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It's always easier to stay healthy than to fight disease or cure it after the fact. A century of research, and my own personal experiences over the last 25 years have taught me this. Starting with our first water ionizer, 25 years ago, our lives have changed to be healthier. Raising our children was made to be so much easier, due to the elimination of allergies and sickness. True story...see my testimonial.

One of the secrets of a longer and healthier life is to learn how to get the right kind of water to nourish our bodies, and then drink that water (8 or so glasses per day). Water is one of the most important factors in staying healthy. Alkaline ionized water with its anti-oxidants is the most beneficial thing I’ve ever consumed for my health and my family's health.  

The Japanese are famous for their in-depth study of water. They studied the properties of healthy, healing waters around the world and developed equipment that would make that kind of water. They did lots of animal studies and that was followed by human studies to show that this water actually had a healing effect on the body.  This is just a partial list of the diseases and conditions that the body doesn't ever have to get: headaches, digestive disorders, diabetes, cancer, kidney stones, lack of energy, lack of memory, arthritis, allergies, obesity, hypertension (Read more about water ionizer remedies.)

A water ionizer produces water at one pole that is alkaline (which helps the body become pH-balanced and detoxifies it) and it also has an abundance of natural antioxidants. The pH of this water helps you release and remove toxins from the body (detoxify), and the antioxidants in this water is very healthy too, because it is powerful in fighting free radicals. Free radicals are uncharged molecules with an unpaired electron. They often steal an electron from other neighboring molecules to stabilize themselves. Free radicals are known to adversely alter lipids, proteins, and DNA and trigger a number of human diseases. Therefore the availability of an ample source of antioxidants can effectively prevent these DNA alterations and diseases.

The water that comes out of the lower stream in a water ionizer is acidic water, which is good for skin, hair, , watering plants and disinfecting.

Water ionizers are my favorite way to help alkalize my body. Not only do they produce the right pH water (to help my body get rid of its acid wastes), but they also remove Fluoride naturally (by splitting it out of the water into the acidic stream). Some of the better water ionizers, like mine, will even filter out 99.999% of Fluoride and all other toxins. Water ionizers also produce high levels of molecular hydrogen antioxidants. So, on many levels and in many ways drinking ionized water lives up to its name for healthy living and reverse aging. 

(Read more about the benefits of ionized water.)

Why Buy Your Water Ionization System From Alkaline Water Plus?

There is no better company to buy a water ionizer from. We simplify your water ionizer purchase in every way...with honest, factual information, videos, low-price guarantee, payment plans, free water analysis, and in every other way we can. We sell all the proven-best water machines on our site, and we're very well versed in the differences between water machines. To compare water ionizers please visit these pages: Water Ionizer Comparisons & Water Ionizer Reviews. Not only can you expect very high levels of antioxidants from any of our water ionizers, but you can also expect the ability to change and control the pH of your ionized water to suit your body's needs.

  • Best water machines: It's true...we offer the best selection of alkaline water ionizers on the market! We make it our job to know everything there is to know about water ionizers; to know all of our water ionizers in every way as well as the competitor's brands; and to test and compare water ionizers regularly. After thorough looking and comparing, we have chosen the best water ionizers to sell.  
  • We give our customers the best possible care and service. We know your ionized water machine has the capability of lasting 10-20 or so years if it's cared for well, so we help you do that. 
  • We simplify your water ionizer purchase in every way...with honest, factual information, videos, water ionizer comparisons, low-price guarantee, free financing, free water analysis, water ionizer reviews and in every other way we can. We also provide the follow-up customer support and care that makes a world of difference to our customers.
  • We offer you genuine 60-Day customer satisfaction guarantees. Most of our competitors charge you 15-20% re-stocking fees for water ionizer returns, We don't. Our re-stocking fees are only 5%. We pay almost all of the re-stocking fees for our customers who return water ionizers during our 60-day trial period. We want you to try a water ionization system, and we're almost 100% sure you'll love it. But if you should not be satisfied, be assured we are here to help you with that too.
  • We help you with your source-water issues if you need it! We are very experienced in water all over the US, so we help to make your source water perfect for best ionization.
  • We offer the best deals and pay-plans! At Alkaline Water Plus, we are interested in giving you the best deal possible on your water ionizer purchase. Guaranteed! If you see a better price anywhere, just let us know and we'll beat it.

Shop for Water Ionizer Systems

There is no practical way to get healthy, alkaline, ionized, antioxidant-rich water from the store. This is why we each need our own water ionizer. 

With ionized water, the antioxidants have to be consumed fairly quickly. Exposed to the air or in a plastic bottle they have a half life of only a few hours. That means that even if Essentia was beautifully ionized at the factory, any ionized water sitting in a plastic bottle for more than a day will virtually be void of all antioxidants they ever had. Hydrogen (the antioxidant in ionized water) seeps right through plastic very easily. I'm sure that Essentia (or any bottled water claiming to have the benefits of alkaline ionized water) has been sitting on the shelf for many days, or even weeks, and so is missing at least half of the benefits of ionized water.

If you are looking for the healthiest water, an alkaline water ionizer is the best water machine you can buy. With any other method of creating alkaline water you will not have antioxidants in that water. The one exception would be our Alkaline Ionizing Pitcher, but even with that the antioxidants will not be as abundant as with an electric water ionizer.

Bottled water, even if it's alkaline, is in no way ever going to give you the benefits you can receive from a water ionizer. Also, if you think you're saving money buying water one bottle at a time, study the chart, below. A person could buy a water ionizer every year or two with the money they waist on bottled water.


Cost Comparisons of Water Ionizers

Water ionizers, pH pitchers and hydrogen machines may seem expensive, but not when you compare their cost to even the cheapest bottled water. For instance, Walmart Great Value water at 88 cents per gallon would add up to $8800.00 over a 10-year period (of 1,000 gallons per year). You could literally buy 3 of my most expensive water ionizers for that. 

Information Regarding Installing and Using Water Ionizer

  • You can store ionized water in a way that doesn't lose its antioxidants. These are special bottles, which are stainless steel and vacuum sealed.
  • PH and ORP level displays on any water ionizer are approximate: Depending on your local water supply, the machine may tell you or show a pH level on the display that is different than the actual pH of the water that's been ionized. The reason for this is explained in this article: Water Ionizers Don't Always Work the Same in Every Location. 
  • If your source water is from your own well; from a whole-house softener; below 50 ppm of Calcium (hardness) or over 150 you should refer to whichever following page is appropriate to you, or just give us a call for assistance, to make sure you have everything you need. 

Water Ionizers and Related Products We Don't Sell

We either used to sell or were invited to sell most of our competitor's brands. Why didn't we choose them or stay with them? Read these pages to find out why.