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Water Ionizers / Filters


This page shows all of the water ionizers we sell (in the order of popularity as well as effectiveness). All of our water ionizers are super-high-quality and effective (or we would not sell them.) For replacement filters, please visit the major brand page for the water ionizer you choose.

Note: A water ionizer is a life-long investment in your health. As such, all of our water ionizers are covered with lifetime warranties. If you ever need a repair, you will need all of your original packing and plugs and other cautions for safe shipping. Visit our Safe Shipping & Receiving of a Water Ionizer page.




watch this video and visit our Water Ionizer Comparisons page to learn vital information to help you with your water ionizer selection.

Alkaline Water Plus

You cannot choose a better company to buy a water ionizer from than us, at Alkaline Water Plus. We simplify your water ionizer purchase in every way, with honest, factual information on our comprehensive website and in every other way we can. 

  • We're happy (and prepared) to answer all your questions about water ionizers: You obviously want to know what is the best water ionizer for you, and you will benefit from how well-versed we are, in all brands of water ionizers.
  • We offer a very wide selection of alkaline water ionizers, which are each the best in each price range! Our aim is to help you find the most proven and best water ionizer for you and your family. 
  • Our customers appreciate the level of care, support and service we give. Your water ionizer has the capability of lasting 10-20 or so years if it's cared for well, so we help you do that. 
  • We simplify your water ionizer purchase in every way. We make it easy for you, with videos, water ionizer comparisons, low-price guarantee, discountsfree financing, free water analysis, reviews and in every other way we can. 
  • 60-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantees. We want you to try a water ionization system, and we're almost 100% sure you'll love it. But if you should not be satisfied, be assured we are here to help you with that too. Most of our competitors charge you 15-20% re-stocking fees for water ionizer returns, We don't. Our re-stocking fees are only 5%. We pay almost all of the re-stocking fees for our customers who return water ionizers during our 60-day trial period.
  • Low Price Guarantee: You can be sure you are getting the best deal possible on your water ionizer purchase. Guaranteed! If you see a better price anywhere, just let us know and we'll beat it.

We suggest you visit the following pages, as part of learning which water ionizer is the best for you: Water Ionizer Comparisons & Water Ionizer Reviews


When you see this video you will understand why we are so passionate about water ionizers.

The Most Important Features to Look At In A Water Ionizer

  1. I can't stress enough how important the strength of the water cell is.  You don't want a leak, ever.
  2. The filtration is also a super important part of any water ionizer. Getting good filters is something I insist upon.
  3. We highly suggest that you read these pages for a full understanding of ionized water: The Healing Ability of Molecular Hydrogen, and The Benefits of Ionized Water

Water Ionizers are Tried & True

Water ionizers have been tried and proven for over 40 years. It has been a life-changer for me. See my testimonial.

How to Compare Quality in Water Ionizer Systems

We've placed the water ionizers in the order of what we think are "best" on this page and on our Water Ionizer Comparisons page. But, look for yourself. Each person has their own sets of needs and wants.

Getting the best water ionizer can make the world of difference for your own health and for your family.

At Alkaline Water Plus, we have been studying and testing water ionizer machines (alkaline water machines) for decades. We know which alkaline water ionizer machines are the best and why. To see summaries of what we've learned over the years, including from testing the many brands of water ionizers, visit: Water Ionizer Comparisons and Water Ionizer Reviews.

Don't Buy Water in Stores -- Shop for Water Ionizer Systems

There is no practical way to get healthy, alkaline, ionized, antioxidant-rich water from the store. This is why we each need our own water ionizer. 

With ionized water, the antioxidants have to be consumed fairly quickly. Exposed to the air or in a plastic bottle they have a half life of only a few hours.

If you are looking for the healthiest water, an alkaline water ionizer is the best water machine you can buy. With any other method of creating alkaline water you will not have antioxidants in that water. The one exception would be our Alkaline Ionizing Pitcher, but even with that the antioxidants will not be as abundant as with an electric water ionizer.

Cost Analysis: Bottled Water vs Ionized Water

Bottled water, even if it's alkaline, is in no way ever going to give you the benefits you can receive from a water ionizer. Also, if you think you're saving money buying water one bottle at a time, study the chart, below. A person could buy a water ionizer every year or two with the money they waist on bottled water.


How Water Source Affects a Water Ionizer

PH and ORP level displays on any water ionizer are approximate: Depending on your local water supply, the machine may tell you or show a pH level on the display that is different than the actual pH of the water that's been ionized. The reason for this is explained in this article: Water Ionizers Don't Always Work the Same in Every Location. 

If your source water is from your own well; from a whole-house softener; below 50 ppm of Calcium (hardness) or over 150 you should refer to whichever following page is appropriate to you, or just give us a call for assistance, to make sure you have everything you need.