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Alkaline Plus Timer-Piece for Pitcher

Usually ships in 24 hours.

The Alkaline Plus timer piece is for the Alkaline Plus PH Pitcher only.

With or Without Timer?

Actually the timer is not necessary to the function of the pitcher. All this little "timer" does is count the days. It calculates the filter expiration, based on the number of users you select. See the below for instructions on setting the timer up. If you place the timer piece in the refrigerator it may malfunction because of possible condensation. [We do not guarantee these timer pieces.] The pitcher will last many more years than the timer will, so for that reason alone we recommend that you purchase the pitcher without timer.

If you do want the timer, though, please choose that option. When you choose the "with timer" option we will send you the timer flip-top-piece as an extra piece in the product box. It will be up to you to replace the plain flip-top piece (that comes on the pitcher lid) with the timer flip-top-piece. See video for instructions.

Timer Piece Installation: The video shows how to replace or exchange the top flip-piece on the lid. You need to know this if you order a pitcher with timer. The timer piece comes in the box, and needs to be exchanged with the plain flip-piece to use it. 

Setting or Re-Setting the Timer

Push and hold the set button on the Alkaline Plus Pitcher until you see one or more faces in the screen. Then push and let go several times until you see the number of faces you want. One face per gallon of daily expected use should give you the right time to change the filter. At one gallon per day the filter should need changing in two months. You don't need to use the timer to know this. A calendar or mental note will do. The timer is electronic and shouldn't get wet. It is not a guaranteed feature, and is there for convenience and/or decoration only, as it has no relation to the proper functioning of the filter. Once you see the right number of faces, then push/hold once more until you see the face(s) stop flashing and you see a filter icon to the right of it. Now it's set. If you set it to one gallon per day then in about two months whenever you press/hold the start button and look at the icon -- it will have an "X" over the filter. After one week of showing an "X" over the filter it will go to a blank screen awaiting you to re-program it. It's not suggested to store the alkaline drinking water pitcher's lid in the refrigerator if the lid has a timer. What could happen is that condensation could possibly form inside the timer and short out the electronics.