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Water Ionizers / Filters


This page shows all of the water ionizers we sell (in the order of popularity as well as effectiveness). All of our water ionizers are super-high-quality and effective (or we would not sell them.) For replacement filters, please visit the major brand page for the water ionizer you choose.

Note: A water ionizer is a life-long investment in your health. As such, all of our water ionizers are covered with lifetime warranties. If you ever need a repair, you will need all of your original packing and plugs and other cautions for safe shipping. Visit our Safe Shipping & Receiving of a Water Ionizer page.



Water Ionizers & Filters, Alkaline Water Plus

A water ionizer is a life-long investment in your health. As such, all the ionizer water machines we sell have lifetime warranties. Save your original packing and plugs and use other cautions for Safe Shipping.

This page shows all the alkaline water machines we sell (in the order of popularity as well as effectiveness). They are super-high-quality and effective (or we would not sell them.) For replacement filters, please visit the major brand page for the water ionizer you choose.

Exactly What is an Electric Water Ionizer?

A water ionizer is a machine, that you hook to your water supply. It splits the water into two streams: alkaline and acidic. There are two output hoses for this.

Alkaline water comes out of the top flexi-hose [spout] and is full of natural, hydrogen antioxidants. Acidic water is the natural byproduct of ionization and comes out another hose. This acidic water is good for cleaning purposes and as beauty water.

Depending on the brand and model of water ionizer you buy, the filtration ranges from fair to outstanding. My best water ionizers have the most outstanding filtration in the world (read about UltraWater filtration). 

Which are the Best Alkaline Water Ionizers?

Our hundreds of tests and comprehensive research helps show the best ionizer in each category. There is no one best ionizer, because with each person there are different needs. The ones I sell are great quality machines. I have them arranged on this page in the order I think they rank.

There are several qualities I use to rank a water ionizer. I consider things like: strength of ionization, leak-proof water cells, best antioxidants, flow-rate, and quality of water filtration.

To help you determine the best water machine for each category, watch the following video.

Alkaline Water Plus

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Why Buy a Water Ionizer?

A water ionizer is a tool for healthy living. When you see this video you will understand why we are so passionate about water ionizers. These pages explain ionized water a little more thoroughly: The Healing Ability of Molecular Hydrogen, and The Benefits of Ionized Water

The Most Important Features to Look At In A Water Ionizer

  1. I can't stress enough how important the strength of the water cell is. You don't want a leak, ever.
  2. The filtration is also a super important part of any water ionizer. Getting good filters is something I insist upon.
  3. Of course the performance, how well the machine works to ionize the water, is super important.

Ionization of Water - Tried & True

Manufacturers, in collaboration with hospitals, worked decades (40 years) to develop and perfect this technology. It has been a life-changer for me. See my testimonial.

How to Compare Quality in Water Ionizer Systems

We've placed the machines in the order of what we think are "best" on this page and on our Comparisons page. We encourage you to look and compare for yourself. Each person has their own sets of needs and wants.

Getting the best water ionizer can make the world of difference for your own health and for your family.

At Alkaline Water Plus, we have been studying and testing water ionizer machines (alkaline water machines) for decades. We know which alkaline machines are the best and why. Visit: Water Ionizer Comparisons and Water Ionizer Reviews.

Don't Buy Water in Stores

There is no practical way to get the health benefits of higher pH, alkaline, ionized, antioxidant-rich water from the store. This is why we each need to drink alkaline from our own water ionizer. 

With ionized water, consume it quickly or the antioxidants evaporate. Exposed to the air or in a plastic bottle they have a half life of only a few hours.

If you are looking for the healthiest water, an alkaline water filter is the best water machine you can buy. With any other method of creating alkaline water you will not have antioxidants in that water.

My St. Louis tap water is 9.0, alkaline pH. But before I filtered and ionized it didn't act as healing water.

Our Alkaline Ionizing Pitcher gives fewer antioxidants than an electric ionizer.

Cost Analysis: Bottled Water vs Ionized Water

Bottled water, even if it's alkaline, can't give you the benefits you can receive from a water ionizer. Also, if you think you're saving money buying water one bottle at a time, study the chart, below. A person could buy a water ionizer every year or two with the money they waist on bottled water.


How Water Source Affects a Water Ionizer

Water Ionizers Don't Always Work the Same in Every Location. 

It's easier to ionize water that is medium-hardness than very soft or very hard water. The pH level of your source water can also influence how well it ionizes. For instance, if you start with a 6 pH it may ionize with strongest at a 10.5. Whereas if your source water started at 9 pH, it doesn't require a lot of strength to ionize it.

In the case of...

  • If your hardness is 60 ppm or below, please contact us for help or visit our Soft Water page.
  • If your water is over 150 ppm of hardness contact us for help or visit our Hard Water page.
  • If you have a water softener contact us for help or visit our Water-Softener page.
  • If you have a reverse osmosis contact us for help or visit our Reverse Osmosis page.