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AlkaViva H2 Series Water Ionizers are the Best of the Best

AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizers are capable of strong ionization; they are superior in their hydrogen (antioxidant) levels; and they have the best filtration. The water cells of the H2 Water Ionizers have the greatest durability of any other water ionizer. They stand up under constant pressure so you can install them, worry-free, directly to your plumbing and even under your sink. No other water ionizer brand lives up to this level of strength of the water cell. H2 Water Ionizers are also easy to use. Read more below the product listings.

Note: A water ionizer is a life-long investment in your health. As such, all of our water ionizers are covered with lifetime warranties. If you ever need a repair, you will need all of your original packing and plugs and other cautions for safe shipping. Visit our Safe Shipping & Receiving of a Water Ionizer page.


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AlkaViva Water Ionizers

AlkaViva water ionizers are a fantastic choice! The manufacturing quality is unmatched. The electrolytic plates are not only the most efficient for ionization, but they are the very most durable plates on the planet. The advanced form of continuous-cleaning used in the H2 Water Ionizers is the key to both perfect ionization and how long your AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizer will continue to perform at this high level.  

Low-Price Guarantee 

We have a low-price guarantee. Send us a link if you find a lower price...and we'll match it.

Features of the H2 Series Water Ionizers

  • H2 water ionizers use UltraWater filtration. UltraWater filters are the best filters on the planet, and they're backed by EPA certified test results. In the lab testing all 249 contaminants tested were reduced to 99.9% contaminant-free. No other filters have been tested so rigorously.
  • The electrical efficiency is ensured with H2 water ionizers' AutoAdjust Advanced Power Supply. What AutoAdjust does is it modulates SMPS power in such a way as to pulsate. This pulsation excites the highest performance while also causing no damage to the electrodes. Other types of electrodes which claim to use 800 watts of power to the plates are going to deteriorate those plates over time, while the AutoAdjust plates won't.
  • H2 Infusion Technology: The H2 Series Water Ionizers use proprietary membranes between each of the Smart Electrodes in order to maximize the amount of H2 (molecular hydrogen) that the ionizer is able to infuse into the water. This one feature makes all the difference in long term performance of the H2 water ionizers.
  • New and improved Automatic Continuous-Cleaning: There is no comparison between the water ionizers which use continuous-cleaning and those which don't. The H2 water ionizer uses a very smart form of continuous-cleaning that is more effective and reliable than any others.
  • Smart Electrodes are used in every H2 water ionizer. These electrodes are constructed with the highest quality of Japanese titanium and platinum and with precise engineering they have become the most efficient, longest lasting and highest performing electrodes in the industry.
  • Protective Circuitry: The diagnostic computer circuits within H2 water ionizers are designed to protect your ionizer from harm while bringing the highest, most state-of-the-art performance.
  • Cell Safe Technology: The BPA-free water cell in the H2 water ionizers are designed to stand up to 90 psi of pressure. This means the risk of water cell rupture is very low with an H2 water ionizer. Because of the amazingly durable construction of the H2 Water Ionizer water cell, you can install this water ionizer safely under your sink and subject it to constant pressure, without fear of a cell rupture.
  • One Touch Convenience: The H2 Water Ionizer is easy and uncomplicated. It remembers your last water selection and with one touch you can pour the exact same water, time after time after time.  
  • Flow Control: You can use the LCD screen to see and adjust the flow-rate to your exact specifications.

AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizer Filters & UltraWater Filtration


The AlkaViva company has developed proprietary, patented UltraWater filters to the AlkaViva H2 Series water ionizers. The reason the UltraWater filters are better than any other is that they use a special method, borrowed from the NASA space program's filtration technology, which forms a blend of the very best filter media into a block. When water flows through that block, it cannot escape the filter media. The result is 99.99% of contaminant removal vs. other filters, which average about 50-85% contaminant removal.

The H2 Series water ionizers come with two UltraWater filters installed. The right-side filter is called the prefilter and the left-side filter is called the secondary filter. 

The Water Cells of the H2 Water Ionizers & Why They're More Advanced Than Any Others


The type of automatic-cleaning of the plates in a water ionizer is the key to its efficiency and its long-lasting water cells. The reason continuous-cleaning is important lies in the technology of water ionization. Platinum is a catalyst for ionization (speeds it up), and if it is not able to touch the water passing through the water cell, that water will not get very well-ionized. This has nothing to do with how big the water cell is or how much electricity is used. It is simply a basic law that to ionize quickly the platinum must touch the water during electrolysis. Very simple, but it gets complicated by the fact that platinum acts as a magnet for calcium. Within seconds it can pull enough calcium onto itself that it slows down ionization. When the polarity of the electrodes is reversed then calcium is pushed away from them. All water ionizers reverse polarity to clean calcium off of the water cells. However, most don't reverse it often enough -- and so calcium sticks to the plates. Continuous-cleaning is the only technology that keeps this from happening.

Continuous-cleaning is patented technology, and most water ionizers (i.e., Tyent, Life, Enagic, etc.) do not have it. They use a far inferior system of cleaning the electrodes where the electrodes are reversed after about 20 liters (which is not good enough). So, most water ionizers, no matter what the companies say about themselves, are not advanced or superior....period.

AlkaViva H2 water ionizers are superior though, and one of the reasons is the fact that they use continuous-cleaning. In fact the system of continuous-cleaning used in the H2 water ionizers is the latest and best form of continuous-cleaning that there is.

The water cell in an H2 water ionizer is also built to be tough and resist breakage or leaks.

So, if you want a water ionizer that will last the longest, perform the best and which can be reliably hooked up to continuous water pressure (such as direct-plumbed or under sink installation) I highly suggest you get an H2 water ionizer.


Water ionizers (electric water ionizers) are my favorite tool to use to get the right water needed to help alkalize my body. Not only do they produce the right pH water (to help my body get rid of its acid wastes), but they also remove Fluoride naturally (by splitting it out of the water into the acidic stream), and some of the better ones (such as the H2 Water Ionizers) produce very high levels of molecular hydrogen antioxidants too! 

How to Install any H2 Water Ionizer

The H2 water ionizers are super easy to install, but just for your peace of mind, here's an installation video.

AlkaViva Water Ionizers Lifetime Warranties

AlkaViva Water Ionizers are covered by AlkaViva warranties. AlkaViva water ionizers have the lowest return rate in the industry. Whenever there is a repair needed with your electric ionizer, you can be confident you'll be quickly taken care of. Both the AlkaViva Lifetime Warranty and our top-notch customer service are great protection for you well into the future. 

AlkaViva Warranty Details are as Follows:

Note: Warranty does not apply if the ionizer has been used for selling or vending water commercially. If a commercial warranty is required, please contact Customer Service.

The warranty on AlkaViva electric ionizers begins on the original purchase date. Normally, if warranty details are not received by AlkaViva within 30 days, then the warranty is limited to 1 (one) year. But don't worry; if you purchase your AlkaViva water ionizer from us (AlkalineWaterPlus) we will register your warranty for you. The AlkaViva Lifetime Warranty covers all electric ionizer parts (not accessories) and 100% of labor costs in the first 5 years. After the first 5 years, the purchaser is responsible for any labor costs. In no event shall AlkaViva or its dealers be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or special consequential damages to property whatsoever, arising from use of its products with improperly treated or untreated hard water.

AlkaViva will cover all shipping costs for any return under warranty in the first 30 days. After that date, the purchaser is responsible for all shipping. Items that have not been assigned an RMA number will not be accepted. The warranty expressly excludes environmental damage including (but not limited to) mineral build-up due to hard water or high levels of iron, poor source water quality, infestation, or electrical surges. Warranty is also excluded if non-genuine filters (sold by other than anyone other than an authorized AlkaViva Dealer) are used in an ionizer. Any authorized site will state clearly that they are an “Authorized AlkaViva Distributor.” Non-genuine filters have been shown to not only impair performance, but also to leak out media that has and can damage ionizers. AlkaViva is not responsible for any shipping costs on repairs outside of the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada.

Limited Lifetime Warranty is valid for the life-cycle of each ionizer as long as parts are still being manufactured and/or available, but not discontinued. AlkaViva reserves the right to substitute, discontinue, alter or modify any product or part thereof, at any time, without prior notice. Warranty is voided if repairs are made by anyone other than an AlkaViva repair technician.

Note: Do not return your water ionizer for repair without pre-approval or without following our instructions for shipping. You must have our approval, and then follow our packing/shipping instructions precisely, to qualify for warranty service. 

AlkaViva water ionizer packing instructions

Packing Up the H2 Water Ionizer

  1. Turn off the water source.
  2. Open the flow knob (releases pressure on lines).
  3. Blow through spout to force water out of machine.
  4. Remove spout and hoses; let dry.
  5. Put plugs in/on the open ports (from the spout and two hoses) and secure the electric cord with a twist-tie.
  6. Make sure machine is dry before covering it with the large plastic bag that came with it.
  7. Turn the machine on its side and place it into the side foam piece. Make sure it fits right. There is only one correct way.
  8. Put the other side piece on. There's a slot for the spout to fit nicely.
  9. Slide machine into product box.
  10. Turn box upright.
  11. Put hoses and other pieces into a separate plastic bag and insert them into the box.
  12. Close up the box.
  13. If you're going to ship the box, make sure to pack it securely and snugly into another, bigger, sturdy shipping box.