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60-Day Trials for Electric Water Ionizers


Many years ago (in about 2010) we decided to offer 60-day trials for electric water ionizers. This has been so successful that we have continued to offer this, non-stop, since then. We know the benefits of ionized water and want everyone who can to try it to see for themselves if a water ionizer is right for them. Note: This trial is not for anything other than for electric water ionizers

What is a 60-day trial?

A 60-day trial is an extended period of time to try a water ionizer to see if it's right for you. It is a condition of the trial (and of course will improve your benefits) that you follow the instructions for use located on the product page and on our Water Ionizers Use & Care page.

After trying your new water ionizer, if you decide you are not fully satisfied with it, you may return it for a refund provided you've properly cared for it (see product pages for proper care instructions) and make sure you've received our authorization and that you follow our instructions for packing up that water ionizer and safely shipping it. Non-standard, improper use of or shipping of a water ionizer will void this guarantee. To qualify for refund, you must have our prior authorization and the water ionizer must be returned safely, following ALL of our instructions, within 60 days of the purchase date. 

*Important Note: This 60-day trial (or any other "satisfaction guarantee" from Alkaline Water Plus) is only for US orders. Here is the list of brands of electric water ionizers this 60-day trial is good for: AlkaVivaJupiterIoniaSmart and Nexus

Restocking Fee

Watch out for the free-trials (customer satisfaction guarantees) other water ionizer companies offer you. Most of them charge between 15 and 20% re-stocking fees (plus the cost of shipping). With Alkaline Water Plus, if you return your water ionizer during your 60-day trial period, we go above and beyond to help our customers. We pay for most of that restocking fee for you, and charge only the barest-minimum re-stocking fees of 5%, plus cost of shipping. In most cases what we charge doesn't even pay for the filter-use. We are so confident that you will love your water ionizer that we will pay the majority of the re-stocking fees for you, and even take the chance of losing money so that you have a chance to try a water ionizer for yourself. 

Regarding All Returns:

  • All returns must be authorized. Either email us or fill out this Request for Assistance form to start the process. It will speed up the process if you tell us all the details of the issue you are having (why you're wanting to return it) and assure us that you have kept all the packaging and parts and the machine is in like-new condition.
  • Anything returned for refund must arrive in like-new, undamaged, re-sellable condition and in the same original packaging. Plus any free items that came with your purchase must also be in like-new, re-sellable condition. 
  • During your trial period you have to care for the water ionizer properly in order to qualify for refund. We suggest you follow our tips to get the best results. One of our biggest tips is to call us or email if you have any difficulty. We have thoroughly researched setting up water ionizers to work great, no matter what the source water. In any case you are never required to follow any of our tips and your 100% honest to goodness satisfaction is guaranteed.

All pH and ORP levels are approximate, depending on local water supply, because water ionizers don't always work the same in every location.