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Benefits of Alkaline Water

Water is essential to every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. We all need to stay hydrated, but with which kind of water?

PH-balanced alkaline water helps cleanse the body of toxins, making it much healthier. But in addition to alkaline benefits, when you drink alkaline ionized water, it's energized water. Ionized water produces millions of extra electrons, neutralizing free radicals and even repairing cell damage.

Regular drinking water lacks the unique ability of alkaline ionized water to neutralize acids in our bodies.

A neutral 7.365 pH is what our body wants for the most excellent potential health benefits. So why must we consume a higher pH level in our water?

With all the acidic foods and drinks we consume, we need to balance the pH of our internal fluids. Our diets are too acidic, so consuming alkaline water balances it out. Drinking 9.5 pH water provides balance.

Ionized Water Explained

This video has just about everything you need to know to teach you about ionized water and prove to you how wonderful it is.

The Unique Qualities and Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water Ionized

Water is a combination of about two hydrogen to every one oxygen. Not all water, though, heals our bodies like alkaline ionized water. Water has a fantastic ability to take on more or less hydrogen (extra dissolved H2). It can also carry a positive or negative charge.

The pH level of water is a crucial factor in determining its acidity or alkalinity and the amount of hydrogen it contains. Opting for higher-pH water can be a beneficial choice, as it aids in the elimination of gastroesophageal reflux and other diet-related diseases. 

Additionally, the presence of hydrogen in the water can help heal the damage caused by free radicals, making it a valuable addition to your daily routine.

Scientific studies have revealed a fascinating fact: Molecular hydrogen (H2 molecules) in water actively combats oxygen free radicals. However, this unique molecule is not found in plain water, not even in alkaline plain water. It's a rare find, typically present in water found in high-altitude mountain springs, where people often live for over 100 years. The water is both slightly alkaline and enriched with extra molecular hydrogen.

Molecular hydrogen is a molecule of H2 that floats freely and is dissolved in ionized water. It is so small that it enters every cell to fight free-radical damage.

Why is the PH Important? 

healthy alkaline pH level for body

It's common knowledge that fish die if put in a tank with the wrong pH balance. It has to do with the acid base balance necessary to life. Our cells also become diseased or even die without the right pH water. But, we can see our cells' reaction to the wrong water and do something about it.

PH means potential hydrogen. On the pH scale of 0 to 14, a pH higher than 7.0, is an “alkaline pH.” Some foods, like soda, have a pH of 3 or 4. Meats, grains and snack-foods are also acidic. So to get a neutral balance in our bodies the water we drink should be alkaline.

Most people are not aware just how important pH-balance is to our internal body-health. The buffering effect of alkaline pH allows toxins to leave our fat cells, joints and elsewhere in the body.

Antioxidants and ORP

Oxidation: Oxidation is what's happening to the apple in this picture. The same thing also happens to iron when it rusts, and it happens to the cells inside our bodies.


Oxidation is a chemical reaction to oxygen (free-radicals). Regular water contributes to oxidation-related diseases, but ionized water has oxidation-reduction-potential (ORP). 

A free radical needs another electron to be stable and steals it from your cells. Ionized water produces millions of extra electrons, and so neutralizes free-radicals and even repairs cell damage. 

This negative charge associated with the donated electrons gives us another benefit of the ionized water. The minerals in ionized water are more bio-available because of the negative charge. 

Micro-Clustered Water


Tap water comes in large clusters of 14 or so water molecules per cluster. Water ionizers break these clusters into smaller ones. Micro clusters can pass through pores, tissues and cell membranes a lot easier than larger ones. 

Micro-clustering improves hydration by making it easier for the water to enter our cells and do some healing.

Is Alkaline Water Good for You? | Why drink it?

The alkaline water health benefits are real. They are definitely not just hype to increase sales. Scientific research shows the benefits of Kangen water and ionized water are the same thing. And medical researchers have only just scratched the surface.

The alkaline 9.5 pH water benefits are not just idle health claims; the science is there to back it up. See our Alkaline Ionized Water Research Page.

The human body is mostly water, so it makes sense that we can improve our health with the right water.


Before my first water ionizer, I had many trips to the health food store and doctors and spent lots of money trying to cure various ailments. 

Over the course of a year, my consistent consumption of ionized water led to the gradual disappearance of these conditions, and they have not resurfaced since.

The list of alkaline ionized alkaline water benefits I can relate to is extensive. It helped me raise my children, as well as myself. See my testimonial.

Summary of Benefits of Ionized Water for Health

Alkaline ionized water puts all cells in better shape to perform their functions, with several important healthy attributes:

  1. PH: The higher pH of drinking alkaline water provides alkaline buffers. These help to eliminate toxins from the body. It also ionizes the alkaline minerals, which makes them more absorbent. This is great for bone health and reducing high blood pressure.
  2. Antioxidants: Ionized water fights free-radicals and even reverse the damage caused by them.
  3. Filtration: Water ionizers have one or two filters for potentially great filtration for the water. It is far better to filter your own regular tap water than the best bottled water.
  4. Transport of Nutrients: Ionized water is exceptional in bringing nutrients to your cells, and transporting wastes out of them. 

Alkaline Water Benefits and Risks

There are no known health risks to drinking alkaline water. People with acidic diets do well drinking higher pH levels. While those with alkaline diets might want to drink levels closer to neutral.

We encourage everyone to observe their own bodies. A water ionizer is a great tool to help regulate just the right pH water for it.

How to Get Alkaline Ionized Water

There are a couple of ways one can get alkaline ionized water.

Ionized Water Research

latest hydrogen research

Specific Conditions Benefited by Ionized Alkaline Water

Brain Function: Hydrogen antioxidants even penetrate the blood-brain barrier. I can actually sense the antioxidants while I'm drinking ionized water. Quite often after drinking ionized water I will experience a wave of mental clarity, almost immediately. It is a very healthy sensation, and one of the many wonderful things I love about ionized water. 

Arthritic Joints: Our joints need a higher pH level so that acidic toxins don't settle into them. Joints collecting uric acid crystals is a kind of arthritis. It's a protective mechanism to encapsulate toxins. Without removing the acidic toxins our bodies would die, so arthritis is a solution in that sense. 

Weight Loss: Raising the pH of food and water helps in weight loss too. In this video Dr. Young describes how it's acids that make us fat. He suggests that alkaline water is the answer to obesity.

Cancer Prevention: When the acidity levels of cells are regularly too high, it could lead to sickness and disease. Cancer grows in this kind of environment.

Watch this very important 2-minute video and/or read the whole article about colorectal cancer preventionWarning: The video contains graphic views of the colon.

Another Video About the Benefits of Ionized Water

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water | Ionized Healing Water

Ionized water assists all kinds of conditions. This picture shows many of the ways that our bodies can break down with the wrong water.

Ionized alkaline water benefits for diseases and conditions

Drinking ionized alkaline water has distinct benefits. Scientific studiesdoctors and regular people the world over discover the benefits of alkaline water repeatedly.

  • Those who regularly drink alkaline water claim that they notice greater hydration than regular water.
  • Ionized water benefits include improved immune system health.
  • Drinking ionized alkaline water reduces allergies and high blood pressure in clinically reported cases.
  • Reduced arthritis & gout are other reported benefits of ionized water.
  • Alkaline pH water increases energy, which is a well known fact used by many athletes.
  • Alkaline benefits include Improved digestion and reduced acid-reflux as reported in many scientific studies.
  • Alkaline ionic water reduces bone loss.
  • Alkalized water also slows aging, claimed by researchers.

There are too many benefits to list them all here.

Are Alkaline Water Benefits for Everyone?

Occasionally I come across people whose bodies don't need alkaline water. One example is with young children. The water ionizer has a low setting or filtered-water for them.

Ionized Alkaline Water Benefits Testimonials

Many people experience healing benefits of alkaline water. They tell me how much switching to alkaline ionized water has helped them.

You can find dozens of testimonials on this page: Water Ionizer Testimonials 

These video testimonials are typical of what I've experienced and many others. The healing benefits of ionized water is real.

How Does Alkaline Water Taste?

I love the taste of alkaline ionized water. However, if you set the water ionizer too high, you may detect a slightly “alkaline” taste. Otherwise it tases just like regular water.

Note: I make my coffee with a higher alkaline water, because it makes it taste remarkably good. Some exclusive coffee shops have purchased water ionizers for this reason.

The Best Way to Drink Ionized Water

Drink ionized water fresh and sip on it continuously throughout the day. 

Hydrogen Antioxidants stay dissolved in water for several hours. Make ionized water as you need it, fresh, so you won't lose the hydrogen (to evaporation).

Once you drink this antioxidant-rich water it circulates around to your cells fairly quickly. It can continue to work for days in the body.

Are There Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water in Bottles?

Many people are turning to bottled water, which is very unhealthy for the environment. Even bottled alkaline water is bad for you in many ways. Bottles are normally plastic and have harmful nano-plastics and hormones in them. There is no way to avoid this for bottling companies.

You will get the best filtration when you use a good water ionizer. AlkaViva Water Ionizers, remove 99.9999% of all contaminants.

Cost of a Water Ionizer

Owning and using a water ionizer has never been a luxury for me. A small investment to get healthy water changed my life forever.

If something helps you stay healthy and prevent disease, it's priceless. I personally have saved huge amounts on medical bills for myself and my family. Also, note that the cost of a water ionizer breaks down to just about 50 cents per day for my family.

Also, if you compare alkaline water machines to medical equipment or treatment, they're not expensive at all.

The water ionizer contains expensive platinum on the plates. So, between that and development, design, electronics, fine workmanship and warranties the cost is well justified.

Questions and Answers

Q: Are there any cautions about drinking ionized alkaline water?

Answer: You should increase the pH slowly. Set the controls to the lowest alkaline level. Increase the amount you drink and the level of ionization a little each day. The side effects are minimal if any and easily reversible.

What does alkaline water do that could cause harm? You could over-alkalize your body if you drink too high of a pH. Certain organs, such as in the urinary tract, will rebel if they go too alkaline. This is why I always suggest to introduce new things slowly.

Q: Why do electric water ionizers need platinum coating on the electrodes?

Answer: Platinum speeds up ionization (catalyzes electrolysis). To ionize instantly this is important.

Q: Is platinum good or bad for the body?

Answer: One bonus benefit of using a platinum coating on the plate is the nano-platinum particles. Platinum nano-particles have a healing effects on the body.

Q: Which water ionizer do you suggest?

Answer: We have several water ionizers in the category of "best". See our "Water Ionizer Comparison" page.  

Q: What level alkaline is best for drinking?

Answer: Every body is different, but most people drink around 9 or 9.5 pH. Some people do well drinking one to two glasses of alkaline ionized water daily, while others may like drinking two quarts.

Q: What are the highest levels, 11 pH or higher, for?

Answer: The high levels are great for cooking and cleaning. They break down grease and grime.

Q: What is the "Purified Water" setting for?

Answer: This setting is a neutral pH, when you only want to filter the water. This is great for taking medications or for giving babies and toddlers.

Q: Can you drink the acid water that comes out of the lower spout?

Answer: No. The acidic water is just for cleaning, disinfecting and watering plants.

Q: Which container is best and what's the best way to store ionized water?

Answer: This page describes simple ways to store the water to preserve the ionization benefits.