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Hydrogen Water Machines


Why Hydrogen Water Machines & Hydrogen Gas Generators?

Hydrogen water machines and hydrogen gas generators offer a safe and healthy way to get high levels of molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen machines don't change the pH of the water, but they add lots of H2 antioxidants. 

Though hydrogen is tremendously abundant, it's rarely accessible as a molecule. The reason is that it's so small and light it evaporates very fast.  

In the past ten or so years, scientists have found a way to tap hydrogen from water safely. Consuming extra amounts of hydrogen brings with it the vast benefits of the special antioxidants hydrogen offers.

Hydrogen water machines and hydrogen gas generators are both great ways to get high levels of H2 (molecular hydrogen).

Hydrogen Water Benefits

Hydrogen water is not just regular water molecules. It contains extra hydrogen (H2).

Molecular Hydrogen H2 is one of, if not THE, most healing molecules on the planet. Hydrogen molecules are great for reducing inflammation and reducing oxidative stress. There is no better way to fight free radicals.

Both hydrogen water machines and hydrogen gas generators offer the healing benefits of molecular hydrogen. For more explanation about hydrogen benefits watch this video.


Benefits of Hydrogen Water and Hydrogen Gas

Hydrogen water and hydrogen gas give you many benefits for health. I encourage you to watch this fairly short video, which does a good job summarizing those benefits.

Comparing a Hydrogen Water machine and a Water Ionizer:

  • Hydrogen water machines don't split the water into 2 streams as the water ionizer does.
  • Hydrogen machines also don't alkalize the water.
  • The hydrogen water machine pumps molecular hydrogen into your water, without changing the pH of it.
  • Water ionizers have many settings, while a hydrogen machine has only one.
  • Both machines produce an abundant amount of healing hydrogen.

Why Buy Both a Hydrogen Water Machines and a Water Ionizer?

I personally like to have both kinds of ionizing machines, water ionizer and hydrogen machine, so I can have variety. I like to use a variety of ways to consume antioxidant water. About half of my daily water is from one of my hydrogen water machines.  

Water Ionizers are a bit different than hydrogen water machines. With a water ionizer there is no wait-time. You just turn the knob and out comes the water. It's also usually really good filtration too.

Hydrogen machines will give you the same high levels of hydrogen antioxidants as water ionizers, but without changing the pH. This has its advantages, because the body doesn't always need a high pH. It needs balance. (Sometimes high and sometimes not.)

How to Store Hydrogen Water 

Always store hydrogen water in vacuum sealed bottles. Any other container will allow the tiny h2 molecules to evaporate. Hydrogen evaporates easily, and so we recommend making it as you need it. You also need to store it properly. Use vacuum sealed bottles to preserve the hydrogen in the water for up to 24 hours.

Comparing the 2 Best Hydrogen Water Machines

  • HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generator: 
    • Can get up to 1.2 ppm of molecular hydrogen
    • Holds about 1.5 liters of water
    • Has a special disk that floats on top of the water in the pitcher. This keeps the hydrogen in the water for hours longer than any other hydrogen machine.
    • Not portable. Sits on counter. Must empty water from the hydrogen generator chamber before transporting the machine.
    • Must be plugged in to operate
    • Uses whatever water you pour into the pitcher, but the hydrogen generator chamber uses only distilled water.
    • Takes 10-20 minutes to process.
    • Uses SPE/PEM DuPont technology (doesn't add chlorine, ozone or nitrogen to water).
  • High-Rich Hydrogen Water Machine:
    • Can get up to 1.2 ppm of molecular hydrogen
    • Very portable. I take at least two of these with me when I travel.
    • Similar to a cell phone, the battery lives longer when used unplugged as much as possible.
    • Holds about 8 ounces of water
    • Uses whatever water you pour into the cup. Don't pour anything but water into the cup.
    • Takes 5-7 minutes to pump hydrogen into the water.
    • Alternately, can hook it directly to a bottle of your choice
    • Has rechargeable battery which (like a cell phone) should be plugged in at night to be recharged.
    • With normal use, the battery will likely last a year. 
    • Uses SPE/PEM technology (removes chlorine, ozone and nitrogen from water)

Why Buy Hydrogen Water Machines from Us

When you buy hydrogen water machines from Alkaline Water Plus you get the brands we've tested and feel most comfortable selling. Buy the best hydrogen machine and get lifetime ongoing service from us. We also help you learn all about them.

After the 1-year warranty period is over, plus lifetime labor. You normally have a reasonable fee for parts.

Some brands of Hydrogen water machines use solid plate technology, which can contain toxic ozone. Buying a cheaper brand of hydrogen water or hydrogen gas machine is not wise. I like the DuPont made SPE/PEM membranes, and so those are the machines I sell.

This video explains and demonstrates why you should always use SPE/PEM technology when producing hydrogen water from an electric hydrogen water generator.


About Hydrogen Gas Generators

You can inhale hydrogen safely with a hydrogen gas generator. You can also make hydrogen water with these machines. Do this by pumping hydrogen gas through a tube into any liquid. The hydrogen made by a hydrogen gas machine is just as good as that made by a ionized water.

Hydrogen gas machines pump out a controlled amount of H2-antioxidant-gas into the hose-line you attach to the machine. You can breathe H2 gas for up to a half-hour at a time. It's very therapeutic.

The Many Ways to Use a Hydrogen Gas Machine

  • Use it to breathe in H2 gas (antioxidants) while sitting or reclining.
  • Make any water hydrogen-rich.
  • Make other liquids, such as foot-soaks; body-wash solutions, juices or even soups into hydrogen-rich solutions.

Benefits of H2 Gas Generators 

Inhaling/breathing hydrogen gas helps the eyes, ears, nose, facial skin, bronchi and lungs quite well, among many other organs. Note: There is no need to breathe for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

I am happy to be able to use and offer h2 gas machines. Hydrogen gas generators are great to use at any time when you are relaxing or sitting still.

H2 Gas Generators pump high levels of H2 anti-oxidants into a cannula.  

Therapeutic Hydrogen Gas Generator - Quality Points

  • The h2 gas machine should produce 50-200 liters per minute of hydrogen gas. More than this is of no value.
  • Keep in mind there is no reason to overdo hydrogen gas breathing. The body needs balance and while hydrogen gas inhaling is obviously wonderfully therapeutic, breathing it excessively isn't necessary. Exactly how much and how strong of a flow for H2 breathing is something each person needs to determine for themselves. Just observe what your body likes.
  • A feature I look for in the best hydrogen gas generators is a timer, which turns the machine off automatically. If the machine doesn't have this feature, I would suggest to use an external timer. 

Why Only Pre-Orders for Hydrogen Gas Generators?

All orders for the hydrogen gas machines from Alkaline Water Plus are pre-orders. We deliver approximately 3-6 weeks after the date of order.

We do this to ensure you are always getting the latest upgrade of the machine, freshly made.

Hydrogen machines work best when purchased fresh and used regularly.

Making Hydrogen Water With a Hydrogen Gas Machine

You can add hydrogen to any liquid. The possibilities are almost endless.

Whichever Machine - Don't Allow the Membrane to Dry Out

With hydrogen machines the membrane has to remain moist in order to work properly. If it dries out, simply follow the instructions to set it up again. It may take a day or two before the membrane finally reaches its optimum levels.

Purchasing & Return Policies for Hydrogen Machines 

We guarantee you will receive a working machine.

Hydrogen Water Machines
  • Hydrogen Water Machines can only be returned if they are like-new. All packaging, instructions, and parts need to be returned and there can be no sign of usage. There is also a 10% re-stocking fee. If it doesn't fit the definition of "like-new", we cannot take it back.
  • Hydrogen machines all come with a 1-year warranty. Also, lifetime labor and our costs for parts.
Hydrogen Gas Machines
  • We custom-pre-order all hydrogen gas machines.
  • Payments for hydrogen gas machines must be by wire-transfer.
  • Sales are final and non-refundable.
  • They come with a 1-year warranty