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Free 80-Piece PH Strips

We will send you this 80-PIECE PH-STRIPS KIT free with any order, but you must use coupon code FREEKIT.


Free PH Kit for Saliva PH, Urine PH & Water PH


What is  the 80-Piece PH Test Kit?

Everyone should have a Saliva/Urine PH Test Kit right next to their thermometer in the medicine cabinet! The testing of saliva/urine pH is an indicator of how well-balanced your body is for pH.

You qualify for a free 80-Piece PH Test Kit with every order you make from Alkaline Water Plus! This is a special offer for as long as supplies last. This free kit can only be sent with orders, i.e., it can't be shipped by itself.

We cannot fulfill requests for more than one free kit at a time. We are so happy to be able to offer this kit to you. We hope you use this promotion as a tool to educate yourself in the subject of alkalizing your body (or keeping it alkalized if it’s already good). You can buy more kits for $3.50 each, or wait till the next time you order to qualify for another free one.

Basic Instructions for Using the PH Test Kit to Test Saliva:

  1. If you test first thing in the morning, it is the most valid. Also, do not drink or eat for at least 20 minutes before testing.
  2. Work up some saliva and spit that out in the sink [discard it].
  3. Then work up some more saliva and spit that onto a white plate or spoon.
  4. Next, take about a ¼ inch piece of one of the strips (this makes the 80-piece last for maybe 800 or more tests) and dip it into the saliva, using tweezers if you want to.
  5. Now compare the color with what’s on the chart. If it looks like it’s between two colors, then guess about where you estimate it to be.

Watch this video to see a demo of testing saliva pH:

Here are some general guidelines for judging your saliva pH test results:

  • A young, healthy child will read at 7.3 - 7.5
  • A healthy adult will read at 7.3 - 7.4
  • An adult will be apparently healthy at 7.0 - 7.2, but is starting to become deficient.
  • Mildly deficient is below 6.8. There will probably be some starting signs of illness, allergy, arthritis or disease.
  • Severely deficient and diseased 5 or below. [Most likely has cancer.]

Urine is more variable and less reliable of a test of healthiness than the pH of saliva. However if you do test urine, it should read about 6.5 to 7.2 pH.

How Else Can the Test Kit Be Used?

This 80-piece pH test kit can be used to test the pH of water or any clear liquid, such as clear-colored soda.

How Can Alkaline Ionized Water Help You Balance Your Body PH?

The healthiest water to drink should have an alkaline pH of around 8.5 to 10. 

Though 9.5 is a healthier pH for drinking than 8.5, it may take some getting used to. Drinking water at a 9.5 pH will allow your body to detoxify; however, detoxifying too fast is not desirable. It is advised to groove yourself in by drinking the lower alkaline water pH-levels - like 8.5 or 9 - before drinking at the higher levels, such as 9.5 or 10, so that you can get your body used to it.

Why Should You Balance Your Body PH?

An overly acidic diet, such as most Americans have, leads to excess storage of acids in our fat cells and other parts of the body. For instance uric acid crystals will form, and become lodged in tissues and joints when your body's acid-levels exceed their limits. Alkaline pH foods, such as fresh vegetables, often get over-cooked making them acidic. The consumption of too much dairy, grain, junk food, and meat in proportion to healthy, raw vegetables leads to an overly acidic body pH. Alkaline ionized water supplies our bodies with pH-buffers to help balance the pH levels within the fluids, tissues and joints of the body. Read more about the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water.

More about testing body pH.