more than 2 hours per day) has the adverse effect of developing a little congestion in the lungs. (Note: easily reversible by taking a break from inhaling)
    • Adding lemon to alkaline water makes it more compatible for drinking with meals. 
    • My body seems to prefer ionized water to hydrogen water, for the above reasons, but I like and use both kinds of machines daily (for the best of all worlds). 

Further Reading 

Long-Range Plans for Alkaline Water Plus

Alkaline Water Plus has always had its driving force as a passion for sharing the benefits of ionized water with people everywhere. No matter what water ionizers we sell or don't sell at any given time, we always make sure to offer the best water ionizers that are available right then. We present the facts as we know them in our water ionizer comparisons and water ionizer reviews. 

Most people have no idea of the importance of a simple thing, such as water, to the health of every cell in their body. I hope to educate people about this subject as best as I can.