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UltraWater Filters


What are UltraWater Filters? 

UltraWater filters are a new type of water filter! They work better than RO [reverse osmosis] water filter technology for removing all known and even not normally tested contaminants in water. The original purpose for this technology was to be able to recycle urine and sweat to make healthy water, good enough for astronauts to drink for many months away from a fresh water supply. The AlkaViva design engineers have tapped into this technology and with it have created filters so good they are calling it UltraWater! These UltraWater filter systems have incorporated all of what is already know about filtering US water [which is a lot] with this new space technology.

The AlkaViva design engineers have used the principles of NASA space technology to create an amazing new level of filtration! The new UltraWater filters can fit into all these water ionizers: Ultra-Delphi, Delphi H2, Athena H2, Jupiter Athena (Classic Athena), Vesta GL, Vesta H2, Melody, Melody II, Venus, Orion, Aquarius, Neptune and Microlite! If you have a water ionizer that isn't one of these and you want the UltraWater filtration, then select a set of External UltraWater filters in the last section, below.

Traditional water filters use loose, granulated water filter media beds to reduce certain contaminants from drinking water. This leaves tiny spaces between the media allowing small percentages of water to pass through untouched.

The UltraWater filter uses the highest quality media available and then transforms the mix into solid forms. Solid block filters literally block contamination from bypassing or channeling through the filter media. They create a greater contact time with the water and so remove much higher percentages of contamination than traditional loose media beds. Usually solid block filters are made of carbon. It is unheard of to have a solid block filter made with such a thorough mix of filter media as the UltraWater Filters.

This video explains all about water filtration and UltraWater filters:

Here's How to Get Yourself Some UltraWater filters:

UltraWater Filters For Jupiter Athena, Ultra-Delphi, Melody, Venus, Orion, Aquarius, Neptune and Microlite...

UltraWater Filters for the H2-Series Water Ionizers [Delphi H2, Vesta H2, Athena H2, and Melody II]

UltraWater FiltersFor Vesta GL

External UltraWater Filters for Any Application

Lab Results Prove What the UltraWater Filters Can Do!

2020 Testing: In the 2020 Tests the labs added loads of new chemicals, and again, the UltraWater filters removed everything to beyond all expectations! Even PFOA's (chemicals called "forever chemicals" because they are so hard to remove)...were removed! The results are really amazing.

The testing methods were brutal

What the lab technicians did was load up the water with a brew of all kinds of toxins and pharmaceuticals added to the water. The water was far more toxic than any water you’d ever come across anywhere. Then they pumped this water through the ionizer which contained the ultrawater filters and 99.% of the toxins were removed to the point of “ND”, non-detectable, levels. They also continued to pour water through the filters to establish the proper approximate filter-life expectancy.

The UltraWater filter set is expected to be as effective as described above for about 1,000 gallons. With all filters there may be some variability, because some water sources are more contaminated than others. We suggest you adjust the filter life for your own family's use accordingly.