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Assistance and Repairs

All of our products are guaranteed to be free of defects when you receive them. In the event your product arrives with a defect it will be replaced free of charge if it is discovered within 30 days of the sale You can use this form to tell us about the problem or just email us.

If your product develops an issue after you've been using it for a while, also use this form or email us to tell us about it.

You could also use this form or email us to tell us that you want a refund, if you qualify and want to do that, but also read the section on Returns on this page: Shipping & Returns

In any instance when you have to ship a water ionizer (repair or refund) also make sure to read the "How to Pack Up" instructions at the bottom of your water ionizer's product page and make sure you get our OK before shipping.

Please give a response in every field.  It's important and it will save time if you are clear about what the issue is. If it ends up that you need to ship a water ionizer in for repair, see the bottom of this page for instructions.

Fill out my online form.

Shipping in Your Product for Repair

Whenever you plan to ship a product in for repair, please use due-diligence in communicating your problem to us. Sometimes the issue is user-error, and it would save you time and money if you communicate everything you can about the issue, how it started, etc. 

Toward the bottom of the product page for each water ionizer you will find special instructions for the best way to pack up that machine for shipping. Take the time to pack it right, because if you don't pack it right, and that causes damage in shipping, no one will cover that and it may void your warranty.

If you do have to ship in a water ionizer, it's urgent for you to get your product shipped to us safely. Pack up your product in a sturdy shipping box snuggly packed in, so it arrives undamaged. It's up to you to insure it or not. We do not cover damages in shipping. 

All Water Ionizers Have to be Packed Shipped Properly