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Chinese Water Ionizers

Chinese Water Ionizers

As a general rule, there  is not sufficient quality control in China mainland to be able to completely trust Chinese electronics, workmanship, materials, platinum, titanium, and filter materials that go into the making of a water ionizer. We don't sell any brand of Chinese water ionizers at this time. 

No matter what the certifications, Chinese manufacturers are cheaply made. They are not subject to the same levels of scrutiny, testing, and regulation as you'll find in Korea and Japan.

We prefer a water ionizer which is Korean or Japanese-made, because both Korea and Japan have governmental controls [such as the Korean FDA or the Japanese Ministry of Health] regarding the proper manufacturing of their countries' water ionizers.

If you have a low budget, we suggest you take us up on our payplan and buy one of our, Korean-made, Nexus Brand water ionizer imports.  

Don't Sacrifice Quality in a Water ionizer 

If you find a water ionizer brand who doesn't specifically state the manufacturer's location, it's probably China. Watch out for this.

Quality counts when it comes to the health of you and your family. If you're looking for the best ionization, at the lowest possible price, without sacrificing quality go for the Nexus brand (made by Ionia in Korea). Check out the Nexus X-Blue, which is so much better than any of the Chinese-made water ionizers.

I have tested two of the most popular Chinese water ionizer brands and have found them to have predictably lesser-quality of materials and/or fair to poor performance. 

Many US Importers Hide the Fact that Their Water Ionizers Are Chinese-Made

Alkaline Water Plus has come across many low-priced water ionizers that have very convincing ads. They may even appear to be US-made by the way the information is presented. In every case any water ionizer we've seen that's selling under $1000 is Chinese-made - except the Nexus.

How Do You Find out for Sure Where a Water Ionizer Is Made?

If the ad doesn't specify "Made in Korea" or "Made in Japan", then it is almost 100% sure that it's made in China. If you see no proof or specific statement of where it's made then you should call the phone number listed for the company and ask.

Another Trick to Watch for Is If the Company Claims "Made in the U.S." but What they Don't Say is the Parts Are Imported

Again the way to be sure is to call the company and ask where they get the various parts that go into making the water ionizer. It is far, far more desirable to buy a water ionizer from an ISO-rated, high-quality Korean or Japanese manufacturer than to buy from a US assembler. The Japanese and Korean governments consider water ionizers as medical instruments, and so have strict regulations on their manufacture. There aren't any high-quality water ionizers that are made in the US. This is partially because our FDA doesn't recognize water ionizers, yet, as medical devices. But, also it has to do with knowing the technology of making effective water ionizers. Research and Development of a new brand of water ionizers would take a hefty investment, and in the US the investor would be starting from scratch, without the benefit of sharing the existing manufacturing resources and protocols.

Don't Buy Chinese PH or ORP Meters

Alkaline Water Plus Advice: Do not buy Chinese pH or ORP [antioxidant measuring tool] meters. I've thrown many Chinese-made pH and ORP meters away. Alkaline Water Plus has wasted a lot of money purchasing several of the Chinese pH or ORP meters in an attempt to find meters that work well that I could sell to my customers at a reasonable cost, however we haven't been able to find anything inexpensive enough. We suggest Ebay for pH and ORP meters. Look for Milwaukee Instruments brand.

Chinese Filters & Other Products:

Alkaline Water Plus Advice: If you buy Chinese filters or non-mechanical and/or non-electrical products, Chinese-made is sometimes fine. But, we advise that you purchase them from a reliable US company who has checked out the ISO [quality] rating of the manufacturer and that all of the filter material used in the filters as well as the material of the casing has been thoroughly validated by the Water Quality Association.