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Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer

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Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer TM

The Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer is the strongest residential water ionizer on the planet. It has two full water cells working together with a total of 12 platinum-coated plates. With two full water cells, working synergistically together, finally the answer has been found for how to create the strongest residential water ionizer of all times This is very unique. This many plates all packed into one water cell would be inefficient. But with two water cells, working together, you can really see improved performance. There is no other water ionizer that matches this design or these abilities.

Using & Testing the Ionia Super S-12 Water Ionizer

Video is under 3 minutes and has good information.

Whatever you want is better with the Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer:

  • Highest performance in a water ionizer for drinking, very high antioxidants, wide range of pH-levels.
  • Very Versatile: The most important use is for drinking, but you can also use the water for washing, watering plants, and killing germs and viruses.
  • Superior filtration. The very effective proprietary filters clean the water really well. I can taste the difference.
  • The saline port adds to the versatility and strength for those who want the extra benefits of water which naturally and powerfully cleans and sanitizes without chemicals.
  • Note: Set the incoming water flow to 2.0 l/m or slower. 


Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer makes the healthiest water in five different ways. 

  1. Alkaline ionized water for healthy drinking water: The Ionia Super-S12 water ionizer stands up there at the top of perfection in making healthy ionized water. My testing of ionized water for my drinking level shows it is superior. This is the best of the best ionized water for detoxing and making your cells the healthiest they can be. See the Benefits of Ionized Water for plenty of information about how healthy, ionized water is good for a body.
  2. Acidic Beauty-Water: The byproduct of producing alkaline ionized water is acidic water, which is good for skin, hair and plants.
  3. Super-strong acidic water: When you use the saline injection function of the Ionia Super-S12 (see demo, above), you can produce hypochlorous acid in the water. This is called ECA water (electro-chemically activated). ECA water gives professional-levels of effectiveness and strength in killing germs and viruses on contact (within about 10 seconds). It is an even more potent all-natural germ-killer than 2.5 acidic water alone. Note: When you vary the amount and type of saline solution you use, and the flow-rate, you can vary the range of hypochlorous acid produced. The acidic water will retain its germ-killing capability virtually forever.
  4. Super-strong alkaline water is an all natural cleanser (which is proven to be effective in germ-fighting as well). It cleans dirt, grime and de-greases quite effectively.  I have used super-strong alkaline water as a pre-wash to effectively remove blood, chocolate and other tough stains from clothing and linens and found it to be more effective than anything else.
  5. For an even milder sanitizer and cleaner: You can skip using saline altogether and set the ionizer on level 4. Then collect the acidic water from the grey hose. The very high or low pH water (strong alkaline and acidic) are germ-killing in and of themselves.  

No other Machine on the Planet is Like the Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer

The Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer has 2 water cells, so it's actually two water ionizers in one!

[Note: This is not the same as a water ionizer with 12 plates in a single water cell. In the case of a single water cell it is extremely inefficient to have 12 plates.]

But the way the Ionia Super-S12 has 2 separate water cells, side-by-side, gives this water ionizer advantages that no other water ionizer has. I have fully tested it and have seen it to be stronger and more versatile than the other water ionizers.

The Ionia Super-S12 also has advanced continuous-cleaning, which gives the machine both extra life and performance. 

Features of the Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer:

  • Tests best among other water ionizers for pH and ORP (oxidation reduction potential)
  • Made to produce super oxidized water, strong enough to kill all bacteria and viruses.
  • Two huge water cells in the heart of the Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer work together synergistically.
  • Simple to set up and use.
  • Comes with a diverter, which can hook directly to your sink faucet. 
  • No chemicals, and no extra saline solution to buy! 
  • The 12 huge plates use about 350-400 watts of power.
  • Proprietary, patented, method of internal cleaning, so your plates will never scale up over time.
  • Two internal filters which remove ALL pathogens and harmful chemicals from drinking water. 

Customers Rave About the Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer

"I wanted to acknowledge and report that I am a happy as-a-clam customer. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY Ionia S12 WATER IONIZING MACHINE. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LUUUUUUUUUUV it! Couldn't be a more satisfied customer. Wish i bought this machine sooner, but am sure glad i have it now." EM

"The S12 is my third ionizer, and by far the best. It is big, though, make sure you have room on your counter for it. We had to remove the rubber feet to make it fit." TL

"Great machine - better than I had hoped! We bought this machine specifically to make 2.5ph Acid water and 12.5 PH Alkaline water for our farm and it really does the job. We have been running about 35 gallons every second day and have been loving it. We are using this for plant health (2.5 kills molds and funguses, 12.5 kills pests) and are finding it works great. The autoclean is fantastic and even at top power and running straight for about 3 hours (with cleaning in between) the machine barely gets warm. This machine is the best answer to anyone that recommends Kangen water and wants you to pay 6k for a machine that is not as good as this one!!!! Oh yeah, and the 9.5ph water is FANTASTIC to drink - which is probably why most people are buying the machine.. but really, this thing is a work horse for the entire scale!!!!!! Also, easy set up, great instructions on the site for anything that is hard to understand (they are made in Korea)." Myron C.

"I switched my old system for the SuperS12. I'm very happy with it. It's super easy to use, and gives the highest antioxidants ever. The drinking water tastes great, and my husband likes the taste even better than our earlier machine. I can get water for cleaning and sanitizing without the hassle I used to go through, and with an even better range of pH than I was getting. I was happy with my old water ionizer, but am happier with this one. I gave my old ionizer to my daughter, so everyone wins." TL

Drinking Water

The Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer is about the strongest water ionizer I have ever seen. It has great filtration and its ORP-levels and molecular-hydrogen-levels are as outstanding as I've ever seen. It's so simple to use. You just push the lever down and out comes the ionized water. The cleaning cycle is automatic and continuous, so it mostly all happens hassle-free in the background.

You can use ANY source water that is potable. You simply hook the Ionia Super-S12 up to your faucet, follow the instructions for setting it up. The saline water in the saline chamber is optional.  


The filters are only used when you are using one of the drinking water settings. This saves the life of your filters by only filtering when you need it. The filtration is high-tech and excellent filtration. In addition to the filters being quite good, the .01 micron filtration removes all pathogens from the water.

When you are making super-sanitizing water you don't need these filters, and so the filters are bypassed, saving you from unnecessary wasted use of your filters. No germ, virus, mold, bacteria, or any microorganism will live in super-sanitized water, therefore there is never a need to waste your filters making sanitizing water.


How to Reset the Filter

When the machine is plugged in and the electric switch is ON, and the water-flow knob is in the OFF position, the water ionizer is in "standby mode". Follow these instructions when the ionizer is in standby mode.


  1. Press/hold the top-left button (Strong Alkaline button) to get into the Filter-Reset mode.
  2. Press/hold the top-right button (Alkaline button) to reset filter 1.
  3. Press/hold the middle-right button (Acidic button) to reset filter 2.
  4. Then press the Voice button (middle-left) to save the settings.

Instructions for Getting Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water & its Acidic Water Byproduct

  1. Place a glass or container under the top alkaline spout.
  2. If you want to collect acidic water out of the bottom hose, place the hose in a container.
  3. Pull the lever on the top-right down.
  4. It will automatically pour alkaline water out at the level you used last time. If this is your first use, touch the Alkaline button (top-right) to toggle the levels until you get to the level you want.

1.5 Minute Demo (With Testing) 

This video shows the operation and testing of the Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer.  

Making Sanitizing Water

Hypochlorous acid is the active ingredient in electro-chemically activated super-oxidized water (described by the CDC). Here is the procedure I use for my own use, sanitizing around the house. This gives me adequate levels of hypochlorous acid for home use (around 30 to 50 ppm).

  • Fill the saline bin with acidic water or distilled water
  • Put a few rock-chunks of Himalayan rock salt in the bottom of the bin
  • The saline will naturally diffuse into the water in the bin over a several-hour period

If you want a stronger concentration you can purchase saline-water concentrate online.

Or, if you prefer, you can opt to not use saline water in the port (i.e., don't add the rock salt chunks) and still get a fantastic germicidal super-oxide water which has about 2.5 pH with the strong-acidic setting. 

All-Natural Sanitation


Instructions for Protecting the Super S-12 from Saline Solution Use

Always to a flushing out of the water cells any time you use the saline-injection function (left side of machine).

How to Flush Sodium Out of the Water Cell

As a final step, after turning off the water-flow, you need to:

  1. Pull down the on/off lever one more time and push the strong acidic button for the machine, and a special cleaning cycle will automatically flush out the water cell of all sodium residue. This flush takes 30 seconds.
  2. Then, pull down on the lever again to clean the other side of the water cell.

This final rinse routine is very necessary for the life of your water ionizer. Your water ionizer may last 20 or so years if you always remember to flush it after producing super-sanitizing water. However it may only last 5 years if you constantly forget this step. If you do forget this step, what will happen is the next time you go to get alkaline drinking water, it will do the cleaning flush. If you notice this happening a lot, you should train yourself better to flush the machine after every time of getting super-sanitizing water.

Remove the Protective Film Covering the Display Panel

Some people just leave this film on, but it looks so much prettier with it off.


All water ionizers have a plastic film covering the display panel. Remove it to uncover a more beautiful surface. Start in one corner and slowly pick at it until part of it comes up. Then pull the rest of the film off easily after that.

Closing the Door (Panel) on the Front of the Machine

If you don't do it right, the front panel won't close. So take care to observe these instructions:

  1. Place the saline bin back into it's spot. Make sure it is in there correctly. There are grooves on the bottom for it to fit in-between.
  2. Put the left side of the filter-panel into place in both spots (top-bottom). You can now operate the panel as a door. Don't try to close the right side just yet.
  3. Pull the saline bin out about 2 inches, making sure it is still within the two grooves on the bottom.
  4. Now line up the vertical spine on the saline bin with the groove in the door-panel on the right. Actually stick it into that groove (keeping the right side of the panel still open enough to get your hand in there to do this).
  5. Remove your hand from the saline port and push closed the panel door on the right until it is clicked into place in both spots (top-bottom).
  6. Doing this will properly seat the saline port, so no need to open the door to check it.

Programming Options

The Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer comes already programmed for average water quality. If you want to raise or lower the strength of ionization beyond what you can already do by selecting levels on the machine, you can program the "base" power-level. Here's how:

  1. Push/hold the "Mode" button (bottom-left) at the same time as the "Strongest Alkaline/Acidic" button (top-left).
  2. A screen will appear that says "Base", and has a number showing.
  3. Use the normal "Alkaline" button (top-right) as an up-arrow, or "Acidic" button (middle-right) as a down-arrow, to get to the level you want.
  4. Push the "Voice" button to save the programming, and you're done.

Not for Excessive, Industrial or Commercial Use

The Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer is not for industrial, non-stop use. Though it can be used technically all day, continuous-use will cause potential over-heating damage. The output water rate is about 1.0 L/min to 2.0 L/min. Normal use would allow up to a few gallons of regular ionized water or a few liters of the strong ionized water to be poured every half-hour or so (or multiply these numbers by up to a few thousand to determine what normal use would be over the course of a year. For instance if you want to run the Super-Sanitizing Water Ionizer for a few gallons each hour 24/7, you should probably buy 2 or even 3 machines to ensure you don't overuse and burn it out the one single water ionizer.

From the CDC website: https://www.cdc.gov/infectioncontrol/pdf/guidelines/disinfection-guidelines-H.pdf

"The microbicidal activity of a new disinfectant, “superoxidized water,” has been examined The concept of electrolyzing saline to create a disinfectant or antiseptics is appealing because the basic materials of saline and electricity are inexpensive and the end product (i.e., water) does not damage the environment. The main products of this water are hypochlorous acid (e.g., at a concentration of about 144 mg/L) and chlorine. As with any germicide, the antimicrobial activity of superoxidized water is strongly affected by the concentration of the active ingredient (available free chlorine)" "The solution is nontoxic to biologic tissues."


  • Height: 14.5 inches
  • Width: 17 inches
  • Depth: 6 inches


  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO13485
  • KFDA
  • KGMP
  • CE
  • RoHS

Note: A water ionizer is a life-long investment in your health. As such, all of our water ionizers are covered with lifetime warranties. If you ever need a repair, you will need all of your original packing and plugs. Please save them.

Suggested Reading

See our page about using and protecting a water ionizer when the source water is very hard. What to Do About Hardness in Your Water

User Manual


The warranty is described in detail on the Ionia page.

How to Prepare a Super S12 for Shipping

It is urgent that you follow these instructions if you ever have to ship your Super S12 water ionizer. Damages caused by improper shipping are not covered by warranty.

  1. Turn off the water supply and open the flow-valve. Let the hoses drain. Blow through the spout to force water out of the filters as best as you can.
  2. Empty the saline port (bin), rinse it, and replace it properly.
  3. Close the filter "door" and make sure it's closed correctly (instructions, above).
  4. Once the filter door is shut properly, tape the right side of it shut to make sure the filter door doesn't open during shipping. There will be a very big mess and you may destroy the machine if you miss this point.

     securing the filter door

    5. Disconnect hoses and spout, and place the 4 plugs on/in place.  putting plugs on ports

    6. Cover the machine with the large plastic bag it came in.

    7. Place the top form-fitted foam on snuggly and wrap up the electric cord.

preparing ionizer for re-boxing
8. Turn the machine upside-down, sitting on the foam you just put on, and place the other foam snuggly on the bottom of the machine.
preparing ionizer for re-boxing
9. Slide the box down over the machine until it is flush with the counter. Make sure to tuck the cord in as you go. If the top foam gets loose (as you can see in the picture) try again till the box slides nicely and straight down over everything.
re-boxing ionizer
10. Now turn the machine upright and close up the box.
11. Never ship in the product box. For that would void your warranty. Instead, you need to put the box into a shipping box and use packing material as needed.
don't ship in product box