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UltraWater Filters


UltraWater Filters: The AlkaViva design engineers have used the principles of NASA space technology to create an amazing new level of filtration, called UltraWater! The new UltraWater filters can fit into all these water ionizers: Ultra-Delphi, Athena H2, Jupiter Athena (Classic Athena), Vesta GL, Vesta H2, Melody, Melody II, Venus, Orion, Aquarius, Neptune and Microlite! If you have a water ionizer that isn't one of these and you want the UltraWater filtration, then select one or both of the External UltraWater filter. Here are links to all of the UltraWater filters:

UltraWater Filters For Ultra-Delphi, Jupiter Athena, Melody, Venus, Orion, Aquarius, Neptune and Microlite...

UltraWater Filters for the H2-Series Water Ionizers

UltraWater FiltersFor Vesta GL

External UltraWater Filters

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