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Long Term Effects Of Alkaline Water

Are there concerns about drinking ionized water for a long time?

Most definitely - NO. At age 69 I'm healthier today than I was 25 years ago.


The Long Term Effects of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

After drinking ionized alkaline water for over 25 years I can say the long-term effects are truly wonderful. Here's what my family and I have experienced.

Alkaline ionized water has helped my family and I become healthy and stay that way for all these years!

Prior to drinking alkaline ionized water I wasn't able to get my body pH-balanced at all. I had problems with allergies, weight-gain, and inflammation in the throat, neck, and ears regularly. Now I have the right tools, a water ionizer and hydrogen water machine. I love being able to achieve balance every day.

I've balanced my hydration, pH and antioxidant-levels now for over 25 years, and I've stayed healthy all of these years. No more allergies, inflammation, colds, flu, and no new illnesses either. Experience has taught me that it is very healthy and easy to balance your pH when you have a water ionizer.

Here are a Few Tips for Balancing Your Body PH

The only concerns with drinking ionized alkaline water I've ever noticed are these: 

  • It's possible to get over-alkalized if you drink too high a pH level (or too much high pH water) . A constricted urine flow is a sign of this. To prevent this I drink about half alkaline ionized water and half neutral hydrogen water every day. Another way to handle this is to add a squeeze of lemon to my water periodically.
  • Some people advocate avoiding drinking alkaline ionized water during meals, because meat prefers acidity for triggering the correct digestive enzymes. A little ionized alkaline water with a squeeze of lemon is good with digestion of meats. The tiny squeeze of lemon reverses the alkalinity to be suitable for mealtime. 

I have learned to watch my body whenever I am introducing a dietary change.

When I just started drinking ionized alkaline water I drank too much high pH water occasionally. And tipped the pH balance in the wrong direction. But I fixed it easily enough with moving to a lower level of pH water for a while.

Just be aware of the necessity of balance. It's easy to reverse a pH imbalance, though, using the tips, above.

How "Ionized" is Ionized Water?

Ionized water is just lightly alkalized, but it gives plenty of powerful results.

There are more alkaline minerals concentrated in alkaline ionized water than in tap water, but it's a light difference. The pH change is temporary and easily reversable. The Point is if it were hard to reverse great the pH benefits and antioxidant benefits might have a side-effect. But the side effects of drinking ionized alkaline water either don't exist or are very minimal.

For years I have experienced ionized alkaline water's ability to balance body pH when consumed in the right levels and amount.

Whenever I drink ionized water I can feel a sensation of wellness pretty quickly (in minutes). Drinking ionized water not only changed my health but also the health of all my family members.

There are many similar Testimonials of people of all walks of life.

Michael Moon (the owner of the first Korean factory to make water ionizers) was very unhealthy and in fact dying. But then experienced renewed life and wellness. This is when he decided to devote a large portion of his wealth to making user-friendly residential water ionizers.

Ionized water is powerful and effective at helping to balance pH and fight free radicals in the body. It is so powerful it has changed the lives of many people.

Science and Research on Balanced PH and the Long Term Effects of Alkaline Ionized Water

Many hospitals in both Japan and Korea use water ionizers. It's great for not only its alkalizing and its antioxidizing properties, but also for its acidic water in healing skin sores.

In the world today, with ever-growing popularity and scientific validation, water ionizers are becoming more well-known and used.

Scientific tests have been done on mice, rats, chickens, and in clinical trials. In almost every instance there were good results noted. No negative results replicated. Here is a brief video about that.

I have personally known people who beat their cancer and claimed it was from drinking alkaline ionized water.

And the alkaline water health of my family and extended family are so remarkable as well! Ionized water has helped us with allergies, colds, acne, weight management, and even for myself, spider veins.

I have had hundreds of customers email me about how water ionizers have help them and their families.

Water ionizers have a rightful, life-long place in any family’s healthy home.

After retiring in 2007, I created Alkaline Water Plus. As a long-time educator, I combined that with my great interest in water ionizers. A water ionizer is the single, best, health product I have ever purchased and I know you will love it. 

Why Ionized Water is So Vital:

  • Source of Disease: Much research points to the true source of disease to be very basic reasons. PH-balance is essential, because otherwise bodies get diseases. Free-radicals are another disease-causing issue solved by ionized water. 
  • Foods are Poisoning Us: Our bodies accumulate toxins, which need to be neutralized and flushed out.
  • PH-Balancing: Many diseases are caused by too high of an acid load in the body. Too many acids keep you from being able to flush the toxins out.
  • Free Radical Damage: Oxidation (free-radical damage) is at the source of most other diseases.
  • Dehydration: Dehydration is a serious concern and source of many diseases. Ionized water is micro-clustered and easier to hydrate the body.

Ionized Water vs Other Kinds of Water: For all these reasons alkaline ionized water is better than any other kind of water in alleviating disease. 

  • Alkaline ionized water helps restore pH-balance to the body.
  • Because the water ionizer has good filtration it doesn't add toxins to the body.
  • Ionized water has natural antioxidants in it to help fight free-radicals.

Are there negative reports about ionized water?

There have been no substantiated incidents of negative long-term effects of people drinking ionized water. There are going to be people who, no matter what it is that you are advocating, will advocate against it. In every case, when I’ve come across a report I have always given it my full attention.

One chemist was warning people that ionized water could upset the balance in your colon. He was speaking all theory, and obviously never tried it. Dr. Shinya, the inventor of the colonoscopy, has done great things with ionized water, healing his patients' colons.

My husband and I get regular blood, stool and urine tests to ensure our perfect health. Alkaline ionized water is helping all our organs continue to be healthy in every way.

Here's a very short video about Dr. Shinya, who prescribes ionized water to his patients who have colon difficulties. [Warning: The video is considered a bit graphic.]


Another health-reporter said short-term use for detoxing was good but not long term. This was again, all theory-theory-theory. He obviously never touched ionized water himself. I think he just wanted to sell his newly imported water filters.

It’s interesting that none of the few “authorities” who talk down against ionized water have ever actually tried it. 

Many other health authorities or scientists love water ionizers, and understand the health benefits of ionized water.

Ray Kurzweil [inventor/scientist...modern day genius] is an example of such a scientist. He thoroughly checked it out and found alkaline water and water ionizers to be great tools for health and healing. He encourages people to drink lots of ionized water daily.

How do vitamins fit in with water ionizers?

Since I’ve been drinking ionized water, my intake of vitamins and minerals have lowered. I take a normal amount of vitamins today, but took a greater than normal amount 25 years ago. The reason is that I wasn’t as healthy then as I am today. Also, since ionized water is micro-clustered and pH-balanced, it assists the body in absorbing the vitamins better.

Water Ionizers are Considered to be Medical Devices by Many

In Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, water ionizers are considered as medical devices. In the U.S., water ionizers are not considered medical devices by the FDA, and it could be risky for a company to market them as such.

I look at water ionizers as tools that can and should be used to promote long-term health and longevity.

For long-term use, when is it best to consume ionized alkaline water?

It is best to consume ionized water between meals. You can drink it with meals, but if your meal contains meat you may want to add a small squeeze of lemon to it to neutralize it.  

Some people suggest to not drink ionized water while taking medications. It isn't that it's harmful to the medication, but it may interfere with the predicted absorption rate for that medication. A good rule of thumb is to wait for 20 min. after taking medications to drink alkaline ionized water.

Vitamins are another story though. I usually make sure to drink ionized water with my vitamins to 1) add a negative charge to any minerals in the vitamins, and 2) to help make the vitamins more absorbable and bio-available.

How do You Know You’re Getting the Best Quality of Water Ionizer?

The antioxidants in ionized water (hydrogen antioxidants) are very important, health-wise. Not all ionizers will give as good levels of antioxidants as others.

I’ve done extensive testing of both the pH and antioxidant levels of all of the leading water ionizers. I also test ionizers in many locations, to get an idea of which water ionizer works best and where.

Determining Your Need for Lower PH Settings (8 or 8.5) or Higher?

People whose diets are mostly alkaline already may be fine drinking pH levels of about 8 or 8.5. Whereas those who eat highly acidic diets usually need a higher alkaline water pH, such as 9.5.

Also, depending on the pH level of your incoming water, some water comes in at already a 8 – 9 pH. In this case, the ionizing of water is still very beneficial. The hydrogen antioxidants in the water accounts for about 50% of the health benefits from ionized water.

I also suggest using a hydrogen machine for those people who don't do well with high pH-level water.

Back in the days when I ate an acidic fast food diet I needed more alkaline water to stay balanced. These days I split my water half & half (half alkaline and half neutral hydrogen water). Each person needs to learn how to observe his body and use good sense and reason to guide this process.

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