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Water and How It Affects Your Health


Benefits of Water: Why drink healthy water?

Are you new to the benefits of drinking water, or in particular, drinking alkaline water? Today, more than ever, we get so tied up with our busy lives that it's easy to forget [as Jacques Cousteau put it] that the water cycle and the life cycle are one. Next to air, water is the single most important nutrient to all life. The benefits of drinking alkaline water is particularly good for people and for most animal life forms while acidic water typically brings the highest benefits of water to plants. This is similar to the fact that plants use carbon dioxide and people use oxygen. Thus the cycle of life …the waste products of one life form become the nutrients of another. But regardless of form, all life requires the benefits of water in order to carry out its vital functions.

I realized the importance of drinking alkaline water to my health about 20 years ago when I read Sang Whang’s book, Reverse Aging. And, since then my life has changed 200% for the better, all because I started drinking healthy water. The best health advice I [or anyone else] could give you is for you to drink an abundant amount of water. The health benefits of water are absolutely remarkable.

Here’s just a partial list of the benefits of drinking water:

The benefits of water and health are both well-researched and easily observable. Hundreds and even thousands of studies have been done related to the benefits of water for general health and for specific health conditions. The health conditions that water benefits are too numerous to list, because water helps every aspect of life, but the list, below, is just what I was able to verify and find several studies proving. [To see the research articles I used to construct this list, refer to the bottom of this page.]

  • Water helps the energy-levels of the body.
  • Muscles are 70% water.
  • Water flushes toxins out of the body.
  • Water helps your lungs to stay free and clear of mucus.
  • Water helps your nose to stay unclogged.
  • Water helps your ears to stay clear of earwax.
  • Water helps your bowels to stay active and moving.
  • Water helps your heart to not have to over-work.
  • Water helps every organ in the body to stay healthy.
  • Water helps your blood pressure to stay regulated.
  • The blood is 83% water.
  • Water helps your weight to stay regulated.
  • Water helps provide your body with essential minerals [electrolytes].
  • Water helps your body to live longer.
  • Water helps your kidneys, and prevents kidney stones.
  • Water helps you regulate your body’s temperature.
  • Water helps to transport nutrients to your cells.
  • Water helps to keep joint cartilage and discs thick [i.e., protects and cushions your joints]
  • Water helps reduce the risks of cancer and other diseases.
  • Water helps urinary tract to stay healthy.
  • Water helps skin to stay wrinkle-free and healthy.
  • Water helps mental functions [alertness].
  • Brains are 75% water.
  • Water helps nerves to function properly.
  • Water helps muscles to contract properly.

Water is important to every life function in your body!

The first order of importance is to learn to observe for your own self how drinking more water helps you. I have been doing this for 20 years and continue to do this every day. I highly suggest you look over and re-read this page as you are learning to do your own observations. It will help prompt you with things to look for as being related to your health and water that you may never have connected before.

More About the Importance and Benefits of Water

The benefits of drinking healthy water goes all the way to the bone! See the chart, below to understand how the benefits of water will reach every part of your body, health and life! To give you an idea of how much water we're talking about, here are the average percentages of water within our bodies:

Bone 22%
Muscle 75%
Tissues 75%
Blood 92%
Brain 75%

The Benefits of Drinking Healthy Water: The kind and quality of water you drink makes a difference. Water does so much for us that we aren’t aware of! People spend 1/3 of each day sleeping, so they should buy a good bed. Same with water...Over 2/3 of the body is water, so drink the best water!

It is impossible for me to predict what drinking healthy water will do for you, but I can safely say that if you stick with it, it will be remarkable.

Other than air, WATER is the most essential nutrient to ALL living organisms!

How much water do we need to drink? The recommended daily intake of water is too variable to list, but for the most part people should drink between 3 quarts and a gallon of water daily. Quite frequently I see a report that states a person should drink 1/2 oz. of water for every pound of body weight. However it really depends on how much water your body loses daily. If you sweat a lot, exercise, consume caffeinated, sweetened, carbonated beverages, or are ill or on a diet, you probably should drink more. Don’t rely on just thirst. Sometimes thirst sensors have been turned off [in older people this happens a lot], and if that has happened you may have to train yourself to drink the right amount and quality of water each day.

Can we get healthy water from our food or other beverages?

Absolutely. Raw fruits and vegetables, especially, contain some of the healthiest water for you. At least some of our daily water can and should come from food. How much and how healthy the water is will depend on what you eat, though. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain great, healthy water. Once cooked, though, the quality of the water becomes less healthy.

Watch out! Not every beverage [by any means] contains healthy water.

Sweetened beverages, caffeinated, and even diet beverages can cause our bodies to lose more water than it gains and so lose some of the benefits of water. If you drink these types of other beverages, or eat unhealthy, processed foods, then drinking more water can help offset the loss of water caused by the not-so-good beverage or food.

What kind of water should we drink?

You should drink alkaline water for the greatest health benefits. Your cells are waiting for sufficient buffers in order to release their trapped acidic wastes. That’s why your water needs to be alkaline.

The benefits of alkaline water are numerous. Your diet is probably over-balanced in the direction of being acidifying. Meats, fats, and grains will all acidify your body. Juicy fruits, salads, and fresh vegetables will usually alkalize. For me, alkaline water has helped to tip the balance in the direction of alkaline. Long ago, before I started drinking alkaline water, my body had allergies, ear/nose/throat conditions, and skin growths that I no longer have. My family and extended family have all experienced similar benefits of alkaline water. Our bodies need pH balance and alkaline water helps to bring that.

Watch out for bottled water

Bottled water has been sitting around on shelves who knows where or how long that water has been sitting, and the whole time it has been absorbing the chemicals from the plastics that the bottles are made of. People buy bottled water often because they don’t trust their own municipal tap water and probably don’t understand what is needed to properly filter out all of the toxins from the water. They “trust” the bottled water companies that they know what they’re doing. One thing that I know is true is that the bottled water companies do know how to make money. That’s for sure. I don’t want to pick on bottled water companies though. At least bottled water is better than 50% of the rest of the junk that is on the shelves of grocery stores today. Our nation is killing itself with junk, but that’s for another day. We’re also polluting the environment with so many bottles that our recycling companies aren’t able to keep up with what to do with it all.

I can assure you it isn’t hard to filter toxins out of the water. Normally a slow-flow through a carbon filter will remove any harmful toxin that may come to your tap. Remember, your water has already been filtered by your city water company to acceptable standards of safety. Your carbon filter is just adding an extra layer of protection, beyond that, for further removal of those same chemicals that the city removed. Plus carbon removes some of the chemicals your city adds to disinfect the water.

What do you do if you don’t like water?

If you have never developed a taste for good, healthy water, then here's my best advice for you: Learn to like it. It’s good for you. Sip on it all day long, and if your water is alkaline water the benefits are greater. If it’s alkaline and ionized, such as the alkaline water pitcher that I sell, then it will also provide antioxidants for fighting free radicals. There is nothing better for you to do for your health than to start drinking more, healthy water, today. And make it alkaline and ionized for the healthiest benefits.

What's next?

I hope I have helped you understand the importance of alkaline water and the benefits of water, in general, to your health. Way down at the bottom of this page there are other articles I have written that I encourage you to read. If there is anything I can do to help you in your journey of learning more about alkaline ionized water, please give me a call or email me.