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Water Ionizers / Filters


This page shows all of the water ionizers we sell. Each is the best quality in its class. Getting the right water for your body's health is a practical tool for health like no other. 

For replacement filters, please visit the brand page for your chosen water ionizer.

A water ionizer is a lifelong investment in your health. Try drinking alkaline ionized water for 60 days. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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Water Ionizers & Filters | Alkaline Water Plus

There is no better company to buy an alkaline water machine from. We simplify your water ionizer purchase in every way with honest, factual information, videos, low-price machines, and coupon codes.

An ionizing water machine is a life-long investment in your health. As such, all the ionizer water machines we sell have lifetime warranties. Save your original packing and plugs and use other cautions for Safe Shipping.

This page shows all the alkaline water machines we sell (in order of popularity and effectiveness). They are super-high-quality and practical (or we would not sell them). 

Exactly What is an Electric Water Ionizer?

You hook ionized water machines to your water supply. Then run water through them. 

The ionizer machine filters the water and splits it into alkaline and acidic streams. It has two output hoses for this.

Alkaline water comes from the pH water machine's top flexi-hose [spout] and contains natural hydrogen antioxidants. Acidic water is the natural byproduct of ionization and comes from another hose. This acidic water is good for cleaning purposes and as beauty water.

The filtration of an alkaline water ionizer varies from fair to outstanding, depending on the brand and model. My best water ionizers have the most outstanding filtration in the world (read about UltraWater filtration). 

Do Water Ionizers Really Help People Become Healthier?

Yes, they absolutely do. Here are some of our many customer testimonials showing that. Visit our Remedies & Testimonials page and our Research page for more.

"Since I started drinking ionized water my face and skin looks healthier. I have more energy, lost weight and feel younger." Denise C.

"The first thing I noticed when I drank the alkaline ionized water was the level of clarity, I could sense the H2 going into the brain clearing out plaque and congestion. Now I feel so clear, with significant increase in vitality. Just did 90 lengths of an olympic size pool yesterday in less than 50 minutes at the age of 71. Thank you, Alka Viva, Cathie and Sean for your wonderful products and support." Barry S.

" I feel enhanced energy and focus, and a reduction in inflammation and digestive issues. The alkaline water plus website provided incredibly helpful information while deciding on a machine, as well as great support while assembling and starting out. Overall a very positive experience, and a water ionizer that I could not be more pleased with!" Ryan F.

"I'm moving more and feeling stronger." Angelica G.

"I bought the water ionizer primarily to help my daughter with a serious case of Chronic Lyme Disease. She has more energy to get out to the wheel chair and walk more and my whole family drinks all of their drinking water from this and everyone has great skin and looks great. It has had a great impact on our overall health!" Pabster

"Drinking ionized water helps me to sleep easier feel better all day." Minhanh N.

"I've been a type one diabetic for 13 years and not ONCE did a doctor talk to me about quality of water impacting how much insulin your body needed. From switching from a Brita filter for our tap water to the water ionizer, I've been able to decrease my overall insulin intake by at least 20% most days while having increased my carb intake. Thank you for helping me gain better quality of health for life!" Casey P.

" I now have much less pain and a lot more energy."  Debra B.

"Wonderful! I Love my alkaline water machine. I have tried numerous herbal treatments, and health treatments for my allergies. This water completely cured my allergies. WOW. I researched both sides of the "alkaline water" theory. I wanted to believe the non believers, partly because of the price of this machine, but quite frankly I think the people who are against ionized water, haven't tried it themselves. It has completely eliminated my allergies."   Briana

"I am more emotionally positive than I've been in a while, and my overall malaise is less apparent than it's been in a VERY long while. Within a week of installing the Melody we both were sure we couldn't live without the machine ever again. I haven't felt this overall good for years. I'm clear-minded (making future plans and balancing our finances again!), less achy, more energy, less lymph node swelling, and have started being able to do a little moderate exercise every few days. My ME/CFS crashes last a much shorter time (like only 1-5 hours long instead of 2-4 days) and aren't nearly as intense. And the benefits just keep piling up the longer I drink it." Alanna B.

"I had a rash over my back and trunk that was itchy and would only respond to very harsh antifungal cream that only worked sometimes. It's GONE! I've had that rash for 15 years and the only thing we've changed is the water. We now use 11 in our laundry, 2.5 as a mouthwash, 6 after every shower and drink 9 daily (half of our body weight a day). Love this ionized water ionizer machine and love this company!!" Michele Tully

"Being a prostate cancer patient, I found that balancing my pH with this water has helped me sleep better, and feel better." John Palmer

"I just realized how long we have had this machine and how good it has been. In looking back over these 5 years no one in the household had been sick, at all. no colds, no flues."   Greg S.

"I can drink a glass of ionized water before going to bed without having reflux. I have also noticed that when I workout I am getting better pumps. I am pleased with my purchase!" Roy G.

"Finally have our water ionizer and already noticing a difference with my digestive issues and my skin issues! My mom just passed from a very long battle with cancer. She believed so much in the quality of the water we drank. I wish we had found this program sooner because we should have had her ionized instead of the RO water system. I love sharing with people what has worked for me and I have already shared so many people this link to this website because I found it to be so incredibly helpful when I went to purchase.  AH

"We drink water from our water ionizer exclusively even our dog. As a person who had cirrhosis I have to attribute my continuing improvement in no small part to my ionizer, my doctors continue to be impressed with improving results." ML

"I am now in absolute remission after having had an active case of sarcoidosis for over 26 years. I have been able to detoxify literally every soft tissue in my body! My natural pH balance is restored. The water ionizer machine is a venerable workhorse!!! Filter change the only maintenance." Rob M.

" I find myself much more relaxed. More resistant to excitability and upset. Calmer and sleeping more soundly and actually resting, not just lightly sleeping. All of my pain symptoms from severe O-Arthritis disappeared completely! no fatigue, no aches and pains, no knee swelling. (I have an artificial knee)My mind is sharper than it has been for 4+ years. Yahoo !! 66 years old Feeling better than I have in 20 years !!!" Steve B.

"The water ionizer does everything I need and then some. My arthritis and Blood Pressure have improved dramatically." Roberta R.

Which are the Best Alkaline Water Ionizers?

Our hundreds of tests and comprehensive research help show the best alkaline water machine in each category. There is no one best-ionized water machine because everyone has different needs. The ones I sell are excellent quality machines. I have them arranged on this page in the order I think they rank.

There are several qualities I use to rank a water alkalizer machine. I consider things like strength of ionization, leak-proof water cells, best antioxidants, flow rate, and quality of water filtration.

Watch the following video to help you determine the best water machine for each category.

Alkaline Water Plus

You cannot choose a better company to buy an alkaline water machine than Alkaline Water Plus. We simplify your water ionizer purchase in every way. Learn honest, factual information on our comprehensive website. 

  • Do you want to know the best alkaline ionized water machine for you and your family? We can answer your email, text, or phone call if you can't find answers on our site or want to talk with someone about it before you buy. You will benefit from how well-versed we are in all brands of drinking water machines.
  • We offer a wide selection of alkaline water ionizers, the best in each price range! We aim to help you find the most proven machine for you and your family. 
  • We give customer service, care, support, and exemplary advice. An alkaline water ionizer machine lasts 10-20 years if you properly care for it.
  • We simplify your purchase in every way. Our videos, water ionizer comparisons, low-price guarantees, discounts, free financing, free water analysis, and reviews all simplify your choice.
  • 60-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantees. Try ionized water; we guarantee your satisfaction with a 60-day trial period.
  • Most competitors charge  15-20% restocking fees for water ionizer returns. We don't. Our restocking fees are only 5%. 
  • Low Price Guarantee: You can be sure you get the best deal possible at Alkaline Water Plus for any alkaline water system we sell—guaranteed! If you see a better price from one of our competitors, let us know, and we'll beat it.
  • Coupon Codes: If you don't see a coupon code for the water ionizer of your choice, contact us, and we'll give you one.

Why Buy a Water Ionizer?

An alkaline water ionizer is a tool for healthy living.  You will understand why we are so passionate about water ionizers when you see this video. These pages explain ionized water more thoroughly: The Healing Ability of Molecular Hydrogen and The Benefits of Ionized Water 

The Most Important Features to Look At In A Water Ionizer

  1. I can't stress enough how important the strength of the water cell is. You don't want a leak, ever.
  2. H2 WATER IONIZERS ARE STRONG ON THE INSIDE: With H2 water ionizers you don't have to worry about being told you can't install it under your sink if you ever want to. These are very strong water ionizers and can hold up to the internal pressure of undersink installation, or any other kind of pressurized installation, very well. The water cell and all internal parts are warranted for life.

  3. The filtration is also a super important part of any water ionizer. Getting good filters is something I insist upon. All of the water ionizers we sell have fantastic filtration, with AlkaViva UltraWater filtration being the best.
  4. Of course, the performance, how well the machine works to ionize the water, is super important.

How to Use and Care for a Water Ionizer

No matter what brand of ionizer you buy, your success with a water ionizer will be greatly enhanced by reading our Water Ionizer Use & Care page. You won't be sorry for the time spent reading it.

Ionization of Water - Tried & True

In collaboration with hospitals, manufacturers worked for decades (40 years) to develop and perfect this technology. It has been a life-changer for me. See my testimonial.

How to Compare Quality in Water Ionizer Systems

We placed the machines in the order of what we think is "best" on this page and our Comparisons page. We encourage you to look and compare for yourself. Each person has their own set of needs and wants.

Getting the best water ionizer can benefit your health and your family.

At Alkaline Water Plus, we have been studying and testing water ionizer machines (alkaline water machines) for decades. We know which alkaline machines are the best and why. Visit Water Ionizer Comparisons and Water Ionizer Reviews.

Don't Buy Water in Stores

There is no practical way to get the health benefits of higher pH, alkaline, ionized, antioxidant-rich water from the store. We each need to drink alkaline fresh from a water alkaline machine. 

Consume ionized water quickly, or the antioxidants will evaporate. They have a half-life of only a few hours exposed to the air or in a plastic bottle.

If you are looking for the healthiest water, these are the best alkaline water machines for the home you can buy. With any other method of creating alkaline water, you will not have antioxidants in that water.

My St. Louis tap water has a 9.0 alkaline pH, but before I filtered and ionized it, it didn't act as healing water.

Our Alkaline Ionizing Pitcher gives fewer antioxidants than an electric ionizer.

Cost Analysis: Bottled Water vs Ionized Water

Even if it's alkaline, bottled water can't give you the benefits you can receive from a water ionizer. Also, if you're saving money by buying water one bottle at a time, study the chart below. My water ionizers have lifetime warranties, but even without that, people waste so much on bottled water.


How Water Source Affects a Water Ionizer

Water Ionizers Don't Always Work the Same in Every Location. 

It's easier to ionize water that is medium-hardness than very soft or very hard water. The pH level of your source water can also influence how well it ionizes. For instance, if you start with a 6 pH it may ionize with strongest at a 10.5. Whereas if your source water started at 9 pH, it doesn't require a lot of strength to ionize it.

In the case of...

  • If your hardness is 60 ppm or below, please contact us for help or visit our Soft Water page.
  • If your water is over 150 ppm of hardness contact us for help or visit our Hard Water page.
  • If you have a water softener contact us for help or visit our Water-Softener page.
  • If you have a reverse osmosis contact us for help or visit our Reverse Osmosis page.