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Water Ionizer Reviews


Water Ionizer Reviews

Beware of most other water ionizer reviews websites. There is a lot of trickery out there. My water ionizer reviews are based on years and years of testing water ionizers and comparing them against other brands to truly find out which water ionizers are best.

Most companies just boast about how their water ionizer is "the best" or they create websites to advertise how "best" they are. However their empty statements, "awards" and "comparisons" have more often than not turned out to be false. This is why I have purchased so many (dozens of) ionizers (to test and compare them), so I could be accurate in what I report.

You can scroll down to the bottom of this page, or the bottom of any product page, or for all the customer water ionizer reviews, or see our Customer-Reviews Page. But the main focus of this page is 1) my own personal water ionizer reviews and 2) alerting you to some of the dishonesty you will find from other companies' water ionizer reviews. 

Honest Water Ionizer Reviews

What is an honest water ionizer review? The dictionary defines honest as "free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere." If a water ionizer review isn't honest, then what use is it to you?

Real and honest water ionizer reviews are valuable,  and we need them. These can come from several sources, but the usual source of water ionizer reviews is from customers. Another source of water ionizer reviews is from professionals (such as myself) who have experience with several brands of water ionizers. Some companies pretend to be such professionals, but use various forms of deceit, and so are not professionals after all. In the next few sections of this page you will see many examples of such tricks.

The integrity, accuracy and thoroughness of our water ionizer reviews at Alkaline Water Plus are things we take care and pride in. You will find no dishonesty on this website or in any of the products we sell. 

I share with you my extensive knowledge from 25 years of testing and using the many brands and styles of water ionizers. In the section, below, called "My own personal water ionizer reviews", you can find useful information about the most popular water ionizers on the market today. The three most important features I look for in a water ionizer are: filtration, continuous-cleaning, and high antioxidant-levels.

The Truth About Water Ionizers

The real truth about water ionizers is that you should be able to buy a super-strong, long-lasting, and high-quality water ionizer that gives you all the benefits of ionized water for anywhere between $1,500 and $2,500 (with very little difference as you go up to the higher-price-range). The problem with some of the companies selling water ionizers is that they have just average machines, but they are selling them at such extremely high prices that you "think" they MUST be better. Nope. That is almost always not the case. We do not do this. We simply do not gouge you. We give you the straight pricing and do not engage in trickery about it. We are also very clear and honest about the features that we value most about a water ionizer, and why those features are important. 

The Top 10 Deceptive Water Ionizer Reviews...Websites

Beware of Deception With "Fake" Water Ionizer Reviews and Other Tricks


Some water ionizer review sites are made to look official, or non-biased, or somehow philanthropic. They aren't. No water ionizer machine reviews website is independent. In every case water ionizer reviews sites are associated with water ionizer retailers (whether they admit to this or not). Water ionizer review sites take a lot of money and work to put there and maintain, and in the water ionizer industry these are put there by water ionizer retailers. In most cases this connection is kept hidden. It is actually a trick to keep one's identity hidden (an attempt at customer manipulation) and a customer should be aware of this.

I started out as a very big fan of water ionizers, because ionized water had changed my life. I was so passionate about water ionizers that after retiring as a teacher/principal I decided to build my online store and educate the world about water ionizers. It didn't take very long before I realized how much deception existed when it came to comparing brands of water ionizers.

These particular websites hide their identities by not listing the ownership of their site. It's called "registered by proxy". They are obviously pretending to be "non-bias", and they often look VERY authentic. Someone visiting any of the sites listed may leave with the perception that they have now done their due-diligence. However these seemingly neutral sites in each case are owned by the either Tyent, Life, Bawell, or AirWaterLife (which are the main water ionizer retailers using this type of deception). What each of these sites do is create the appearance of poor reviews for their competitors’ products and good reviews for their brand of water ionizer. 

Here Are the Top 10 Deceptive water ionizer review sites along with who owns them: 

    • Water Ionizer Expert: (waterionizerexpert.com) This water ionizer review site belongs to Lifeionizers
    • Water Ionizer Machine Reviews: (waterionizermachinereviews.com) This water ionizer review site belongs to Bawell
    • Water Ionizer Pure Reviews for Pure Water: (waterionizer.com) This site belongs to Tyent
    • Water Ionizer Buyer's Guide: Property of Tyent
    • Ionizer Research: (ionizerresearch.com) This water ionizer review site belongs to Tyent
    • Editor's Choice Awards: This one belongs to Tyent
    • Winner - Water Ionizer of the Year Awards: This water ionizer review site belongs to Tyent
    • Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews: (alkalinewaterionizerreviews.com) This water ionizer review site belongs to Lifeionizers
    • The Ionizer Source: (theionizersource.com) This one belongs to Lifeionizers
    • Best Water Ionizer Reviews: This water ionizer review site belongs to AirWaterLife
    • Water Ionizer Reviews: (waterionizerreviews.net) This water ionizer review site belongs to AirWaterLife


Deceptive Pricing

Deceptive pricing is a term defined by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC has a full article on deceptive pricing, and spells out the the basic pricing law for US sales: "Whenever an advertiser represents that he is selling below the prices being charged in his area for a particular article, he should be reasonably certain that the higher price he advertises does not appreciably exceed the price at which substantial sales of the article are being made in the area." 

In other words, it's against the law to post a pretended retail price which is much higher than a machine ever sells for. It deceives the customer to make up falsely high prices under a veil of daily "price-cuts". Customers may think they are getting a great deal when in fact not at all.

"Water Ionizer of the Year" Gimmick

Another gimmick is to pretend that their water ionizers have won the “Water Ionizer of the Year” award. There is no such award, but many customers fall prey to this technique. Tricks, such as these can be seen at waterionizer.com, alkalinewater.com and ionizerresearch.com. These particular sites have all have been uncovered and proven to be Tyent sites. 

Here are two examples of the proof of what I'm telling you. The first website, which gives the "Editor's Choice Water Ionizer Reviews Awards", used to be openly registered to Tyent USA. (Now their identity is being hidden by a private proxy.)    The second website uses "Bob the Water Ionizer Guy" as their mascot, offers you a free buyer's guide with a picture of a doctor on the cover, and boasts of winning the water ionizer of the year award as seen on another site owned by Tyent. It's very convoluted.


Enagic Dealers Use a Different Type of Deception

My first introduction to Enagic water ionizers was about 10 years ago, when a friend told me about her Enagic Kangen water machine (the Enagic SD-501). When we talked about various water ionizers she was sure her machine was the only safe and medically beneficial water ionizer, because that's what she had been told. She was not trying to lie to me, and was quite convinced of many lies she had been told about literally all other water ionizers. I found an actual phenomenon existed in her mind, and the minds of every Enagic dealer I have ever come across. It was the phenomena of brain-washing. Here are examples of why I say that:

  • MLM (or whatever you call it) uses peer-convincing, which is very persuasive to people.
  • The closed-door meetings use verbal and unverified data is passed from friend to friend, or in a lot of cases a trusted authority presents these things to you. We live in a day and age where many of us leave our opinions at the doorway of trusted authorities. There is so much information out there and too little time to absorb it all. It is beyond the capability of most people to do their own research.
  • There is money involved. Sometimes greed hurts a person's integrity, and so shuts off their ability to observe truth from falsehood. This isn't always the case by any means, but with MLMs in particular I have noticed this becomes a factor fairly frequently.
  • Fear tactics are a very persuasive factor in selling high-priced equipment. Some sellers latch onto the use of fear tactics in order to boost their sales. This is exactly what my friend was subjected to. Even though it was a slightly inferior machine, without question, she believed all of the other brands of water ionizers were dangerous because she was told this by someone she trusted. So, she "knew" there was no other choice than to buy the Enagic. 

I bought an Enagic SD-501 at that point and used it for a long while. I noticed no difference between that machine and the other water ionizer I had been using at the time. Then I bought testing equipment to see the differences in pH and ORP between the two water ionizers. [This soon led to me buying more brands of water ionizers and testing all of these machines against each other.] What I found was that the Enagic water ionizer was good, but not the best for ORP (antioxidants) and filtration. It also didn't have continuous-cleaning. Based on its actual features and performance, it was not as good as my Jupiter Melody (which I had at the time and was very happy with). However, because it cost over 3 times more, the perception was planted that it was the "best" in many people's minds. Read more about Enagic Kangen water ionizers

Customer Water Ionizer Reviews

Customer water ionizer reviews are the usual way that one sees water ionizer reviews. Water ionizer reviews are invited whenever a customer has purchased a water ionizer from us. Site reviews are open to anyone who has engaged in our website. (Just click the "write review" button wherever you see site reviews on this site.) This is the usual way reviews work. To find customer water ionizer reviews and site reviews, go to the bottom of this page or of any product's page. Here is an example of a customer's water ionizer review:

Reliable water ionizer reviews actually come from customers for the most part. Here is one of the many reviews about the Athena electric water ionizer. His comments are very similar to what I have experienced over the years with general overall health benefits of ionized water. 

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see more reviews from customers and our site reviews as well. Another way to see the customer product reviews and site reviews is to go to our Alkaline Water Plus Reviews Page.



About My Own, Personal, Water Ionizer Reviews:

I have 25 years of experience with water ionizers. The last 12 of those years has been testing, comparing and selling many brands of water ionizers. This next section will focus on my own reviews of these water ionizers.

My water machine reviews of every major brand of water ionizer are tested and verified with many side-by-side water ionizer comparisons. There are many quality water ionizers available - there simply isn't a “best alkaline water ionizer”. There are many good ones. Some of the best ones are fairly inexpensive too.

The fake water ionizer reviews, I described above, are frustrating to me, personally, as I know the benefits of a good water ionizer and I see no need to engage in phony marketing tricks.

My water ionizer testing shows there is no "one-single-feature" that can determine which is the best water ionizer.  I can tell you absolutely, 100%, that plate size, as a feature, is barely even worth mentioning. Testing the results of ionization is the only way to really see quality and performance in a water ionizer.

Hundreds or even thousands of tests have shown me that some water machines simply have a better overall design than others. Bigger is definitely not always better when it comes to electronics or creating hydrogen water [and that includes the size or even number of the electrode plates]. More or bigger plates do sometimes enable a faster flow rate of water coming out of the water ionizer (but not always), however this may also mean a poorer quality filtration and ORP (antioxidants) result.

See more about the many features that I look at to compare water ionizers and rate them on my Water Ionizer Comparison page. and encourage you to learn about them so you can decide for yourself what’s really the best water ionizer for you. 

Buying a water ionizer is similar to buying a car. There is not just one “right” or “best” brand. I help you to find the important features among the different brands so you can make the right decision FOR YOU. Here are the main important factors I consider when choosing a water ionizer.

  • Manufacturer: Manufacturer: Location, certification and reputation of manufacturer can make the world of difference when choosing high-end electronics. For instance, China has quality control issues, yet Korea and Japan are excellent with their electronics manufacturing. Also, in Korea and Japan water ionizers are treated as medical equipment and this makes a huge difference in the quality standards that manufacturers must  stand by.
  • Continuous-Cleaning: It is a MUST for a water ionizer to have continuous-cleaning if it is to enter the category of "Best". Water ionizer plates are subject to calcification and the only way to keep them continuously clean is to actually continuously clean them. Intermittent acidic washes are inferior, and the ability of the water ionizer will diminish over time if it doesn't have continuous-cleaning. No matter how good the water ionizer is otherwise, the absence of continuous-cleaning will keep it from being "Best".
  • Testing & Performance:  Overall results of testing. range of pH and ORP [measurable abundance of antioxidants] per unit of pH produced.
  • Filtration: Quality of filtration [as tested by independent laboratories preferably] is extremely important to me. We have so many toxins in our environment and water (and bodies) that these toxins, in and of themselves, are presenting a threat to our health. Good filtration is an important feature to look at, and some water ionizers have truly excelled in this area.
  • Quality of Parts: Quality of construction and parts will be a good indicator of how well your water ionizer will perform and last.


WATER IONIZER REVIEWS by Alkaline Water Plus

Note: These water ionizer reviews are in alphabetical order, by company, for easy reference.

AirWaterLife's Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Ionizers

The AirWaterLife Aqua Ionizer Deluxe water ionizer is made in China. Note: AirWaterLife sometimes calls themselves Alive Water Ionizers. -- It's the same though. I tested the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe water ionizer: it has an attractive appearance and performs fairly well.  

I decided not to carry AirWaterLife water ionizers for these reasons.  The three main problems I had with the AirWaterLife ionizers are:

  1. The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe is Chinese-made, which may account for the fact that some of the parts are observably cheaper than Korean-made ionizers, with some plastic rather than stainless steel parts, such as the flex-hose that is the top "spout" of the machine & tee-connector that screws onto your faucet.
  2. My biggest concern about the AirWaterLife ionizer, is that it requires a 15-second wait time before you pour ionized water. During this wait time acidic water pours out of the top spout. This is a waste of both time and water. This also creates the risk that younger children or anyone not paying attention could accidentally pour acidic water in their glass, thinking it was alkaline drinking water.
  3. The filtration is not very good.

 You can see my full review of the AirWaterLife Aqua Ionizer Deluxe here.

Beware of Deception: The AirWaterLife company claims to be the only company that uses safe plastics. This might be true when comparing their water ionizers to other Chinese-made water ionizers, but it is simply untrue when referring to Korean-made water ionizers or Japanese-made water ionizers. NSF certified plastic hosing is the best, safest water hosing you can use, and all water ionizers made in Korea and Japan use this as the standard. The AirWaterLife company also gives other false or misleading information on their website, such as claiming that Jupiter water ionizers add chemicals to the water. of which the entire opposite is true.

This is One of AirWaterLife's Fake Water Ionizer Review Sites:

Fake Water Ionizer Reviews

Ayana Water Vitality Round Disk Water Ionizers [AKA: Varunizer]

The Ayana water ionizer company gives the impression that their Vitality Round Disk Water Ionizers are superior to their competitors, however that is not at all the case. Read more in my article about the results of my Ayana Vitality water ionizer testing.

These water ionizers are made in Taiwan and imported into Canada. The testing we did of their Vitality water ionizer showed it was able to ionize, but is a bit inferior in its ionization potential. The claims that the machine could boost ionization with the sodium port were particularly disappointing. Calling customer support and attempting to trouble-shoot this feature was of no avail. 

Beware of Deception: Ayana Water claims to be able to create super acidic water with their single-plate water ionizer. Tested to be untrue.

Ayana is a poor choice in water ionizers.

Bawell Water Ionizers

Bawell is another water ionizer importer of a Chinese brand of water ionizer. The Bawell company has posted "their" address on their site, but it turns out to be a cover-address going to the UPS store of Bocca Raton, Florida. Hiding one's location is not a sign of trustworthiness for a company.

In my testing, the Bawell Fountain water ionizer was able to produce alkaline water but the ORP was poor. My full report and review of the Bawell ionizers can be read here.

Bawell is a poor choice in water ionizers.

Chanson Water Ionizers

Chanson Water Ionizers are compact, programmable, water ionizers and they have 10 Year Warranties. The best of the Chanson water ionizers is the new Miracle-Max water ionizer, which has a flow-control knob and extra-large mineral port. Other Chanson machines are the Chanson Miracle and Chanson Miracle Max. Chanson Water Ionizer Company in Taiwan has been making water filters for 30 years and water ionizers for over 10 years. 

The filtration of the Chanson water ionizers is poor. It may be adequate for people who already have excellent water quality, however if you have some of the following: sediment, iron, heavy metals, Chloramines, Fluoride, Chromium 6, pharmaceuticals, etc. in your water, then the C3 prefiltration system is recommended by the Chanson company. The Chanson company does not sanction doing a "vinegar wash" to clean the plates. They have their own citric-acid wash that they recommend to use every 3 months. Your warranty may be void if you have hard water and don't do a citric acid wash regularly (every 3 months) as suggested. 

Chinese Water Ionizers Reviews

Watch out for tricks used by Chinese importers, who often fail to tell you where their water ionizers are manufactured (and hope you don't ask). 

The main issues with Chinese imports are that their electronics and plate-quality are simply not trustworthy, and the materials used in water ionizer construction are inferior when compared to Korean made and Japanese made water ionizers. There is not sufficient quality control in China mainland. Taiwan, though, is a little better.

One problem with water ionizers is that they require platinum, which is an expensive metal - more so than even gold. Without platinum, or when using a platinum alloy, the ionized water will be far less efficiently ionized. Health concerns may result from the use of alloys rather than pure platinum as well. Chinese water ionizers using gold-plated electrodes or alloys may have sufficiently high pH, but will lack the high levels of antioxidants that are produced by ionizers with platinum plates - which account for half the benefits of ionized water]. I would not sell a water ionizer from a country that could not be trusted for their manufacturing integrity or who had a bad history with electronics. I highly recommend you buy your water ionizer only from countries who at this time have governmental controls, such as the Korean FDA or the Japanese Ministry of Health, on the proper manufacturing of water ionizers. The water ionizers I sell on this site are all fully checked out and certified as efficient and safe by at least one of these agencies.

Chinese made water ionizers are a very poor choice.

Enagic Kangen Water SD501 Water Ionizer and the K8 Water Ionizer

The Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer is a strong ionizer. It produces a constant 235 watts of power which activates its very large plates. The machine has been produced for 15 years or more without change. The perks of the high wattage are you can get a pretty fast flow-rate with the Enagic Kangen water machine as well as a decent range of high/low pH. The downside of the constant high wattage is that the plates are under heavy stress from the high power requirements and the corrosive nature of salt. The plates are subject to abuse if you use the “strong acidic” setting too frequently and/or don’t flush the ionizer properly after pouring strong acidic or strong alkaline water. There is no built-in system to properly clean the Enagic machine after use of the saline port. You just have to do this yourself. Once the platinum is corroded off of the plate, it is shot. There is a warning about this on Enagic's site, but the company has not fixed this problem.

Another downside to Enagic machine is that it must produce a very strong flow to keep it cool, which reduces filtration effectiveness. When the flow is not sufficient, a voice activates to let you know to increase water flow. The ionizer will not ionize when the flow rate is too low. This is a protective mechanism to ensure the plates don’t overheat or melt the platinum, so this voice prompt cannot be ignored. The Enagic Kangen Water ionizer will most likely last 10 or more years and will work well so long as the plates aren't corroded with sodium or scaled up with calcium. These plates can be reconditioned to remove scaling periodically by sending the machine into the Enagic company for special cleaning. The Enagic company also recommends using their cleaning cartridge every 3 months to keep the plates in good working condition. The warranty is 5 years parts & labor.

The Enagic K8 water ionizer is a tiny bit better than the Enagic SD501, but it is still not in the "Best" category, due to not having continuous-cleaning, not having the best filtration, and only having a 5-year warranty. In addition, the performance of the Enagic K8 is not good enough to put it in the "Best" category.

H2 Water Ionizers

Similar to quality of manufacturing and parts to the Jupiter Water Ionizers, a new series of water ionizers has emerged, the H2 Series of water ionizers. In some ways the quality of H2 water ionizers is better than any other water ionizer. For instance, the H2 water ionizers use a brand new, proprietary method of continuously-cleaning the plates that will do this job of worry-free cleaning of the plates even better than ever before. H2 Water Ionizers also come with the best filtration, UltraWater filters, . This series includes the Melody-II, the Athena H2, Delphi H2 and the Vesta H2 water ionizers. These use new electronics (SMPS), have variable power that can be set by the consumer and get some of the highest levels of H2 molecular hydrogen antioxidants that I've seen. They come with lifetime warranties and can be expected to last 10-20 years, provided you care for them as directed. The H2 water ionizers are the only water ionizers I fully trust for undersink installation. This is due to their proprietary super-strong water-cell construction.

All of the H2 water ionizers are excellent choices.

Impart Group: Excel Water Ionizers

Enagic and Impart Group stem from the same company. The Impart Group engineers disagreed with Enagic's "bigger is better" ideas and stood fast to the long-standing, sound principles they knew from 25 years of experience in making water ionizers. Impart's 5-large-plate Excel IE-900 performs as well in every way to the Enagic's SD501, but at about half the cost. The Impart Groups water ionizers are made well, using sound engineering. I have the same concern about Impart group water ionizers' use of a sodium solution as I do with Enagic: The plates are subject to abuse if you use the “strong acidic” setting too frequently and/or don’t flush the ionizer properly after pouring strong acidic or strong alkaline water.

Impart water ionizers come with a 1-year full parts/labor warranty.

Excel MX-99 or IE-900: This water ionizer tests the equivalent of Enagic's SD501 but has better electronics. The water ionizer has five plates, which the Impart Group explains that because the spacing is important to the performance and the Excel MX-99 is better than Enagic's design. The IE-900 was the earlier version of the MX-99. Only the MX-99 version is available today.

Ionia Water Ionizers Review

Ionia water ionizers are produced in a large, reliable, Korean factory (Ionia - The oldest and most renowned water ionizer manufacturer in Korea. Other brands from Ionia are Jupiter, Emcho, and Smart water ionizers. Nexus is also one of Ionia's brands. The Nexus Company has been working with Japanese and Korean hospitals for over 15 years (since 2000). Ionia works with LG Electronics and other big name brands). They are an outstanding manufacturer of high-end electronics, including water ionizers. One hundred percent of Ionia's water ionizers' main (ionizing) parts are imported from an advanced scientific R&D company in Japan, Emco Tech. The scientists who work on the Ionia team are some of the most influential in administering the many hundreds of clinical trials that have contributed to the database of knowledge we have about water ionizers and the benefits of alkaline ionized water. Ionia makes very efficient water ionizers which get a good range of pH and ORP. Ionia's Water Ionizers are very well-built water ionizers. The machines are certified as medical devices and used by hospitals in both Korea and Japan. The water lines, water cell and even the padding between each plate is made of sturdy, durable material which will not be damaged even by vinegar washes. 

Ionia's Super-S12 Water Ionizer is a very high-quality and STRONG water ionizer. It's made by Ionia, which is the largest and most experienced water ionizer manufacturer in Korea. The Super-S12 is like buying two water ionizers in one, because it has two water cells which work synergistically to create all strengths of ionized water with ease. It has a saline injection port to allow it to make electro-chemically activated water easily as well. With ultra-fine .01 dual filtration, it removes harmful elements (even as small as the smallest viruses) and chemicals from the water before it's ionized. The Super-Sanitizer has:

  • 12 very efficient platinum scientifically electro-plated plates (in 2 separate water cells)
  • Continuous cleaning of the water cells.
  • Automatic ability to make superoxidized electrochemically activated water (ECA water) up to 250 ppm of hypochlorous acid.
  • Does an automatic extra wash of the plates after using saline (to wash the salt-water off of the plates, which prevents corrosion)
  • Uses up to 400 watts of power
  • SMPS power supply

My testing of the Super-S12 shows it to have top-quality capability to make high-levels of antioxidants in every glass of ionized water you drink. The strong acidic disinfectant water can get any level of hypochlorous acid you want, up to and beyond all standards for sanitizing put out by the CDC or FDA. 

Jupiter Water Ionizer Reviews:

Jupiter water ionizers are very well-built, easy-to-use water ionizers and they come with lifetime warranties. The superior engineering and design makes them very efficient and capable of producing a wide range of ionized water with very high in ORP at all levels of pH. The Jupiter Company has been around the longest of all the water ionizer companies that are still in existence today. The Jupiter company continually upgrades their water ionizers to maximize their performance. All Jupiter Water Ionizers have outstanding plate design and efficient plate cleaning.

The Jupiter Melody, Athena and Ultra-Delphi water ionizers had superior, trouble-free, continuous self-cleaning of their electrode plates.  But even so, they have been upgraded to H2 Water Ionizers. Now they are called the Melody II, Athena H2 and Delphi H2. The biggest advantage of the upgrade is that the water cells are so strong I have never seen one develop a leak. See more in the next section, H2 Water Ionizers. 

Jupiter also has access to the UltraWater filters, which are the best water filters of any other. Jupiter water ionizers come highly endorsed by scientists working in the field of ionized water. 

Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer Review: We still sell the original Jupiter Athena water ionizer. I have a special attachment to this water ionizer, because it was the prize water ionizer all the way up until 2017. The sheer fact of its longevity makes it a special water ionizer. I has existed for over 15 years and has been upgraded several times since it first appeared on the market. The last upgrade was around 2016. The plates have mesh applied to the solid plate surface, which increases the surface area about 3 times more than its physical size. The advantage to this design is that although the plates are fewer and smaller, the increased surface area ensures efficient use and distribution of electricity. The mesh design is combined with the DARC, double-automatic-reverse-cleaning, which provides continuous, excellent cleaning of the Athena’s plates to keep calcium from becoming embedded into the grooves of the mesh. The Athena water ionizer performs best at about a flow rate of 1.5 to 2 liters/min. This flow rate provides the best filtration of any water ionizer. The Athena, because of its very efficient water ionization, gets excellent ORP per unit of pH. I expect the Athena will last at least 20 years if the machine isn't dropped or otherwise abused. The Athena comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Jupiter Athena water ionizer is a good choice.

KYK Water Ionizers

Dr. Kim Young Kwi [Director of the Water Science Research Center in Korea and author of the Book, Water for Life] originally designed the KYK water ionizer with the dream of creating a machine that would produce perfect water for drinking, and he has won awards for his water ionizer research and his design. My testing of the KYK water ionizers showed them to be average (i.e., they weren't the best...but were good). However, because of the instability of the KYK importers we no longer offer KYK water ionizers or filters. A few years ago I was asked to import the KYK water ionizers, but declined because it would be a distraction. I already was selling several brands of water ionizers that were better than KYK, and didn't want to confuse customers.

LifeIonizers Water Ionizers Review

I used to sell Lifeionizers until I found that I could not trust the Lifeionizer Company. As a retailer of course I wanted to post comparison testing, and they literally forbade me from doing that (if I wanted to remain a dealer) and demanded that I remove the "Silverstate Lab" non-biased testing that I had posted. I removed it, but asked if I could come to their company and do a supervised comparison testing session. I wanted to trust them and I wanted to be able to honestly share how great their machines were (if they were great), but that is when they started harassing me. They set up an appointment to come test, then cancelled it, then started calling my company with fake phone calls. The problem was their water ionizers just didn't compare well with other water ionizers.

Lifeionizers used (and still uses) the many gimmicks I described earlier on this page, and in addition to the harassment, it was clearly not a good company to represent.

The ionizer has poor filtration, and that is why the Life company insists that you get a "water quality consultation" with them when you want to buy one of their water ionizers. They will send you a whole slew of "free" pre-filters (which if you allow them to do this, you become stuck with whether you want them or not). It isn't really free if you have to replace all those filters every year. It is also a hassle installing these prefilters. Where does one put them? It's much easier just to pop in a couple of good water ionizer filters every year than to go through the plumbing requirements of re-filtering a bunch of pre-filters, but unfortunately the Lifeionizer internal filters aren't good enough for most locations.

The performance of the Life water ionizer itself is sub-standard. When I tested the Life ionizer I was surprised to see how poorly it tested. Life water ionizers are a poor choice. It also does not have continuous-cleaning, and so is badly mis-matched with mesh plates, and the plates are dipped & baked (not scientifically coated with platinum), so you can expect this performance to drop further over time.

Other Cautions:

  • You have to return everything (your cost for shipping both ways) and pay 15% restocking if you decide you are not satisfied with your purchase.
  • The warranty also will be void if you 1) can't prove you replaced the filters yearly and/or 2) can't prove you used the citric acid cleaning 3 times per year.

Lifeionizers is manufactured by Prime Water Company LTD in Korea. For many years the Lifeionizers company claimed that they were the only USA-made water ionizer, but now they claim that they own their own factory in Korea. This is not the case. They simply are the only US dealer of Prime Water ionizers. Prime Water manufactures have only been in business since 2013. Before that Life used to import from a company called Jinny's, which manufactures the Crewelter water ionizers. Neither Prime Water or Jinny's are bad manufacturers, as far as I can tell, so I fail to understand why Lifeionizers uses deceptive descriptions about their water ionizer source. They have one engineer on staff, so claim to do their own R&D...and therefore they say it's "Made in the USA". It's convoluted.

Beware of Deception: Lifeionizers posted their only (what I would call embarrassing) demo of the ionizer's performance. The reason it should be considered an embarrassment is they used five times the amount of sample water...skewing the results and claiming to have five-times higher levels of molecular hydrogen (5.2 ppm) than the machine is actually capable of. The company is aware of the fact that this demo video was done incorrectly, because I messaged them of this fact, yet they are keeping it posted. I have the transcripts of this. It's now two years later (as of mid-2020) and the video is still posted on Youtube; I just checked. I cannot say that I am surprised by the faulty testing and lack of concern for representing the truth, though, knowing the kind of deceptions this company has stooped to in the past.


Natural Alkaline Water


Some companies compare their water filter systems to water ionizers when there is simply no comparison. A water filter system which uses a vortex to spin the water through after being filtered may be okay, but is not at all the same as a water ionizer. After thorough testing I have even found them to produce no (zero) antioxidants. Also any alkaline water that you get with this system is likely to be the same as your source water. I usually ignore companies who use sales tricks or "hype", but occasionally call them out if in my opinion they have overstepped the bounds of proper comparisons. Read more: Natural Alkaline Water 

Smart Water Ionizers

Smart Water Ionizers are made by Ionia. They are super-high quality.

Smart Water Ionizers vs Nexus X-Blue: The main differences between the Nexus X-Blue and Smart water ionizers are:

  1. The Smart water ionizers use continuous-cleaning vs the traditional, automatic-acid-wash-cleaning of the X-Blue.
  2. The Smart water ionizers use 7 or 9 plates and the power can be boosted up to 235 watts with an SMPS electrical supply vs. the X-Blue's 5 plates and 110 watts, with a traditional transformer.
  3. The Smart water 7 and 9-plate water ionizers are capable of getting 1.5 ppm of molecular hydrogen (in St. Louis water), which is three times better than the X-Blue or most other water ionizers.

Both water ionizers are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship. Alkaline Water Plus imports the Nexus brand water ionizers directly so that we may pass the savings onto our customers. We realized years ago that in order to extend our line of high-quality water ionizers to accommodate for our customers' varying budgets we would need to import directly.

Nexus X-Blue water ionizers are a good choice.

Smart water ionizers are an excellent choice.

Tyent Water Ionizers

This is my review of Tyent Water Ionizers. In no way do I feel Tyent's water ionizers are the worst, or even bad, but they aren't the best either. I've done many comparison tests to show that Tyent ranks in around the average range for a water ionizer. For as long as I've known them (over 10 years), the Tyent company has always used the same many misleading sales tricks, though. So, this is my main objection with Tyent.

Beware of Deception:

  1. Deceptive Pricing with Phony "Sales": It's got to be every single day of the year, because every single time I've looked at the Tyent website, their prices are advertised on their site to be "slashed" with anywhere between 33 to over 50 percent reduction in the water ionizer prices. The Federal Trade Commission has a full article on deceptive pricing, and spells out the the basic pricing law for US sales: "Whenever an advertiser represents that he is selling below the prices being charged in his area for a particular article, he should be reasonably certain that the higher price he advertises does not appreciably exceed the price at which substantial sales of the article are being made in the area." 
  2. Fake "Water Ionizer of the Year Awards": For the past 10 years (since I've known Tyent), they have used a couple of the sites owned by the Tyent company to host what they call "Water Ionizer of the Year Awards" and "Editor's Choice" awards. Guess who always wins? Of course Tyent, because the whole scam is a made-up ploy by Tyent. I do have proof of the ownership of the sites. Right now the sites are privately registered, so the average person couldn't ever see who owns them. But it so happens that the sites weren't always registered by proxy, and I have pictures to prove the ownership of the sites from back in the days before they went private. So, when you see on the Tyent website that they are bragging about the "water ionizer of the year" award or the "editor's choice" award they won "this year", you can take that with a grain of salt.
  3. There is another gimmick on one of Tyent-owned websites where "the ionizer guy" tests and compares water ionizers. You might consider that this is very similar to what I do. But the part of it that isn't on the up-and-up is the "ionizer guy" doesn't say he is a Tyent representative. So, it boils down to the use of false pretenses. It's called "registration by proxy", but it's a way to hide one's identity if you don't want people to know who your affiliation is. Tyent owns many urls and uses them to build a false confidence in the Tyent brand. Five of these urls can be seen in the "Top 10 Deceptive Sites" section, above. One of Tyent's many pretend-review-sites is called Ionizer Research, and here is a picture of someone who calls himself "Bob the Ionizer Guy". Anything whatsoever that Bob the Ionizer Guy (or any of the Tyent-owned review sites) says is tainted by the fact that the site belongs to the Tyent company.   


Tyent USA Water Ionizers: Tyent ACE-11, ACE-13, UCE-11, 9090 Turbo Extreme, and the MMP11 are programmable to your source water with varying amperage.

Tyent uses a Korean manufacturer (Taeyoung E & T Co. LTD), which is a good manufacturer. They have been making water ionizers for about 15 or so years. The quality of construction is about average. The faucet of the tyent undersink water ionizer is painted plastic, though, which is not good.

The Tyent water ionizers do not have continuous-cleaning water cells, so they will not be able to fit into the catagory of "Best" without this. 

Tyent ACE 13, MMP11, UCE 9000, UCE-11, 7070 and 9090 Turbo Extreme Water Ionizers: The Tyent MMP11, 7070 Turbo and 9090 Turbo Extreme water ionizers all perform about the same as each other. It was this fact that I discovered that made me want to dig further into a recent fad being used by water ionizer companies of adding more and more plates to a single, residential water ionizer. 

Learn why the addition of 9, 11 or 13-plates in a water ionizer doesn't assist ionization and may even harm it.

Tyent makes effective water ionizers, but they don't have continuous-cleaning. Therefore the Tyent water ionizers are not likely to remain effective without regular and continual maintenance. With a Tyent water ionizer one should do a citric acid cleaning about every 3 months.   

Vesta H2 Water Ionizer Review

One of the best water ionizer manufacturers in Korea, has created a brand-new Vesta H2 water ionizer. It comes with all the highest certifications and ratings possible, including medical device certification, and is made at a very high-quality Korean facility. My testing of the Vesta H2 Water Ionizer shows it to be very, very good. The self-cleaning inside the water cell is advanced. The Vesta H2 filter options are also quite good.

I expect that the Vesta ionizer will last 20 years or so as long as it is cared for properly. Vesta water ionizers come with limited lifetime warranties.

The Vesta H2 water ionizer is a very excellent choice.


I urge you to check out my Water Ionizer Comparison page for a really huge chart and in-depth comparisons of the most popular water ionizers in the USA today.

It's either the "teacher" in me, or maybe I was just raised right back in the day, but I will not subscribe to the various tricks that are demonstrated on this page. My interest is to offer the actual best water ionizers and service for the lowest price that I can (and skip the tricks altogether).


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