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Affiliate Program


Alkaline Water Plus Affiliate Program

Alkaline Water Plus is Accepting New Affiliate Members!

We invite you to sign up as a member of Alkaline Water Plus. As a member you will qualify for Alkaline Water Plus commissions! Being an affiliate of Alkaline Water Plus helps you to spread the word of alkaline ionized water to your friends.

Please read this page in its entirety before signing up. As an affiliate it's your responsibility to know our policies.

As an Affiliate you can explore this website and share any and all pages you like with your social media contacts. Using your affiliate code you will be credited if someone buys within 30 days of clicking your link.

Here are some examples of what happy customers say about our support and website.

"Personal customer relations, endless research, everything you need to know about water is on this website." Audrey S.

"Great service & Website has great information." Joseph R.

"I've worked with a large number of companies over the years, and I have to commend the Alkaline Water Plus team; great website, great videos, great products, and fantastic responsiveness over phone and email. You really stand out as exceptionally competent and helpful professionals! It is a real pleasure doing business with you, and I will be sending anyone I know with water or filtration needs your way. All the best." A. Z.

"I am very satisfied with the impeccable service from AWP and will always be a returning customer." Ann C. 

Alkaline Water Plus's Affiliate Commissions are Easy to Earn

Even if you don't "sign up", it's easy to earn commissions from Alkaline Water Plus referrals.

Tell friends and family members about us. Email us if they buy a water ionizer.

We'll make sure you get our Alkaline Water Plus commission.

Advanced Affiliate Program With Easy Set-Up

You can sign up to the advanced "Affiliatly" Alkaline Water Plus Affiliate program as well.

Here you will be able to create tracking links to any page on our site. Our advanced program gives access to a "back-office" where you can create and monitor

  • tracking links
  • clicks and sales

The advanced affiliate program is very easy to use and is intuitive. Please email us any time after enrolling if you need help using our free affiliate-referral-tracking feature. 

Put links discreetly into your content on websites, social media and even in emails.

Use of Coupon-Codes or Other Gimmicks

We don't allow coupon websites to be part of our affiliate program.

We feel this practice undermines the efforts of our affiliates. Write original content (reviews, testimonials, etc.) and reach out to people in new, fresh ways about specific products on our site. But don't offer coupons or discounts as your means of attracting customers to click your link. 

Coupons and other online promotional discounts violate the intention of this affiliate program.

Our affiliate program is all about word-of-mouth sharing of real information about our products.  

We reserve the right to deny your membership or commission if we discover any violation of these policies.

Social Media, Blogs, Websites, Email and Other Internet Referrals 

The Alkaline Water Plus website contains a large body of resources for you.

The Alkaline Water Plus affiliate program helps you share these resources. It's as simple as that.

Our tracking links are good for 10 days and track customers straight to the cart.

Alkaline Water Plus affiliates should post links frequently and give unique commentaries to keep your group members interested.

Our Affiliate Program has Generous Commissions

We are as generous as we can be with our referral fees/commissions. Our affiliate commission structure is basically 5% for everything. Also, one can qualify for more with water ionizers sold to people you know at full retail price.

In the following instances you would qualify for the 5% commission on an electric water ionizer (but not the higher commission).

  • If the water ionizer is sold with a sale price or deeply discounted price.
  • If your order came in by way of a link you provided, but otherwise you have had no contact with the customer.


  • Your own purchases do not qualify for any commissions.
  • For all water ionizer commissions, there is a 60 day waiting period to ensure satisfaction before a commission can be paid. 
  • By the term "water ionizer" is meant one of our electric water ionizers.
  • Also, until the amount owed to you is at least $100.00, you will have to wait to reach that threshold before being paid. 

We also require that affiliates (you) contact us regarding your sales within 60 days of the sale to identify yourself.

Our email is support@alkalinewaterplus.com. We don't send affiliate commissions without this notification.

Sign Up for the Alkaline Water Plus Affiliate Program

Sign up now, by filling out this Affiliate Program sign-up form. Your information is secure with us. We never use your information for any other purpose. We will never share your information or in any way make it public.

Note: If you don't get an automatic response email within just a few minutes, please check your spam folder for it.

Advanced Alkaline Water Plus Affiliate "Affiliatly" Instructions

The automatic response email we send you will tell you about our host-site for the affiliate program, called "Affiliatly".

Once signed up read the instructions on that website. The best practice with link-sharing is to always add your own commentaries when doing this.


There is no cost for this service. Wait for your email or use this sign-up link: https://www.affiliatly.com/af- 101354/affiliate.panel 

Next, enter your email and password, accept the terms and click "Register". Here's what the page will look like:


More details about registering:


After registering you will need to go back to that same link [https://www.affiliatly.com/af- 101354/affiliate.panel] and log in.

Once in, read the information on each tab. It's there to help orient you to what you can do.


Continued Acceptance in the Program

Affiliate accounts expire after 90 days if no website clicks during that time. If you don't want that to happen, please let us know and we'll extend it for you.

If your earnings exceed $599 in any given year, we will require that you fill out a W-9. You will at that point also be responsible to report the income on your taxes. 

The affiliate program is only available for US citizens. 

Once you sign up and log in, then look around the Affiliatly site to see how to do it. It's pretty self-explanatory.