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How to Bring the Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen to Your Skin

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on

What is Molecular Hydrogen?

Molecular Hydrogen is THE most powerful antioxidant known to man (yet the most simple). It's tiny size is the key to its power. Most antioxidants (such as vitamins C and E) are large molecules and cannot penetrate cell walls very easily, however Hydrogen, being the smallest element known to man, is the base of the molecular-hydrogen-antioxidant, and makes it literally the smallest molecule there is. Therefore molecular hydrogen gets right into cells, tissues, bones, joints, nerves, blood vessels, heart, braiin, lungs, or any place in your body that needs the benefits of antioxidants, and it does it right away (in seconds or minutes).

How and Why Our Bodies Need Molecular Hydrogen

Since 2007, medical research on the  benefits of molecular hydrogen is abundant and clear. Molecular Hydrogen has been found to benefit just about every disease...or at least every disease it's been tested on. Why? Because of all the oxidative stress that is in our foods, environment, and lifestyles, every cell inside the body needs a way to overcome the damage caused by oxidation. In other words, we need the power of the Molecular Hydrogen molecule all throughout the day in order to have a balance between oxygen radicals (free radicals) and anti-oxidants. This is one big reason why I keep advising everyone I know to drink alkaline ionized water and to choose a machine or device that tests high in antioxidant-levels. 

Molecular Hydrogen and The Skin

Now I'll get to the point of this particular article: SKIN. Skin differs from the rest of the organs in the body in that it likes a slightly acidic pH, whereas the rest of our organs prefer the pH to be slightly alkaline (about 5 or 6 pH). Acidity on the surface of the skin signals the pores to close up tightly, thus keeping moisture in and pathogens out. For this reason, the skin is considered a major part of our body's immune system.

Skin suffers from oxidation as much or more than our internal organs do, and to remain healthy well into our senior years the skin needs anti-oxidants. Shower filters with vitamin C or skin creams with vitamin E have been developed, but just like the cells inside of our bodies, the skin cells cannot absorb the large-molecule antioxidants well and so remain thirsty for the antioxidant-balance that they're lacking.

Alkaline ionized water isn't usually good to use on the skin, because the skin doesn't like alkalinity. But in just the past few years a new type of device has been invented which is capable of pumping molecular hydrogen antioxidants into any pH water, even acidic water. These are called Molecular Hydrogen Machines or Hydrogen Water Generators. I also call them mini-water ionizers, because they also ionize the water as they are pumping in the antioxidants. Molecular Hydrogen machines don't change the pH very much (if at all) and so if you put water into them that is 5 or 6 pH, for instance, the ionized, antioxidant-rich output water will also be around 5 or 6 pH. 

Here's a demo of a Molecular Hydrogen machine creating antioxidant-rich acidic water, which is perfect for splashing or rubbing on the skin.

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 20 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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