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About Ionia Water Ionizers

We highly recommend Ionia water ionizers. Ionia is the largest manufacturer of water ionizers in the world. They are leaders in water ionizer technology and have been since 1982. I trust Ionia water ionizers. As a manufacturer they are very competent and good to work with. They know their business and make exceptionally good products. We carry the best of Ionia's brands. 

Ionia Water Ionizers

Ionia is the largest and best manufacturer of water ionizers in Korea and the world. They have been leaders in water ionizer technology since 1982. Ionia has the largest R&D team of any other water ionizer manufacturer and they make several brands of water ionizers. You cannot find a better manufacturer of water ionizers than Ionia.

The four best brands of Ionia's water ionizers are: Jupiter, Smart Nexus and the new Ionia's Best Super-Sanitizing Water Ionizer. To learn more about the first three brands, you can find them each on their own pages for convenience and to avoid confusion, as to which filters to order.

No matter what Ionia water ionizer you choose, you can be assured that you have received the top water ionizer for that price range.

Ionia holds more patents and certifications than any other water ionizer manufacturer. Here are some of them:


Ionia Warranty Information:  

Ionia water ionizers have passed precise inspection by the manufacturer, under strict quality control, and come with warranties, described on these pages. Please visit these pages if you want information about Jupiter, Smart or Nexus warranties.


Ionia's Best Super Sanitizing water ionizers come with a lifetime warranty as described below. Save your invoice for proof of your entitlement to repair or upgrade under this warranty. 

IONIA WARRANTY OVERVIEW: Any defect which develops from spontaneous-malfunction within the first five years, is entitled to warranty service, which means repaired free of charge for both parts and labor. Spontaneous-malfunction means that the problem was not customer-error, source-water damage, or other situation that arose from the customer, shipping company, or environment which resulted in the damage. It just happened, and there is no fault on the customer's part or the environment's part.

You are covered for your lifetime even after five years and even if the issue is due to user-error with our lifetime labor warranty. This not only covers free labor, but it also guarantees that your cost for parts (if there is any) will be only what we are charged for the parts.

Conditional: If parts are no longer available or your machine is not able to be repaired, you will qualify for upgrade credits (see below). For this or any warranty service, you must have proof of purchase of your Ionia water ionizer from either Alkaline Water Plus or one of it's authorized dealers.

Definition of Customer Error: If you damaged the machine by customer error you will most likely be asked to pay for the cost of parts to fix it. Labor is always free of charge. The warranty is intended to cover spontaneous defects in the product only. The right to free warranty service is based on the proper use of the equipment and proper shipping. Customer error means: misuse, drops, rough handling, rough shipping, improper care, improper water source, commercial use, operating for over one month with an internal leak without sending for repair, infestation, collisions, fire, flooding, natural disaster or violating anything listed in the Notes & Cautions section, below.

In the event of customer error, we will still repair your water ionizer at a reasonable rate (no matter what the cause of the damage). We will do this forever if you want, as long as you are our customer. If we have to charge for parts, it will be the price we are charged, and will not be inflated.

Note: Any time you'd rather exchange your machine for a new one (any brand we sell) we can arrange that for you (see section on Upgrade Credit, below).

Upgrade Credit: Upgrade credit is a unique feature of the Ionia warranty. You can use this even if your water ionizer isn't damaged. For instance, you may just want to upgrade to a newer model. For this, our plan will work perfectly in your favor. We offer you a new water ionizer of your choice and will credit you a generous percentage of the amount you paid for your Ionia ionizer toward the retail price of the new water ionizer in exchange for your old model. We offer this regardless of whether the machine is damaged or not...even if you caused the damage yourself. The following percentages apply:

    • Less than 2 years old in good condition: 50%
    • Less than 5 years old in fair condition: 30%
    • Over 5 years old: 20%

Notes & Cautions:

  • If you have excess sodium, due to a water “softener”, or iron in your source water, you would need to filter them out as part of the expected proper care. Do not put salt in the mineral port of any Ionia water ionizer. Sodium and iron are both highly electrically conductive and could cause undue damage to your water ionizer over time.
  • Save yourself from accidental user-error and prevent trouble before it happens by knowing how to set up and care for your machine. Here are a couple of pages about that:
  • It is a condition of the Warranty that you agree to replace the filter cartridge no less than every twelve (12) months. We have to be able to find your filter purchases in our records. Using any filters other than those listed on this page will void your warranty. We do not accept filters purchased elsewhere.                    
  • Ionia water ionizers will give you a continuous flow of high-quality ionized or filtered water all day long, however they are not intended for commercial use (i.e., more than a gallon of pouring at any one time or more than 15 gallons per day). 
  • If you live in a hard water area, please note that cleaning scale from inside a water ionizer is not offered as a free service, however we will send you instructions of how to do this easily yourself. If you know your water is hard, we suggest you use the EOS (Elimination of Scaling) Device to protect your machine.
  • If your water-flow slows down, it could be caused by calcium build-up. Do not continue to use the water ionizer without doing the proper vinegar wash first. If that doesn't fix it, you should contact us for advice.
  • Under sink installation or any installation that keeps a Ionia water ionizer under constant pressure would be a customer error.
  • The Ionia water cells are made for the absolute best ionization, but under normal and controlled water pressure. Applying excessive water pressure to the Ionia water ionizer would be a customer-error. Set the water coming into the ionizer to be no higher than 2 liters/min. 
  • The best water outflow-rate for any Ionia water ionizer is 1.5 liters per minute.
  • If you operate a Ionia water ionizer regularly with over 2 liters per minute of water coming into it would be a customer error. We suggest to install an external flow-control shut off, which will regulate this automatically for you, if you have trouble with this.
  • Proper care of the water ionizer is necessary and is your responsibility as the consumer. Don't operate the Ionia water ionizer in a barn, garage or other dusty/dirty location or in a location where the temperature isn't regulated to a normal room temperature.
  • If a malfunction occurs, further operation without making the needed repairs could cause more damage. For instance operating the machine with an internal leak could cause electrical shorts, rusting of internal screws and other such damage. While the first damage may be covered by your warranty, the further damage incurred by continuing to use would be a customer error. 
  • Ionia water ionizers aren't intended to be left unused for several months at a time. The best use of a Ionia water ionizer machine is to use it every day. If you are away for more than a couple of weeks, you should try to arrange for some water to be poured through it every week (or at least every month) to keep the water cell from drying out. If the machine is disconnected from a water supply the provided plugs must be kept in placed on every port and the filter (or a blank filter) should be placed in the filter port. This is to ensure the membranes in the water cell don't dry out.
  • Operating any water ionizer with a dried-out water-cell can cause the water cell to burst when you start it up again. If you think your Ionia water ionizer water cell may have dried out, contact us for detailed instructions on how to safely get it up and running again. 
  • Cost of shipping, both ways, is the responsibility of the customer for repairs and for upgrade-credit exchanges.

Note: Do not return your water ionizer for repair without pre-approval or without following our instructions for shipping. You must have our approval, and then follow our packing/shipping instructions precisely, to qualify for warranty service. 

Shipping Costs: You will be shipped a water ionizer that is in good working condition. If your water ionizer arrives damaged, we will replace it without charging you shipping costs. But, you must notify us of the damage within 10 days. After that, all shipping [both ways] for warranty fulfillment is the responsibility of the purchaser. Notes: We reserve the option to repair or replace unit [with same or comparable unit].

Transfer of Ownership: You may transfer ownership, but you will need to contact Alkaline Water Plus in order to do so. This warranty is backed by both the manufacturer of Ionia water ionizers and by Alkaline Water Plus, and we need to make sure all of our paperwork is in order prior to any warranty transfers. There is a $50.00 fee for warranty transfers.


Whether it is a return or repair the way you ship anything to Alkaline Water Plus is very important. Improper shipping has been known to cause damage to equipment in almost all cases. Therefore, 1) make sure to wait for our RMA (Return Materials Authorization) email before you ship (it will give you the proper way to safely ship), and 2) follow our instructions for safe shipping. The consequences of improper shipping are severe, and it would be considered a customer error.


Alkaline Water Plus has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been a member since 2010. This tells you a lot about our business practices at Alkaline Water Plus. We are here to help our customers and you can trust that we will.