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PureEasy Filter Systems

PureEasy Filter Systems are very reliable and effective. These filters are regularly supplied to disaster areas world-wide by the Red Cross and other NGO groups to help people after earthquakes, floods and other disasters to obtain clean, potable water.

Guangzhou Pureeasy Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

PureEasy Filter Systems

The PureEasy company specializes in water purification. It was founded by senior water treatment experts from South China University of Technology. The company owns several patented, world-leading technologies in the water treatment industry. Their bacteria-removing dual-ceramic membrane cartridges outperform their competition. The PureEasy Dual-Ceramic .01M filters as well as the portable PureEasy water filters can even turn lake, river and rain water into pure, clean and drinkable water, immediately and reliably. PureEasy Hi-Tech is based on the strong researching background of over 10 years in research and development in south China's Inorganic Membrane Laboratory.

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