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Best Water Ionizers & Comparisons [2024]

Best Water Ionizers & Comparisons [2024]

Published by Alkaline Water Plus

Best Water Ionizer Comparisons

This post is designed to provide practical insights into the best water ionizers available this year, helping you make an informed decision. It will also help you to visit my main Water Ionizer Comparisons page, where everything about water ionizers is compared.

Drinking ionized water has been my favorite way to stay healthy and young. I'm passionate about them and sharing accurate information about water ionizers. I give comprehensive and honest information. Customers need actual and tested facts when choosing the best alkaline water machine.

Note: No single "best water ionizer" exists because everyone has different needs and wants. Only you can decide which is best for you, but these comparisons should help.

In this post, I will summarize the list of the world's best water ionizers, briefly explaining their features. You can see the fundamental differences and decide which is best for you. Starting with what makes up an expertly designed water ionizer, read on to see for yourself this vital information about today's water ionizers and which could be best for you.

Also watch video: Best Water Ionizers & Comparisons (2024).

Expertly Designed Water Ionizers

AlkaViva water ionizers and Ionia (formerly called Emco or Jupiter) are the two best and possibly only innovative companies these days. Their newer designs aren't knock-offs of older models; they're bright, new, efficient water ionizers that perform better than their older water ionizers.

Most water ionizer manufacturers have an engineer or two on staff, and they say they have designed a new water ionizer? I don't think so. I've seen companies come and go this way. They simply come out with a copy of someone else's design and go with it for as long as it takes them.

Let's face it: Expert designs are expensive. Money is scarce these days to invest in designing newer and better water ionizers. I wouldn't expect much change until the world shifts its viewpoint to a more holistic approach to health care.

But let's not forget that the water ionizers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries were creating daily miracles. That's why so many companies try to copy them.

AlkaViva is the leader in expert, innovative design of water ionizers, but Ionia is right up there. What makes these companies leaders is their expert engineering teams. They constantly upgrade their water ionizers and don't stagnate. They don't build their machines on someone else's designs. They develop their extraordinary designs better than all others and then build forward from there. To date, only a couple of companies have qualified as expert designers of water ionizers.

AlkaViva is better at filtering water, and Ionia has surpassed AlkaViva in its use of a saline bin to increase the strength of ionization for cleaning and sanitizing. Refer to the water ionizer comparison chart to see how they compare.

I omit Enagic in the group of present-day innovators in the water ionizer industry because they haven't innovated in 20 years. They never were leaders in drinking levels of ionized water (they were okay, but not the best for it). Their expertise has always been in the production of sanitizing or cleaning levels of alkaline or acidic water. However, their design flaw was that they needed a proper way to keep the water cell from scaling up from hard water or eroding away from too long exposure to saline on the plates.

AlkaViva Water Ionizers

The water ionizers I think are best are the AlkaViva H2 water ionizers.

AlkaViva H2 makes 9-plate, 7-plate, and 5-plate water ionizers to suit your budget. They are all great selections.

Superior filtration is an important feature that sets AlkaViva water ionizers apart. UltraWater filters remove 99.9 percent of contaminants. AlkaViva makes the best water filters in the world. They produce the best alkaline drinking water, and their proprietary UltraWater filters are unmatched by any other water filter worldwide.

Another important reason I think AlkaViva Water Ionizers are best is the strength of their water cells against leakage. They are the heart of the water ionizer. The inside of the water ionizers are more resistant to hard water damage than any other. 

AlkaViva Passes the Test on All Important Features

  1. I can't stress enough how important the strength of the water cell is. You don't want a leak, ever.
  2. H2 WATER IONIZERS ARE STRONG ON THE INSIDE: With H2 water ionizers you don't have to worry about being told you can't install it under your sink if you ever want to. These are very strong water ionizers and can hold up to the internal pressure of undersink installation, or any other kind of pressurized installation, very well. The water cell and all internal parts are warranted for life.
  3. The filtration is also a super important part of any water ionizer. Getting good filters is something I insist upon. All of the water ionizers we sell have fantastic filtration, with AlkaViva UltraWater filtration being the best.
  4. Of course, the performance, how well the machine works to ionize the water, is super important.

Alka Viva's water ionizers are the only under-sink water ionizers I recommend. Obviously, no one wants to install something under their sink that has a reputation for leaking. The internal construction of a water ionizer should be super strong if you want to install it under pressure. 

Part of what contributes to the internal strength of the Alkaviva H2 water ionizers is the fact that the valves are made of ceramic instead of metal. Ceramic valves won't collect scale build-up over the years like metal valves.

Depending on your water source, I usually advise the 9-plate AlkaViva Vesta H2 for strength of ionization. However, all AlkaViva water ionizers are superior to their competitors in most respects.

The ionization process also continuously cleans inside the water cell, keeping it like new forever. You never have to wait for alkaline ionized water because it cleans the water cell. It's a superior design that most manufacturers (with their less-than-perfect engineers) have never entirely caught on to. This one feature saves you time, saves filter life, and increases the life and function of the water ionizer.

In addition to all of the above, but very important, Alkaviva water ionizers are constructed with expert hydrogen production technology. The alkaline drinking levels deliver some of the highest levels of H2. For instance, my testing shows that the performance of the AlkaViva H2 water ionizers is better than the Enagic K8, which is twice the price.

"We drink water from our Vesta exclusively even our dog. As a person who had cirrhosis I have to attribute my continuing improvement in no small part to my ionizer, my doctors continue to be impressed with improving results." …ML

"My Athena H2 has worked well. It works well for my new grandbaby also. It helped my husband's hip not hurt like it did before. When he is out of town working & not drinking it, his hip bothers him again." …Crystal B.

"This is my third Delphi H2 water ionizer and three different houses that should pretty much tell you the story." Michael M.

"A massage therapist recommended to my wife that she try ionized water due to her severe acid reflux. So we got a Melody II water machine from Alkaline Water Plus. She noticed improvements within a few days. Another benefit is that she has never slept sounder and for so many consecutive days. Actually we are both experiencing that. Also, before we started using the alkanized water I was beginning to deal with allergies. Those have practically disappeared. We are very pleased with our new water ionizer machine." ...SGVAGV

Ionia Water Ionizers

Ionia is a considerable manufacturer in So. Korea. The Ionia factory (the oldest water ionizer manufacturer in South Korea) produces many water ionizer brands, including Jupiter, Nexus, Smart, and Emco.

Ionia manufactures the Super S12 water ionizer under its brand name. The Super S12 was made in response to the pandemic. It gets levels of H2 similar to the AlkaViva H2 ionizers. It also has two water cells, rather than just one (which combined hold 12 plates total).

Ionia is excellent for strength, efficiency, power, and versatility in getting any water you want. It is also upgraded regularly, so it's always state-of-the-art.

Expert continuous cleaning of the electrode plates will save the life of the water ionizer. The S12 uses a combination of continuous cleaning and periodic extra acid washing. This design ensures that performance and scale reduction are always perfect.

The Super S12 is slightly larger than the other water ionizers I sell. Before buying, you should make sure it will fit on your counter. See the product page for dimensions.

The strong-ionization function is better than that of any of the Enagic machines. The Super S12 has a saline port and can make super-strong (hospital-strength), low-acidic sanitizing water. It also has built-in functions to self-clean after every use of the saline port.

You also don't have to buy a particular solution for the saline port.

The Super S12 also disengages the filter during the strong-ionization process to prevent it from wasting its filter life.

The filtration in the Super S12 is so advanced that the only better filters on the planet are the AlkaViva UltraWater filters.

These machines can last a decade or more if you hook them up to your sink with a diverter or use an external shut-off valve to periodically relieve the water pressure on the line (especially at night and when you're away for extended periods). Ionia water ionizers are not capable of under-sink installation.

"This is my third ionizer, and by far the best. It is big, though, make sure you have room on your counter for it. We had to remove the rubber feet to make it fit."

"We bought this machine specifically to make 2.5ph Acid water and 12.5 PH Alkaline water for our farm and it really does the job. We have been running about 35 gallons every second day and have been loving it. We are using this for plant health (2.5 kills molds and funguses, 12.5 kills pests) and are finding it works great. This machine is the best answer to anyone that recommends Kangen water and wants you to pay 6k for a machine that is not as good as this one!!!! Oh yeah, and the 9.5ph water is FANTASTIC to drink - which is probably why most people are buying the machine.. but really, this thing is a work horse for the entire scale!!!!!!"

Smart Water Ionizers

The Smart Water Ionizer is relatively small but very powerful in producing H2. It probably gets the best level of H2 of any water ionizer on the planet. It gets upgraded regularly, so it's always state-of-the-art.

The Smart 9P single-filter options are good ones. This may save you money if you only want the cost of one filter replacement each year.

The Ionia Smart 9P water ionizer has continuous cleaning, which is a big deal because the water cell will always perform at peak levels.

The Smart Water Ionizer uses a diverter at the faucet. It also has a flow-control knob. However, it isn't intended to be installed under the sink or hooked up directly to the water pressure. If you do this, a leak may develop. 

"I love our Smart 9P water ionizer. I have seen tremendous results since I've started to use it . It has cleared my family's faces and has made us healthier than we have ever been. It has also cleared our allergies and given us less watery eyes and itchy noses and more clear breathing and bright eyes." ...Emissel J.

Nexus Water Ionizers

Nexus is an Ionia ionizer and one of their oldest brands. The manufacturer (Ionia) long ago wanted me to never sell the Nexus X-Blue for less than $1400. I convinced him to allow me to sell it for a lower price because I wanted it to be more affordable. He allowed it, and ever since then, I have kept the price low.

The X-Blue has most of the features of the much more expensive water ionizers. It has not been upgraded or changed in about ten years but is still among the most popular and best machines worldwide for making ionized water.

It has only one filter and uses a decent style of acid-wash self-cleaning, less advanced than continuous cleaning.

The X-Blue also gets good ORP, although not nearly as good as the water ionizers listed above.

The X-Blue Water Ionizer uses a diverter at the faucet. It cannot be installed under the sink.

"The X-Blue is worth its weight in gold because of how much better I feel. Love this alkaline water ionizer machine." ...Terrie S.

Jupiter Water Ionizers

Jupiter is about the oldest water ionizer. It used to be the most innovative of the water ionizers for a very long time. Ionia stopped upgrading Jupiter ionizers about seven years ago. Even so, they are still among the best machines for producing ionized water.

The Classic Athena can use various filters, including AlkaViva's advanced UltraWater filters. It also has a very effective form of continuous cleaning. If you have a classic Athena that still works, I suggest you keep using it. But at some point, you may want to upgrade to an AlkaViva water ionizer for a special upgrade price.

"I got the Classic Athena filter from Alkaline Water Plus when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I brought my own water with me to the hospital when I had surgery, and the nurse said she had never seen someone rehydrate so quickly after surgery." SB


The AlkaMedi water ionizer performance equals the Nexus X-Blue water ionizer.

The water cell is constructed with the best materials, including medical-grade platinum (an essential feature).

The AlkaMedi 3000S sits next to the sink in a slightly different direction than most water ionizers. The knob and spout are closer to the front for ease of use and less counter-space used. It's a cute little water ionizer, and it's very effective.

"I am very satisfied with the AlkaMedi water ionizer as it works great. Thanks to the unique design (the control panel is on the shorter end), the ionizer does not take up much space. I would highly recommend!" Bogdan M.


The most expensive water ionizers on the market are the Enagic K8 and SD501.

The K8 is newer but not much of an upgrade from the SD501. The only difference, other than color, is that it has one extra electrode.

The K8 performs very little better than the SD501 and performs lower than the AlkaViva and Ionia water ionizers.

Enagic filters are basic carbon filters. They remove sediment and heavy metals, but not all chemicals and toxins.

Enagic uses a saline solution port to make stronger acidic water (for cleaning purposes). It is a unique and handy feature. The machine gets very low acidic water.

A danger of using saline is that it can corrode the ionizer plates. I explain more about this on my Water Ionizer Comparisons page.

The only water ionizer I sell that has a saline port is the Ionia Super S12.

Though expensive, the Enagic water ionizer has a reasonably simple design, which is easy and relatively cheap to copy.

  • Simple dipped plates
  • No flow-control knob
  • No under-sink installation or direct plumbing connection possibility
  • Simple reverse-polarity water-cell cleaning system
  • Requires using a citric acid cleaning filter regularly to maintain the water cell
  • And if you use the sodium port, you need to manually clean effectively after each use
  • Simple carbon filter

"The water my new Smart 9P water ionizer produces tastes wonderful and the pH testing at the different levels is almost exactly what it says it should be. The controls on the front of the machine are amazingly easy to use. My cousin has an Enagic machine and I put off getting one for years because of how cumbersome the Kangen Water machine was to use. I'm so glad I waited and got the Smart 9P instead!" ...Rosemarie H.

"We bought the Athena ionizer about 2 years ago. we use it many times a day. We save the acid water for plants and cleaning, we use the filtered water for the animals and the alkaline for cooking and drinking. We love this machine!! We chose this over the enagic for a few reasons, cost being the main reason, we have not been disappointed." ...Theresa Hast

"I bought this Vesta H2 water machine after test-driving a Kangen K8 machine for a couple months. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and it gets the job done! It's more affordable, easy to use, tastes good, works great and has a great warranty. Using acidic level 1 to wash my face has drastically improved my skin!! I rarely have acne breakouts anymore after struggling with skin issues all my life." Marissa A.

Copying the Enagic Design

Almost all water ionizer manufacturers have copied the Enagic design in one way or another. After all, except for the sodium port, it's an easy and inexpensive design to copy. Examples are Tyent, Life, and Nexus X-Blue in Korea; Chanson in Taiwan; and Bawell and Airwaterlife (or Aqua Ionizer Deluxe) in China.

Note: Forget about the Chinese and Taiwanese brands. They aren't good quality in parts, results, or filtration. The Korean brands in this category use good parts.

Comparing Water Ionizers

This  water ionizer comparisons video will help you learn about and compare water ionizers. It's a supplement to my water ionizer comparisons page and my water ionizer reviews page.

H2 Testing vs ORP Testing

H2 testing:

  • Trustlex H2 Meter (specially designed to determine the H2 content of the water tested)
  • H2 Testing Drops: The drops can be unreliable, so I use them sometimes but never entirely rely on their results.
  • ORP Meter: ORP is not identical to the H2 level in the water. One needs to use a formula in conjunction with this meter.

H2 is related to the pH and ORP of the water in that when you raise the pH, you will also increase the H2 and ORP of the water. Raising ORP per unit of the pH rise raises the H2 concentration (relative hydrogen). Without a meter or drops, you can use the formula for relative hydrogen: rH = (ORP / 30) + (2 * pH). The drops themselves are not very accurate.

Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

My background is in physiology, teaching, nutrition and weight loss. I have raised 5 children who are all grown now. I have a masters degree in education and was a teacher/principal for 24 years. I created Alkaline Water Plus in 2009 to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER, and I've been in perfect health ever since I started drinking ionized water 25 years ago! Understanding and knowing how to control and manage my own body's pH and antioxidant levels at the cellular level has made all the difference in the world in my life, my family's lives and in a countless number of my friends and associates over the years.

Cathie LoGrasso Owner, Alkaline Water Plus

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