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Filters for Older Water Ionizers


If you have a Vesta GL water ionizer, you will get your filters here. Please do not get confused with the Vesta H2 (which is the newest of the AlkaViva Vesta water ionizer machines. Go to the AlkaViva Water Ionizers page for that.


AlkaBlue filters are the same size and contents as the Nexus Water Ionizer filters. Just in case one of these is out-of-stock, they are interchangeable.


Microlite Water Ionizer uses regular Jupiter water ionizer filters, but you need to save and re-use the "filter cup". If you lose it, contact us for the replacement part.

Jupiter (after 2012)

The following water ionizers use regular Jupiter water ionizer filters.

Go to regular Jupiter water ionizer filters page if you have the following water ionizers. Even though they are older Jupiter models. the filters haven't changed. 

  • Alka-Life
  • Alkal-Life 3000SL
  • AMWater Actify AK-8000
  • Aquarius JP-108
  • Athena JS-205
  • Delphi IW-102
  • Elite JP1000
  • Isis JP-104
  • JP 105
  • Mavello JP-101
  • Melody JP-104
  • MicroLite JP-107
  • Miracle JP-102
  • Neptune JP-101
  • Orion JP-109
  • Regency X
  • Regency 10
  • Regency Elite
  • Ultra-Delphi IO400U
  • Venus JP-107