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80-Piece PH Paper Kit

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Buy our new 80-Piece Saliva-Urine-Water Test Paper Kit!

Everyone should have a Saliva/Urine/Water PH Test Kit right next to their thermometer in the medicine cabinet! The testing of saliva/urine pH is an indicator of how well-balanced your body is for pH.

This kit is unique, because each strip can also test your water pH. Its range is from 1 - 14 pH, with the most accuracy being between 3 and 10 pH. No other pH testing kit can test the full pH-ranges of ionized water in addition to testing saliva and urine.

We are so happy to be able to offer this kit to you at our special sale price. We hope you use this kit as a tool to educate yourself in the subject of alkalizing your body [or keeping it alkalized if it’s already good]. We also offer this kit free, if you request it, with every order you make from Alkaline Water Plus.

Free Kits Available

Every time you place an order with AlkalineWaterPlus, you qualify for a free 80-piece kit. All you have to do is put this item in your cart and then at checkout put in coupon code FREEKIT.

Here are some general guidelines for judging your saliva pH test results:

  • A young, healthy child will read at 7.3 - 7.5
  • A healthy adult will read at 7.3 - 7.4
  • An adult will be apparently healthy at 7.0 - 7.2, but is starting to become deficient.
  • Mildly deficient 6.5 [There will probably be some starting signs of illness, allergy, arthritis or disease.]
  • Severely deficient and diseased 4.5 [Most likely has cancer.]

Basic Instructions for Testing Saliva PH:

If you test first thing in the morning it is the most valid. Also, do not drink or eat for at least 20 minutes before testing. Work up some saliva and spit that out in the sink [discard it]. Then work up some more saliva and spit that onto a white plate or spoon. Next, take about a ¼ inch piece of one of the strips [this makes the 80-piece last for maybe 800 or more tests] and dip it into the saliva [use a tweezers if you want]. Now compare the color with what’s on the chart. If it looks like it’s between two colors, then guess about where you estimate it to be.