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Safe Shipping & Receiving of a Water Ionizer

A water ionizer is a life-long investment in your health. As such, all of our water ionizers are covered with lifetime warranties. If you ever need a repair, you will need all of your original packing and plugs and you'll need to use other cautions for safe shipping. 

All water ionizers follow these same basic guidelines (below) for unpacking and packing them, however the H2 Water Ionizers have their fitted foam pieces on the sides rather than on the top/bottom. Each product page will have pack-up instructions toward the bottom of the page. Please adjust these steps with that in mind if you have an H2 Water Ionizer.

Receiving/Unpacking Your Water Ionizer

The time to start exercising caution with your new water ionizer is right away, when you are unpacking it. Pay attention to how the water ionizer is packed, so if you ever have to ship it you'll just reverse the process of unpacking it. Also, the product page has information about packing and caring for your water ionizer.

1. Start by setting the box on a sturdy table and open up the top. Remove the few items located in the lid, but don't remove the foam piece (lid).



2. Turn the box carefully on it's side (with the flaps turned down - out of the way).


3. Turn the box one more time, so it's fully upside-down on the table. Then slowly remove the box by pulling it up and off.


4. Remove the fitted foam piece at the top and carefully slip the plastic about halfway down to fully expose the base of the water ionizer, where 2 fittings are. 


5. Remove the plugs that are on or in the fittings. The red plugs are easy; just take them off (there will be one or two of them). The white plug is harder. You need to pull in on the ring while pulling out on the plug. (See pics.) Do this gently; Don't tug. Save these plugs. They are so important. i.e., you can never ship your water ionizer in for repair or ship it anywhere without plugging every port or the water leakage could wreck the machine.



6. Remove the large plastic bag and the final plug (black) and store everything in your product box for future. Also, remove the twist-tie (if you want) from the electric cord. Save this too.

Packing Up Your Water Ionizer

Getting ready to ship your water ionizer is mostly doing the reverse of the steps, above.

  1. Turn off the water ionizer.
  2. Unplug it.
  3. Shut off the water supply.
  4. Turn the on/off knob to the "On" position. This will relieve water pressure on the line for the next step.
  5. Remove the hoses and spout. Don't remove the fittings, themselves. Use the care described in #5, above, and refer to the pictures.
  6. Put all of the plugs into or on their proper ports. The plug should fit tight and look just the way it does in the above pictures. Contact us if you lost your plugs or have any difficulty with this step. DO NOT SHIP WITHOUT PLUGS ON EVERY PORT.
  7. Put the plastic bag over the water ionizer. (try to match the way it was on there originally)
  8. Roll up the power cord and use the twist-tie to secure it.
  9. Place the fitted foam piece onto the top and bottom of the water ionizer. There is only one right way (look at the foam to see).
  10. Box up the water ionizer by reversing the steps of "unboxing" it,  above. Or, just box it up safely in a way you're comfortable doing, but make sure not to break the box or fittings while you're doing it.
  11. Notes of Caution: If you don't cover the ionizer with the large plastic bag it may get scratched, or if you don't put in all the plugs, properly, it may leak and destroy the machine during shipping. So, Be careful to box it up to be just the way you received it.

Never Ship in Product Box

The final step for shipping is choosing a big enough and strong enough shipping box to hold the water ionizer and protect it with a good 2 or 3 inches of foam peanuts or other packing material all around (on every side). Pack it in there firmly, so there's no movement during shipping.

Also, remember that you are responsible for the product arriving to us safely, so you may want to consider insuring the package.