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Enagic Reviews: We Have Found that Kangen Machines are Good but Not the Best

Enagic Kangen alkaline water machine tests about "average" among pretty much all the other good water machines we sell.  Our extensive testing of the Enagic SD501 kangen water shows that even the Jupiter Classic Athena easily beats the kangen machine. You may have seen this and many of our articles and videos comparing Kangen water over the years on our blog.

Kangen Water is a synonym for ionized water, by the way. The Enagic company would have you believe otherwise.

Like many other alkaline ionizers, people drinking Kangen water experience great health benefits. These benefits are not exclusive to Enagic water ionizers. It would be sales hype to say otherwise.

We have always focused more of our testing of things like pH and ORP (oxidation-reduction-potential), rather than empty boasting. See our Water Ionizer Comparisons and watch the videos, below.

Many inexpensive machines perform as well as the SD501 and K8 for drinking ionized water. And this is not something Enagic wants you to know.

Why We Don't Sell Enagic (Kangen Water®) Water Ionizers?

The Enagic head US office says no one may represent Kangen Water if they also sell other brands of water ionizers. This is why Alkaline Water Plus does not sell Kangen water machines. We feel that the Kangen alkaline water machine is one of the best, so would sell them otherwise.

It has a very fast flow-rate and a good carbon block filter. The Kangen machine can produce several extra gallons of ionized water per day [more than most other countertop water ionizers]. 

However, we don't think they are particularly THE best water ionizers, so of course could not comply with Enagic's requirement.

Enagic Kangen Water SD501 Testing of Molecular Hydrogen Levels

In the following video, done by a Kangen dealer, the tester shows that the SD501 can produce about .2 ppm (2/10ths) parts per million of hydrogen.

I have tested hundreds of water ionizers, and have mastered much more accurate techniques. Throughout this website you can see many examples. This next video is also a demonstration of that.

See for yourself that the on a kangen alkaline water filter, is good, but just average, not best..

Enagic K8 Kangen Water Ionizer Testing

I often demonstrate you don't need to spend 4 or 5 thousand, to get good pH, ORP and Molecular Hydrogen results!

Even the inexpensive Smart Water Ionizer is better than the K8 Kangen ionizer in producing molecular hydrogen (H2). They both produce the same results for pH, ORP. In other words, you do not need to spend a fortune for healthy, highest-quality, kangen ionized water.

The strong acid water is better than most other water ionizers because of the sodium port. The Super-S12 is comparable, but much better in every feature (including strong acidic water).

The Melody II water ionizer is also better than the K8 machine. With better filtration, UltraWater filters, continuous-cleaning, a better warranty and a fantastically better price than the Kangen machine.

How Does Enagic K8 Compare With Other Water Ionizers?

I purchased an Enagic K8 machine myself to test. You can see the videos and results below. Prior to this testing, there was no valid information about the Enagic K8's performance anywhere on the internet.

The Enagic Company History and Background

The Enagic Company grew out of a trade company branch of Sony and began making water ionizers in 1988. They used to go by the name Ange water ionizers before changing the name to Enagic.

I had one of the original Ange water machines, and it was a great tool for alkalizing my body. This was long ago, and since then the Ange company has changed their name and branding to Enagic. They boosted the power to 235 watts and the plates to seven. These are platinum coated plates, which accounts for some of the high price.

All good water ionizer companies use platinum coated titanium plates and don't charge nearly as much as Enagic. A good deal of the price of the machine goes to multi-level marketing.

The Leveluk SD501 is actually a fine water ionizer and so is the K8. I would rate the SD501 as "above-average" and the K8 is a little bit better. 

Is there anything wrong with Enagic?

MLM (multi-level marketing) approach to sales is theoretically fine, but the closed-door meetings are suspect. The potential issues include greed, hype and false representation. 

God-fearing people think they received true facts about why the Enagic water machines cost so much. But in fact the majority of the high-cost is commission and the machines aren't especially better. I feel it's just more honest to call it what it is.

Then there are also the greedy-types who get into mud-slinging, name-calling and sometimes even lies about the competition. To be truly honest, one needs to do their homework, especially if saying bad things about other brands or products.


The Enagic company claims their plates are great because they are the largest size. However, whenever I do water ionizer comparisons, Enagic does fine, though isn’t the best.

One problem with the Enagic plates is that the platinum can erode off over time. Once the platinum erodes off, the ionization results diminish.

What’s the Good about Enagic?

  • The drinking water they make is far better than tap.
  • They have many certificates and awards.
  • Those who use their water ionizer have claimed to get good benefits for their health.
  • The manufacture is good and trustworthy.

These features describe all the water ionizers I sell. Read more about my water ionizer comparisons and water ionizer reviews.

The Best for Less 

All the alkaline water machines I sell perform well and produce hydrogen rich water. You can see them on my Water Ionizers and Filters page, sorted in order of best first. For even better deals, in-between sales, email us.