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AlkaViva Upgrade Program

The AlkaViva Upgrade Program consists of a severely reduced price for a newer AlkaViva water ionizer model. In most cases you don't have to return your old water ionizer, but the understanding is that your warranty will not be active any more on that older water ionizer. You will also receive an extended warranty for labor on your new water ionizer. (As always, the parts warranty is still lifetime.)


Upgrade Your Older Water Ionizer to an AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizer!

Do you have an older water ionizer model? Are you concerned that maybe you are not getting the very best ionized water that you can get? Or, are you concerned that you are not protected as well as you used to be with your original warranty? There is an easy solution! Upgrade to the best of the best water ionizer ever made, an AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizer!

How Does the AlkaViva H2 Upgrade Program Work?

If you have an old Jupiter water ionizer, we have a sweet deal for you: to upgrade it to the latest water ionizer, an H2 Water Ionizer. You will give up your old lifetime warranty, but you do not need to return your old water ionizer. Keep it and share it with your friends and/or family if you want.

Your new upgraded water ionizer will be a brand new one and will come with an even better warranty than you had before. The new AlkaViva H2 Upgrade Lifetime warranty is an exclusive one (not available unless you're upgrading). It is for lifetime parts and 10 years labor! That's an extra 5 years of labor, double the coverage, with your new upgrade AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizer.

What are the Benefits of the AlkaViva H2 Upgrade Program?

HSeries water ionizers are designed with the latest technology in ionizer performance.  In addition to the double-coverage of "labor" in the warranty (described above) you will get the following benefits from upgrading to a brand new AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizer:

  • Better filtration – Your old water ionizer may have had only one filter, and it's a great advantage to have two filters. Dual UltraWater technology gets more of the bad stuff out.
  • H2 Infusion Technology – The picture at the top of this page illustrates only some of the hundred or so benefits of getting more "H2" in your ionized water. Compared to the older Jupiter Water Ionizers, the AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizers are able to get better pH, ORP and up to twice the H2.
  • Improved Continuous-Cleaning  DARC II cleans with every use even better than any earlier Jupiter Water Ionizer model. It has much greater durability as well. Reports from AlkaViva are that no (zero) returns for internal water-cell repairs are coming in from the new H2 water ionizers'. This is great peace of mind.
  • Flow control see and select the flow that’s perfect for you. Your old Jupiter water ionizer does not have as user-friendly ability to see your flow-rate and be able to control it.
  • AutoAdjust The new AlkaViva H2 water ionizers can sets the optimal power levels for you, automatically.
  • Durability – AlkaViva H2 water ionizers are the best when it comes to durability. The Jupiter water ionizers were the state-of-the-art strongest water ionizers of the last decade, but now, with improved durability and better performance, the AlkaViva H2 water ionizers have brought the science of water ionization into a whole new level.

Watch the "Five Reasons to Upgrade to an AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizer" now!

Note: The AlkaViva H2 upgrade program is for old Jupiter water ionizer upgrades, and it includes losing your warranty for the old water ionizer. If you have an Enagic water ionizer, Tyent water ionizer, Life water ionizer, KYK water ionizer, Chanson water ionizer, Bawell water ionizer, AirWaterLife water ionizer or any other brand of water ionizer, and you want to upgrade to an AlkaViva H2 water ionizer, contact us now, and we will negotiate a different deal for you.