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Alkaline Water Plus is Accepting New Affiliate Members!

We invite you to sign up as a member of Alkaline Water Plus. As a member you will qualify for referral fees and commissions! But, more importantly, being an affiliate of Alkaline Water Plus helps you to spread the word of alkaline ionized water to your friends.

Alkaline Water Plus's Affiliate Program has a Friendly Starting Point

Friend & Family Referrals: Even if you don't "sign up", it's easy to earn referral fees and commissions from Alkaline Water Plus. If you tell friends and family members about us, and they buy a water ionizer. Just let us know that you referred them. Even if it's after the sale, if you let us know we'll make sure you get a nice referral fee. Referral fees are great, but you can earn even more if you set yourself up in one of the following ways.

Free Coupon-Code Feature

We all love discounts! We are using this fact to help you to encourage your friends to buy a water ionizer or hydrogen machine and experience its wonderful benefits. At the same time establishing a unique coupon code for yourself will help identify you as the person referring people in a very simple and discreet way. In the affiliate sign-up form, simply give us a unique coupon code for yourself: make up any code you want to use to identify you. Pick something you think will be easy for you and others to remember. We will enable that coupon code to give your referrals a 5% discount. We reserve the right to change the code if it's already in use or too common.

When your referrals use your code at check-out, it obviously gives them a discount, but it also helps to identify you as having referred them. The use of a special coupon code reduces your commission on water ionizers from 15% to 10% and it also uses up any rights to 5% commissions on other products they bought at that time. Instead, you have given that 5% commission to your friend via the coupon code. But on the same token, your friend will probably be thankful to you for sharing your commission with them.

You can choose who to give the coupon code to. Let's say you have a website, blog or facebook page and you want to spread the word more broadly by sharing one or more of my articles with your group. But these group members aren't close friends of yours and you don't particularly want to share the commission with them; in this case you wouldn't have to. We also offer tracking links to monitor the sales and commissions coming from all your group members. It's VERY easy to use these links, and we are always happy to help you figure it out if you need it. All of our affiliate support can be used very seamlessly and is also discreet. Please do not post on coupon websites, though. This violates the intention of this affiliate program and poses a direct competition to our online presence as well as to other affiliates. Doing so will render your enrollment in our program null and void. Our affiliate program is meant to be used on pages and sites that you have developed and reach out to your contacts (and not to the internet broadly). The kinds of sites which are appropriate use of our affiliate program are described in the next section.

Our next section explains how to get set up with tracking links.

Facebook, blogs, websites, email and Other Internet Referrals 

We have installed a very simple affiliate tracking program for your use, free of charge. The AlkalineWaterPlus website contains a large body of resources that you can use to help achieve your goals as an affiliate. You can simply add your tracking code [just a little snip-it of code] to any or all one of these page urls and turn them into powerful tracking links for you to use on Facebook, your blog, your own website or other social media. The links are good for a minimum of 90-days, and more as long as you keep getting visitors.

So many pages on my site are great discussion-starters! When you add your little code to the end of the link and refer people to those pages our tracking system keeps track of their visits, including other page visits and purchases for up to a 90-day period. It's advisable to post links to a variety of pages over a period of time with your own commentaries in order to keep your group members interested.

Please email me any time after enrolling if you need help using our free affiliate-referral-tracking feature. 

Our Affiliate Program has Generous Commissions

We are as generous as we can be with our referral fees/commissions. Our affiliate commission structure is basically 15% for new electric water ionizers; 10% for non-electric water ionizers; and 5% for refurbished water ionizers and other products.

[Notes: 1) Your own purchases do not qualify for commissions. 2) Coupon codes give the 5% discount right away in the cart, but affiliate commissions on water ionizers are paid only after a 60-day waiting period. 3) By the term "water ionizer" is meant one of our electric water ionizers. 4) To qualify for a 15% commission on a water ionizer sale you must have purchased an electric water ionizer of your own prior to the sale, otherwise your commission is only 5%. 5) If after you have made three sales with only 5% commission, you would then qualify for a 15% commission on all future sales of water ionizers even if you haven't purchased your own machine yet.]

We also require that affiliates contact us regarding their sales within 60 days of the sale. support@alkalinewaterplus.com No commissions will be sent without this notification. If you use the affiliate tracking program, you can set it up to notify you automatically of any sales. Otherwise, it would be up to you to keep track of sales in some other way.

Sign Up for the Alkaline Water Plus Affiliate Program

Sign up now, by filling out this Affiliate Program sign-up form. Your information is secure with us and will never be used for any other purpose than what is stated on this page. We will never share your information or in any way make it public.

Continued Acceptance in the Program

Affiliate accounts and coupon codes are set to expire after 90 days if no website clicks or coupon code uses are registered during that time. If you don't want that to happen, please let us know and we'll extend it for you.