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Water Ionizer Reviews


About Water Ionizer Reviews

Beware of tricks of most other water ionizer reviews websites.

Companies pay for review websites as well as celebrity endorsements. They control the message about which water ionizer the customer thinks is best. This form of advertising manipulates public opinion. These types of promotions only look like authentic reviews.

This is why I purchased so many (dozens of) ionizers over the years. I had to see for myself for accuracy and reliability of data from water ionizer reviews websites. Their empty statements, "awards" and "comparisons" have all turned out to be fake.

I do the only authentic, non-biased water ionizer reviews based on years and years of experience. I compare all these brands against other brands to truly determine which water ionizers are best.

Other than my reviews, the only reliable reviews are from customers.

Beware of Deception With "Fake" Water Ionizer Reviews and Other Tricks


Water ionizer review sites only look independent. This is to look more official, or non-biased, or somehow philanthropic. However, no water ionizer machine reviews website is independent.

Deceptive Water Ionizer Reviews...Websites

The following is a sampling of water ionizer review websites that claim to be authentic. They give fake reviews about how "great" their own water ionizers are. It is an unprofessional trick and they keep their identity hidden so you don't realize it. I uncovered their identities years ago.

  • Water Ionizer Pure Reviews for Pure Water: (waterionizer.com) This site belongs to Tyent
  • Water Ionizer Buyer's Guide: Property of Tyent
  • Ionizer Research: (ionizerresearch.com) This water ionizer review site belongs to Tyent
  • Editor's Choice Awards: This one belongs to Tyent
  • Winner - Water Ionizer of the Year Awards: This water ionizer review site belongs to Tyent
  • Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews: (alkalinewaterionizerreviews.com) This water ionizer review site belongs to Lifeionizers
  • Best Water Ionizer Reviews: This water ionizer review site belongs to AirWaterLife
  • Water Ionizer of the Year: This is another gimmick is to pretend that a particular type of water ionizer has won the “Water Ionizer of the Year” award. There is no such award, but many customers fall prey to this technique. These award-giving websites all belong to Tyent.
    • waterionizer.com
    • alkalinewater.com
    • ionizerresearch.com

The picture below illustrates how the owner (Tyent) hides his identity by a private proxy.  


Honest Water Ionizer Reviews

What is an honest alkaline water machine review? The dictionary defines honest as "free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere." Dishonest water ionizer reviews are useless to you. Right?

Real and honest water ionizer reviews are valuable,  and we need them. These can come from several sources, but the usual source of water ionizer reviews is from customers.

Another source of water ionizer reviews is from professionals (such as myself) who have experience with several brands of water ionizers. Those professionals have to have integrity though. Using any form of deceit makes their reviews worthless.

What Makes Me Different?

Long before I sold water ionizers I experienced how drinking alkaline ionized water had changed my life. I was a teacher/principal and mother of five at the time. After retiring, I decided to build an online store and educate the world about drinking alkaline water and water ionizers.

It didn't take very long before I realized how much deception existed when it came to comparing brands of water ionizers. For instance companies used water with a pH level too high to drink to test the ORP (antioxidants). This was ridiculous, because you don't drink at that high of a pH level.

I also noticed the various deceptive pricing and other tricks companies used to sell their water ionizers. And that the review websites were dishonest and hid their identities. They created the appearance of poor reviews for their competitors and good reviews for their brand of water ionizer. 

On this page I share with you my unbiased reviews, based on extensive knowledge. I have 25 years of testing and using these water ionizers. I correct the false information given by the fake review sites. The accuracy and thoroughness of my water ionizer reviews at Alkaline Water Plus are things I take care and pride in.

These are my own personal water ionizer reviews. The most important features I look for in a water ionizer are: design, construction, performance, filtration, and plate-cleaning.

The Truth About Water Ionizers

The real truth about water ionizers is that plenty of decent water ionizers cost between $1,500 and $3,000. As you go up to the higher-price-range there is often little difference.

Some companies sell just average machines, but charge such extremely high prices. High prices might make you think that product is better. The price does not accurately represent the value though. This page gives the real data about the value of each water ionizer.


Deceptive Pricing: Deceptive pricing is a term defined by the Federal Trade Commission.

Here is what the law says: "...he should be reasonably certain that the higher price he advertises does not appreciably exceed the price at which substantial sales of the article are being made in the area." 

In other words, it's against the law to pretend the retail price is much higher than it is. It deceives the customer to make up falsely high prices under a veil of daily "price-cuts". Customers often think they got a great deal on a very high-quality water ionizer. But, in fact the machine was just an average one with a falsely high price tag.

Kangen Water Reviews

Enagic dealers use a different type of deception. My first introduction to Enagic water ionizers and Kangen Water reviews was about 12 years ago. A friend told me about her Enagic Kangen water machine (the Enagic SD-501).

She was sure her Enagic machine was the only safe and medically beneficial water ionizer. Even though her information was false, she was quite convinced. It turns out she had heard many lies like this in a sales presentation given by someone she trusted.

I found an actual phenomenon of a type of brain-washing (peer-convincing) existed in her mind. Every Enagic dealer I have ever come across has this same phenomenon.

  • The closed-door meetings use verbal and unverified data. They pass it from friend to friend, or in a lot of cases a trusted authority presents these things to you.
  • We live in a day and age where many of us leave our opinions at the doorway of trusted authorities. There is so much information out there and too little time to absorb it all. It is beyond the capability of most people to do their own research.
  • Sometimes greed hurts a person's integrity, and so shuts off their ability to observe truth from falsehood.
  • Fear tactics are a very persuasive factor as part of this peer-convincing.

This is exactly what my friend experienced. She believed what the authority told her because she had no time to research it herself.

I bought an Enagic SD-501 to test it and determine the truth for myself. Drinking Enagic Kangan Water was no different than drinking ionized water from the other water ionizer I had at the time. Even I thought her water ionizer must be better, though, since it was twice the price of my water ionizer.

But what I found on testing was that the Enagic water ionizer was not as good as my water ionizer. I tested pH and ORP (antioxidants). I also examined the quality of filtration and internal parts, and my machine was better on that too.

The Enagic machine also didn't have continuous-cleaning so required a special cleaning cartridge every 3 months or so. Read more about Enagic Kangen water ionizers

Customer Water Ionizer Reviews

Customer water ionizer reviews are the usual way that one sees water ionizer reviews. Water ionizer reviews after a purchase are the most reliable. Site reviews are also reliable and are open to anyone who has engaged in our website.

Here is one of the many reviews about the Athena electric water ionizer. His comments are very similar to what I have experienced over the years with general overall health benefits of ionized water. 

To see the customer product reviews and site reviews is to go to our Alkaline Water Plus Reviews Page.



About My Own, Personal, Water Ionizer Reviews:

I have 25 years of experience with water ionizers. I know the benefits of a good water ionizer and I see no need to engage in phony marketing tricks.

The last 12 of those years has been testing, comparing and selling many brands of water ionizers. This next section will focus on my own reviews of these water ionizers.

I do water machine reviews of every major brand of water ionizer. I test and verify with many side-by-side water ionizer comparisons.

There are many quality water ionizers available - there simply isn't a “best alkaline water ionizer”. Some of the best ones in my view are fairly inexpensive. I give you facts, so you can decide what water ionizer is best.

My water ionizer testing shows there is no "one-single-feature" that can determine which is the best water ionizer. Plate size, as a feature, is barely even worth mentioning. Bigger is definitely not always better when it comes to electronics.

Testing the results of ionization is the only way to really see quality and performance in a water ionizer. Hundreds or even thousands of tests have shown me that some water machines simply have a better overall design than others.

Buying a water ionizer is similar to buying a car. There is not just one “right” or “best” brand. See more about the many features of water ionizers and how they rate on my Water Ionizer Comparison page. Decide for yourself what’s really the best water ionizer for you. 

I help you to find the important features among the different brands so you can make the right decision FOR YOU. Here are the main important factors I consider when choosing a water ionizer.

  • Manufacturer: Manufacturer: Location, certification and reputation of manufacturer can make the world of difference when choosing the right water ionizer. Korea and Japan water ionizers are the best. Ionizer water machines are medical equipment to these manufacturers.
  • Continuous-Cleaning: Best water ionizers use continuous-cleaning to help the ionizing plates stay clean. Acidic washes are inferior, and the ability of the water ionizer will diminish over time if it doesn't have continuous-cleaning. No matter how good the water ionizer is otherwise, the absence of continuous-cleaning will keep it from being "Best". This is true especially if your water source is hard water.
  • Testing & Performance:  Overall results of testing the range of pH and ORP many times gives the best indication of quality.
  • Filtration: Quality of an ionizer machine's filtered water [as tested by independent laboratories preferably] is extremely important to me. Contaminants in water is a threat to our health. Good filtration is an important feature to look at, and some water ionizers have truly excelled in this area.
  • Quality of Parts: Quality of construction and parts tells you how well your water ionizer will perform and last. This includes the quality of the platinum coated titanium plates and the oxidation reduction potential (ORP). There's also the quality to stand up to high water pressure and under sink installation.


WATER IONIZER REVIEWS by Alkaline Water Plus

Note: These water ionizer reviews are in alphabetical order, by company, for easy reference. They are mostly countertop water ionizers. The only good under sink water ionizer is the AlkaViva Delphi H2.

They all give alkaline drinking water, but the quality of other features varies greatly. Those rated with poor filtration don't even filter heavy metals.

AirWaterLife: Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Ionizers

The AirWaterLife and Alive Water Ionizers have the same identity for some reason. The manufacturer is China. The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe water ionizer performs fairly well, but has cheap parts. 

The AirWaterLife ionizers have:

  1. Some plastic rather than stainless steel parts indicate a poor quality.
  2. The AirWaterLife ionizer requires a 15-second wait time before you pour ionized water. During this wait time acidic water pours out of the top spout. This is a waste of both time and water. Younger children or anyone not paying attention could accidentally pour acidic water in their glass.
  3. The filtration is not very good.

You can see my full review of the AirWaterLife Aqua Ionizer Deluxe here.

Beware of Deception: The AirWaterLife company claims to be the only company that uses safe plastics. This is a false statement. They also give other false or misleading information on their website. They also have a couple of fake review sites; this is one of them

Fake Water Ionizer Reviews

AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizers from

The AlkaViva H2 Series of water ionizers tops the line in strength and performance. They use a brand new, proprietary method of continuously-cleaning the plates. This is even more worry-free than earlier models.

The water-cells are stronger than all the rest too. This makes the H2 water ionizers the only water ionizers I fully trust for under sink installation.

H2 Water Ionizers also use the best filtration, UltraWater filters. UltraWater filters are so advanced they remove every kind of contaminant up to 99.99%.

AlkaViva water ionizers include: the Melody-II, the Athena H2, Delphi H2 and the Vesta H2 water ionizers.

The AlkaViva machines use SMPS, switch-mode power supply. This gives the water ionizers variable power. Customers program these machines to suit their needs and water source.

AlkaViva H2 water ionizers produce some of the highest levels of H2 molecular hydrogen antioxidants that I've seen.

AlkaViva limited lifetime warranties cover lifetime (parts) and up to 10 years (labor). These machines last 10-20 years, provided you care for them as directed.

All H2 water ionizers are excellent choices.

Ayana Water Vitality Round Disk Water Ionizers [AKA: Varunizer]

The Ayana water ionizer company gives false information about their Vitality Round Disk Water Ionizers. They are inferior to their competitors. Read more in my article about the results of my Ayana Vitality water ionizer testing.

The manufacturer is Taiwan and imported into Canada. Ayana uses a sodium port, but it is non-functional. Customer support was of no avail. 

Bawell Water Ionizers

Bawell is a Chinese-made water ionizer importer. The Bawell US representative has a cover-address going to the UPS store of Bocca Raton, Florida. Hiding one's location is not a sign of trustworthiness for a company.

The Bawell Fountain water ionizer was able to produce alkaline water but the ORP was poor. See my full report and review of the Bawell ionizers.

Chanson Water Ionizers

Chanson Water Ionizers are compact, programmable, water ionizers and they have 10 Year Warranties. The Chanson water ionizers has a flow-control knob and extra-large mineral port. Other Chanson machines are the Chanson Miracle and Chanson Miracle Max. Chanson Water Ionizer Company in Taiwan makes water filters for 30+ years. 

Because the filtration inside the Chanson ionizer is poor, they recommend extra filtration. They also recommend to use a citric acid cartridge to wash it internally every 3 months. They may void the warranty if you fail to do this. 

Chinese Water Ionizers Reviews

Chinese manufacturers use poor quality parts. There is not sufficient quality control in China mainland.

I recommend you buy your water ionizer only from countries who exert good manufacturing controls. In Korea there is the KFDA, and in Japan there is the Japanese Ministry of Health.

I investigate the manufacturers of water ionizers. I look at their certificates before I sell their water ionizer on my site. Chinese certifications aren't trustworthy though, because the inspectors take bribes.

Enagic Kangen Water SD501 Water Ionizer and the K8 Water Ionizer

The Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer is a strong ionizer. It uses a constant 235 watts of power which activates its very large plates. The Enagic K8 water ionizer is very close to the Enagic SD501 in all qualities and testing.

High watts help the Enagic Kangen water machine get a pretty fast flow-rate and range of pH. However there is heavy stress from the high power requirements and the corrosive nature of salt.

If you use the “strong acidic” setting too frequently it hurts the machine. Also, you need to flush the ionizer properly after using sodium or it damages the machine. There is a warning about this on Enagic site, but the company has not fixed this problem.

The Enagic machine must also produce a very strong flow to keep cool enough. This reduces filtration effectiveness. When the flow is not sufficient, a voice activates to let you know to increase water flow. The ionizer will not ionize when the flow rate is too low.

The Enagic Kangen Water ionizer lasts 5 or more years unless the plates corrode or scale up. See Kangen Enagic Water Ionizers Pros and Cons.

The Enagic company recommends you use their cleaning cartridge every 3 months.

Impart Group: Excel Water Ionizers

Impart Group stems from the same company as Enagic. The Impart Group engineers disagreed with Enagic's "bigger is better" ideas. This caused a split in the company.

Impart water ionizers use 5-large-plates. Excel IE-900 performs as well in every way to the Enagic's SD501, but at about half the cost. The MX-99 is the newer model, but is similar The Impart Groups water ionizers have sound engineering construction.

The plates are subject to abuse if you use the “strong acidic” setting too frequently. Also if you don’t flush the ionizer properly after pouring strong acidic or strong alkaline water.

Impart water ionizers come with a 1-year full parts/labor warranty.

Ionia Water Ionizers Review

Ionia is the oldest and most renowned water ionizer manufacturer in Korea. Ionia water ionizers test up with the higher-priced machines.

Ionia produces several brands: Jupiter, Emco Tech, Nexus and Smart water ionizers. 

The Nexus brand engineers work with Japanese and Korean hospitals. 

The scientists who work on the Ionia team are some of the most influential. They administered many hundreds of clinical trials helping to validate water ionizers and the benefits of alkaline ionized water.

Ionia makes very efficient water ionizers which get a good range of pH and ORP. Ionia's Water Ionizers are very well-built water ionizers.

Ionia's Super-S12 Water Ionizer is like buying two water ionizers in one. It has two water cells and a saline injection port which work together to create all levels of ionized water with ease. The Super-S12 also has ultra-fine .01 dual filtration.

Jupiter Water Ionizer Reviews:

Jupiter water ionizers are very well-built, easy-to-use water ionizers and they come with lifetime warranties. All Jupiter Water Ionizers have outstanding plate design and efficient plate cleaning.

The Jupiter Athena, Vesta and Ultra-Delphi water ionizers have upgraded to H2 Water Ionizers. They are capable of super high levels of H2. 

Jupiter also has access to the UltraWater filters, which are the best water filters of any other. Jupiter water ionizers come highly endorsed by scientists working in the field of ionized water. 

KYK Water Ionizers

KYK water ionizers are average in performance and filtration. KYK used a poor business associate and now no longer imports into the US.

LifeIonizers Water Ionizers Review

I used to sell Lifeionizers until I found reasons that I could not trust them. Their machines were substandard in filtration and the machines didn't compare well with other water ionizers. Lifeionizers used to literally harass me at a point when I began to question their quality.

The life ionizer machine has poor filtration, which is why the Life company insists that you use extra pre-filters. They give you your first set free, but after that you have to pay to replace them yearly.

The machines use a dipping and baking process to coat the plates with platinum. This is an amateur method. The plate-cleaning is also an amateur acid-wash. You can expect diminished performance over time.

They offer a trial-period, but you pay 15% restocking and costs of shipping if you decide you are not satisfied with your purchase.

The warranty becomes void if you don't use the citric acid cleaning 3 times per year.

For many years the Lifeionizers company falsely claimed that they were the only USA-made water ionizer. They changed their misleading claim over the years. They use machines made in Korea, but altered by an engineer on their staff in the US. It is very misleading to call these water ionizers "Made in the USA".

At the present Lifeionizers gets their machines from Prime Water Company LTD in Korea. Prime Water manufactures have only been in business since 2013.

Beware of Deception: Lifeionizers posts a fake test of their H2 antioxidants using H-Blue drops. They put five times the proper amount of water in the test tube. I notified them about this error five years ago. There is no mistake that they intend to deceive.


Natural Alkaline Water


This company compared their water filter system to water ionizers when there was simply no comparison. I bought their system to test and compare myself.

I thoroughly tested this water filter vortex system, and it produces no (zero) antioxidants. Also any alkaline water that you get with this system is likely to be the same as your source water. The company overstepped the bounds of proper comparisons. Read more: Natural Alkaline Water 

Smart Water Ionizers

Smart Water Ionizers are a super-high quality. The Smart 9P has 9 plates and it can get up to 1.5 ppm of molecular hydrogen. Its power ranges up to 235 watts and has an SMPS electrical supply.

The Smart water ionizers use continuous-cleaning vs the traditional, automatic-acid-wash-cleaning of the X-Blue.

Alkaline Water Plus imports the Smart 9P, so that we may pass the savings onto our customers.

Tyent Water Ionizers

Tyent's water ionizers rank in around the average range for a water ionizer. For as long as I've known them (over 15 years), the Tyent company has always used the same many misleading sales tricks, though.

Deceptive Pricing: Tyent puts their machines on sale every single day of the year. It's normal for them to slash prices by 50 percent.

The Federal Trade Commission has a full article on deceptive pricing. They detail in full what deceptive pricing is and how unlawful it is.

Tyent uses cover sites to host a variety of "Water Ionizer Awards". They display gold medals and other banners on their websites about this phony scheme. I have pictures to prove the ownership of the sites from back in the days before they went private.

On one of Tyent-owned cover websites "the ionizer guy" does a false pretense of a fair comparison. It's almost comical, because he doesn't even test the ionizers he's comparing.


Tyent uses a Korean manufacturer (Taeyoung E & T Co. LTD). The quality of construction is about average. The plastic faucet of the tyent undersink water ionizer is not a good feature.

The Tyent water ionizers use amateur acid-washes and an amateur plate-dipping process.  With a Tyent water ionizer one should do a citric acid cleaning about every 3 months.   


I urge you to check out my Water Ionizer Comparison page. It has an in-depth water ionizer comparisons chart.

My interest is to offer the actual best water ionizers and service for the lowest price that I can (and skip the tricks altogether).