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Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer (Classic Athena)

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Jupiter Athena Classic is a Great Water Ionizer!

With the Jupiter Classic Athena water ionizer you will be getting a top of the line water ionizer at a fantastic price. I have owned and used the Jupiter Athena water ionizer for about 10 years now, and it's still producing as perfectly ionized water as it did when brand new. The Jupiter Athena water ionizer is able to produce among the best ionized water to drink. Its water cell packs a whole lot of power to ionize water. The way it is able to accomplish that is through science, not size. The technology that goes into making the plates of the Athena water ionizer are far in advance of most flat-plate technology, but this technology only works well if it's in conjunction with continuous-cleaning [which it has]. Here is a 2-minute video showing the exceptional performance of the Jupiter Athena water ionizer.*

*This testing was done in St. Louis, MO. No guarantee is made that you will get the same results with your source water. See this post: https://www.alkalinewaterplus.com/blog/water-ionizers-do-not-always-work-the-same-in-every-location/

You can read more about the Jupiter Athena's mesh plates and advanced continuous-cleaning system, below.

  • Designers: Emco Tech, located in Japan.
  • Manufacturer: Ionia, located in Korea.

The Jupiter Athena water ionizer is definitely one of best water ionizers

The Classic Athena is certainly a very well-built water ionizer with wonderful ionization, performance, filtration and "continuous cleaning" of the ionizer plates [see DARC-Cleaning, below]. You never have to wait for the Jupiter Athena water ionizer to do a cleaning cycle, because it all happens behind the scenes all the time! You can count on outstanding performance from this wonderful alkaline water ionizer! 

Comparison testing shows that the Athena water ionizer is one of the very finest and best water ionizers with excellent ionization capabilities, continuous automatic self-cleaning, made to last, outstanding filtration and easy to use. 

Jupiter Classic Athena Water Ionizer's Superior Filtration:

I love the filtration that comes with the Jupiter Athena water ionizer. In the first spot it has a very good activated carbon & sediment filter. The 2nd filter comes with a more expensive, silver-impregnated activated carbon and biostone filter. Biostone is another name for Tourmaline, which is known to make water passing through it more bio-available to our cells. With these two filters in place you can expect that over 90% of the water's contaminants and up to 85% of Fluoride in the water will be removed.


Jupiter Water Ionizers

Jupiter water ionizers are of great quality.

If you prefer to pay with a payplan, please visit this link. Athena Payplan

We will register your water ionizer for you. There is no need to fill out and return a warranty card.

Opening Up Your New Jupiter Water Ionizer

All water ionizers are tested before leaving the factory for quality control. The new filters are dry, but the water ionizer internal water lines and water cell are kept moist using plugs. This is necessary to ensure your water ionizer is prepped for instant use by the customer. If you ever let the water cell dry out in a water ionizer, contact us to find out what to do. Don't flow water through a water ionizer which has a dried out water cell. You could cause the water cell to burst if you do. For this reason you will always find a small amount of water, a few drops, when you remove the plugs. Do not discard these plugs. If you ever have to store the water ionizer or ship it, you will need the plugs to keep the water cell from drying out.  Please follow these guidelines for removing the quick-connect plugs.

Here are a few of the scientific principles used to engineer and design the Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer.

  • DARC [Double-Automatic-Reverse-Cleaning], which is another way of saying continuous automatic cleaning of the platinum-coated plates. Most water ionizers have automatic, but intermittent, cleaning. This could allow for some calcium build-up on the plates because it's intermittent and not continuous. Calcium on the plates makes them less able to ionize at their maximum. It is a scientific principle that platinum catalyzes [speeds up] electrolysis. But, to do that the platinum must be in direct contact with the water. So, even the thinnest film of calcium on the plates can inhibit that water ionizer's potential to ionize fully and efficiently. With the Classic Athena water ionizer the cleaning is automatic and in background. You never have to wait. Having DARC automatic continuous-cleaning allows for the Athena water ionizer to effectively use mesh plates. Water ionizers without continuous-cleaning that have mesh plates are not able to keep them clean enough to benefit from the advanced technology of mesh.
  • The plates are made of titanium mesh [titanium is the strongest metal on earth] coated with platinum, the most rare and expensive metal on earth, and the best catalyst for electrolysis. These plates are tough, and are designed to never degrade.
  • The amount of power going to the plates during ionization is variable [according to the level you choose], but with the power-booster function of the Jupiter Athena, it is even more variable. This allows you to accommodate for your water source and personal preferences. The Jupiter Science team always ensures the watts never go so high as to jeopardize your plates' structure or integrity of the coating. Some other, less experienced, water ionizer designers have introduced so many watts as to potentially jeopardize their plates down the road. In other words, if the plates overheat, then platinum could potentially be compromised. This will never happen with a Jupiter water ionizer. The Emco Tech engineers are miles ahead of their competition. They are real PHD-engineers and not just dabbling and enterprising with unsafe gimmicks for the sake of more sales.
  • The number and size of plates in the Athena are perfect for most applications. The principles of electronics dictate that the larger the mass of electrodes, the more power is needed to produce any electrolysis at all. Smaller mass combined with a large surface area produces the most efficient ionization. This means the Athena alkaline water ionizer gives a better ORP [antioxidants] at the drinking levels of pH.
  • Micom [miniature computer] System controls every operation of the Jupiter Athena water ionizer to improve performance.
  • Jupiter Athena Water Ionizers are made in both Korea and Japan: engineered by Emco Tech, with a 20-man, PHD-scientist team in Japan, and the rest of the water ionizer is built by the most experienced water ionizer manufacturer in all of Asia, Ionia. 

Jupiter Athena Water Ionizers: Features

The Jupiter Athena water ionizer is a very sophisticated piece of equipment! It has a mini-computer onboard, called MICOM. The MICOM control panel optimizes the pH and ORP of your water and helps keeps your ionizer in top working condition. This picture will soon be updated to show the advancements in the new Athena H2.

Note: All pH and ORP levels are approximate, depending on local water supply, because water ionizers don't always work the same in every location.

jupiter water ionizer system

Flow Co​ntrol - The Athena's flow control valve allows you to fine tune the performance and gives you true functional control of the water pressure through your ionizer.

Power-Booster Function - The Athena power-boosting function allows you to manually customize your water ionizer to your water source for the best performance at all pH levels. While in "rest-mode" push and hold the right-hand button, then use the top/bottom buttons to toggle up or down in overall power, from levels 1 to 6.

Volume Control Function - The Athena volume control function allows you to manually customize your water ionizer's volume to suite your needs. While in "rest-mode" push and hold the left-hand button, then use the top/bottom buttons to toggle up or down from volume 0 to 3.

Dimentions: 13" wide x 14.5" tall x 5.5" deep.

Installation: The Athena water ionizer can be installed three ways: faucet-diverter, direct-plumbing or under the sink with an under-sink kit and special double-spouted faucet. 

  1. For installation to a regular faucet on your sink, use the diverter that comes with the ionizer, and set the ionizer on the counter beside the sink,
  2. To direct-plum it into your cold water line use a "tee" connector between the cold water shut off and the cold water feed line. A tee can be purchased from AlkalineWaterPlus or at a local hardware store. The tee supplies a direct water supply to the Athena water ionizer. Once this is done, set the water ionizer on the counter or mount it to a wall or cabinet, or
  3. Soon you will be able to hook the Athena H2 up under the sink with an under-sink kit, which comes with a special double-spouted faucet. Please wait for the updated version though.


Installation is easy, and the manual covers it pretty well, but here are a couple of tips & warnings about it.

  1. Operating any water ionizer with a dried-out water-cell can cause the water cell to burst when you start it up again. For this reason we suggest you set up your water ionizer within a few weeks of it arriving to you. Storing it for a longer time could potentially dry out the water cell. If your Athena water ionizer water was in storage or left unused for more than a month, contact us for detailed instructions on how to moisten up the water cell membrane so you can safely get it up and running. 
  2. The best use of a water ionizer machine is to use it every day. If you are away for more than a couple of weeks, you should try to arrange for some water to be poured through it every week (or at least every month) to keep the water cell from drying out. If the machine is disconnected from a water supply (even if just for shipping or temporary storage) please use the provided plugs on every open port and the filter (or a blank filter) placed in the filter port. This is to ensure the membranes in the water cell don't dry out. 
  3. Under sink installation or any installation that keeps a Jupiter water ionizer under constant pressure is not suggested by Alkaline Water Plus. The manufacturer allows it, but because many customers have experienced leaking issues when it's under constant pressure we don't recommend it. We cannot therefore repair leaks in your machine due to it being installed under constant pressure. A way to get around this is to install an external shut-off to turn off the water supply in between uses. For leak-free undersink installation we only recommend AlkaViva water ionizers.
  4. Make sure you know how to remove a quick-connect plug. Here's a picture/diagram and instructions to follow for that.


The DARC, Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning

DARC is an important performance feature of the Athena water ionizer. The patented DARC Cleaning System eliminates the scale buildup that deteriorates performance in other ionizer brands.  


Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning (DARC) allows the plates to be continuously cleaned behind the scenes and that frees up time for you while also boosting the efficiency-level of the Athena to amazing heights! DARC cleaning allows the Athena water ionizer to use mesh plates. DARC cleaning keeps plates free of calcium always and continuously. You never get even the slightest build-up of calcium on plates.

Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer Reviews

There are no better reviews than the Jupiter Athena reviews. This is absolutely the best-made water ionizer that I know of. See reviews below.

A Demo of the Fantastic Performance of the Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer

Jupiter Athena Installation Demo

Filter Options for the Classic Athena: The Jupiter Classic Athena water ionizer comes with very high-quality silver-impregnated carbon fiters, but can use Ultra-Water filters if you want. UltraWater Filters are the best.   

Lab Results for UltraWater filter.

Warranty Information:

For Warranty details please visit our Jupiter Water Ionizers page.

All Water-Ionizer Customers Please Read:

We have many pages in this website designed to help you make the right choices for your water ionizer and that includes proper filtration as well. If you have well-water, very hard water, very soft water, a whole-house water softener, or another specific water-source issue, please read the appropriate page(s) listed below for your convenience before you order. Or contact us for a free water quality consultation.

Packing Up the Smart, Nexus or Jupiter Water Ionizer

  1. Turn off the water source.
  2. Open the flow knob (releases pressure on lines).
  3. Blow through spout to force water out of machine.
  4. Remove spout and hoses; let dry.
  5. Put plugs in/on the open ports (from the spout and two hoses) and secure the electric cord with a twist-tie.
  6. Make sure machine is dry before covering it with the large plastic bag that came with it.
  7. Turn the machine on its side.
  8. Fit the bottom into the foam fitting and plug into the corner hole.
  9. Slide machine into product box.
  10. Turn box upright.
  11. Put hoses and other pieces into a separate plastic bag and insert them into the box.
  12. Make sure to put the top foam piece on correctly. There is only one way that fits.
  13. There's a spot on top of the foam piece for the spout to fit nicely.
  14. Close up the box.
  15. If you're going to ship the box, make sure to pack it securely and snugly into another, bigger, sturdy shipping box.