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Undersink Water Ionizers

The Delphi H2 is specifically designed for undersink installation. We recommend that one as the best choice for undersink water ionizers. Most other water ionizers are not strong enough for countertop installation. 

Undersink Kits: Because of their super-strong water cells, he AlkaViva H2 series counter-top water ionizers are the only water ionizers strong enough to be converted to undersink water ionizers. To convert a countertop water ionizer to work under the sink you must buy the proper undersink conversion kit and faucet. When you use a conversion kit you do not have full functionality at your fingertips on the faucet. The way it works is that the machine is in "sleep mode" when water isn't flowing and turns on automatically when you start the water flowing. If you always use the same level for pouring, this system will work fine for you. Only the H2 Series water ionizers have strong enough water cells to work well with undersink kits.

Be Careful With Your Undersink Water Ionizer Purchase

When you install a water ionizer under your sink you should use care to buy the right water ionizer for this purpose. Most water ionizers are not built to withstand the pressures involved in undersink installation. Gravity is relied upon to help pull the water out of the water cell in the majority of water ionizers. When you go up against gravity, it seriously taxes the water cells in 99% of all water ionizers. If your water ionizer's water cell breaks under the pressure or even springs a tiny leak, it could cause serious water damage to your home. The AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizers are the only water ionizers with strong enough water cells and, therefore, are the only ones we recommend as undersink water ionizers.