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Naturally Ionizing Water Filters and Pitchers


Naturally Ionizing Filters

Naturally Ionizing filters give fantastic and inexpensive alkaline ionized water. The alkaline pH pitcher water will not be quite as ionized as with a water ionizer, but will be still very good and healthy. Alkaline Water Plus carefully selects the highest quality naturally ionizing water filters and alkaline pH pitchers by testing them. You can read further explanation of naturally ionizing water filters below our listed products.

Naturally Ionizing Alkaline Water Filters & Pitchers

The term "naturally ionizing water filters" is a coined phrase which simply means it's an alkaline pH pitcher or alkaline pH filter. The pH pitchers and filters put alkaline minerals or other water reducing minerals. The result is a reduction of oxidation and acidification and increase of alkalinity and antioxidants).

Naturally ionizing water filters use gravity instead of electricity, similar to how water seeps through layers of earth to reach its aquifer.

Ionizing water filters are a good way to consume ionized water, without spending a lot of money. They lightly ionize as opposed to the many levels of ionization available with a regular, electric water ionizer.

Types of Alkaline Water Filters

There are two types of alkaline water filters: portable and continuous-flow.

  • PH pitchers are of course portable, and the best alkaline pitcher we have come across is the Alkaline Plus PH Ionizing Pitcher.
  • The continuous-flow alkaline water filter we recommend and sell is The Elita.

How Does a Naturally Ionizing Alkaline Filter Work?

Naturally ionizing alkaline water filters use time-release minerals, and so are going to get the strongest results in the first liter or two. If you want to always get the strongest results, you should pour only about a quart at a time. Then wait 20 minutes to pour again. The best flow-rate for these types of alkaline ionizing filters is about 1 liter per minute.

Non-Electric, Portable Water Ionizers are Mineral-Based

Non-electric water ionizers, or ionic mineral filtering systems, work on the principle, developed by Dr. Hayashi in Japan, where adding magnesium to water in the presence of magnetized ceramics will spontaneously ionize the water lightly.  I call these types of systems mineral-based ionizing filters. I do sell a few, by the way, and the one most people like best is the Alkaline Plus PH Ionizing Pitcher. The pH pitcher, with which if you follow my instructions found on the page you can control the water to be exactly what you want in a very economical way. It is gravity-fed filter which empties with every use. This is healthier to use than systems which hold water in them [over-absorbing the minerals in the filter while waiting for the next use].


Recently several brands of portable water ionizers [ionizing pitchers] have hit the market and I've tested/compared them extensively. The water ionizer pitcher that I've found to be the best one, is the Alkaline Plus PH Ionizer Pitcher. You can see a brief comparison of the pitcher's pH [ability to raise the alkalinity of water to healthiest alkaline levels] and ORP [abundance of antioxidants] in this video:

What is the best water to drink? Many people these days are drinking bottled water in attempts to get the best water. I've done a lot of researching, comparing and testing of drinking water, and have found that ionized water [particularly from one of my high quality water ionizers] is by far better than any other type or brand of water. If you're just getting started into drinking ionized water, an excellent way to start is with a portable water ionizing pitcher. If you'd like to get more in-depth into your research about portable alkaline water ionizers, see several of my portable water ionizer comparison videos down further on this page and also visit my blog.

Alkaline Water Plus offers the best selection of portable water ionizers. Visit each portable water ionizer page for a full explanation of what you can expect from that portable ionizer.


Here’s the videos, charts and some follow-up conclusions.


See all of my bottled water information on this page: Analyzing & Comparing Brands of Bottled Water

  PH... ORP... Cost/Gal... Cost per Year at 1 Gal/day

Smart Water





Voss Water 6.7 +379 $1.50 $2,190
Spring Water 8.0 +294 $0.50 $300
Tap Water [St. Louis] 9.4 +227 0 $0


Alkaline Plus PH Pitcher








$130.00 for pitcher & 6 filters.

Athena Water Ionizer 11.1 -816 $0.35

 $400.00 per year for 10 years - Unlimited Gallons… then virtually free

Nexus X-Blue Water Ionizer... 10.6 -650 $0.17

 $200 per year for 10 years Unlimited Gallons…then virtually free.


Electric Water Ionizers are better in that they will ionize healthy minerals, such as calcium and potassium.

Many people will choose a mineral-based water ionizing filter-system, because it's less expensive than an electric water ionizer. Over 10 years, the expense of a water ionizer is very little, compared to bottled water.

I like both types of water ionizers, but prefer the electric water ionizers for a few reasons:

  • Electric water ionizers ionize more alkaline minerals than just magnesium.
  • Electric water ionizers give a continuous-flow of ionized water and it tends to be more consistent, rather than varied, in results.
  • The electric water ionizer can give an unlimited supply of ionized water vs. just a quart at a time.
  • The amount of anti-oxidants in ionized water produced by a regular water ionizer is more than you get with a natural, mineral-based alkaline water filter.

Traveling With the PH Pitcher

I frequently use the Alkaline Plus PH Ionizing Pitcher when traveling. I either filter water from the airport water fountains or filter the bottled water that the airline provides. Filtering the water this way is so much better than any other water I can get when I'm traveling.

Hydrogen Sticks

There are several problems with Hydrogen Sticks (all of them) which make me think they are fairly worthless for human use.

  • They only sit in a container and don't filter it al all. They slowly release light ionization over the course of hours or days. This may be fine for animals, where you have a water bowl sitting on the floor and the pet only comes over for a few licks here and there, but not for humans.
  • Also, all hydrogen sticks require constant shaking if you want the ionization to happen at all.
  • Some H-Sticks are made of aluminum or stainless. They contain the minerals and magnetized ceramics inside. I don't like this, because of possible metal-leaching.

Read my blog post about Hydrogen Sticks to learn more.

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