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Ultra Water Filter for Vesta GL Ionizers

Usually ships in 24 hours.

The UltraWater filter is designed using space technology. It is the best filter that we sell.

This UltraWater filter will only fit Vesta GL water ionizers. Check with us if you're not sure which Vesta ionizer you have. Make sure you buy the right one for your water ionizer.

Read more about UltraWater filters.

Uses Space-Age Technology to Filter Your Water Perfectly!

The UltraWater Filter for Vesta Water Ionizers is Now Here!

The AlkaViva design engineers have used the principles of this technology to create an amazing new level of filtration, called UltraWater! They incorporated all of what they already knew about filtering US water [which is a lot] with this new space technology to effectively filter out just about every known chemical and toxin in water…with one filter!

Traditional water filter use loose, granulated water filter media beds to reduce certain contaminates from drinking water. This leaves tiny spaces between the media allowing small percentages of water to pass through untouched.

The UltraWater uses the highest quality medias available and then transforms them into solid forms to literally block contamination from passing through and ending in your glass. This creates a greater contact time with the water and removes much higher percentages of contamination than traditional loose media beds. The UltraWater Filter offers superior removal of chlorine, chloramines, disinfectant byproducts, VOC's, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, nickel and iron. (Most to non-detectable levels in laboratory testing) In addition it greatly improves taste and odor giving you a great tasting and clean glass of water.
What the lab did was load up the water with a brew of all kinds of toxins and pharmaceuticals added to the water. The water was far more toxic than any water you'd ever come across anywhere. Then they pumped this water through the ionizer which contained just one filter, the ultrawater filter, and 99.% of the toxins were removed to the point of "ND", non-detectable levels.

For a brief introductory period, all Vesta water ionizers purchased will be automatically shipped with a free UltraWater filter to try!

[For all customers who use the Vesta water ionizer, the UltraWater Fluoride-Arsenic Filter is the best choice for the #1 slot and the regular UltraWater filter is the best choice for the #2 filter slot.]

This Video Shows Filter-Changing for the Vesta

Filter 1 is on the left as you're facing the back of the machine and Filter 2 is on the right.

Change filters at least yearly.