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Free Water Quality Report

There are basically three steps to getting perfect quality of drinking water.

  1. Learn what contaminants there are in your tap water and how to filter them out.
  2. Set up filtration system if needed, however it's most cost-effective to focus only on your drinking water.
  3. Keep the filters changed every year.

How Do You Get Your Free Water Quality Report?

To get your free water quality report, simply fill in the form below. Also, let us know if you have any particular problems that you've noticed about your water (smells, stains, scaling, etc.) or if you have questions you'd like answered. As well, please provide us with a phone number if you'd like us to contact you by phone, or you can always email or call us.



How Do You Analyze Your Free Water Quality Report?

Once you get your report, email us if you have any questions or would like us to look over your report with you to help you understand it. We are happy to help to make sure you understand your tap water quality.

Other Water Testing

If you have well water, live in an older home or older city neighborhood, and you don't trust that your water quality report will be completely accurate for your situation, we recommend that you purchase a Water Test Kit at a local Home Depot.

At Alkaline Water Plus we want to see you get the best filtration possible with your new water ionizer.

To Learn More about Water Filtration...

We direct you to this link for the most important information about water contaminants and how to filter them out.

Water Filtration Basics