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Don't Buy Hydrogen Sticks

Why Do I Say Don't Buy a Hydrogen Stick or Other pH Stick?

I have tested several brands of Hydrogen Stick, which sell for up to $70 each, and have found them to be nearly worthless. You can see all of my testing here on this page.

My results of testing Hydrogen Sticks show that PH Sticks or Hydrogen Sticks don't work well. They take way too long and ionize way too little. They don't filter, and depending on what they're made of (e.g., aluminum ones) they may actually contaminate your water.

Every video I've done on Hydrogen Sticks shows you evidence of justifying the statement I made above. "Don't buy a Hydrogen Stick." If you want an inexpensive solution to getting ionized water, a better way would be to get an Alkaline Plus Ionizing PH Pitcher. At least then you would have filtered water as well as ionized water. Also, you wouldn't have to wait hours or days to ionize the water. Instead you'd get it in about 10 minutes.

Videos: Don't Buy the Hydrogen Stick [Original 3-Part Series]

I got a lot of heat for publishing this original 3-part series on the Hydrogen Stick. The $70 dollar over-priced stick made of magnesium and containing magnetized ceramics within it was practically worthless but the MLM representatives who were married into the program were furious at me. I think by now most people have discovered that I was right and the stick really doesn't work. This is my first testing and while my techniques were flawed it does show similar results to all of my later, more accurate, testing.

More Testing

Here I am using glass containers and getting pretty much the same results with the hydrogen stick as I got with the plastic cups above.

Hydrogen Stick vs.Water Ionizers

Here I am testing and comparing the Hydrogen stick to the pH and ORP from a Melody water ionizer.

Comparing Brands

Here I am comparing brands of hydrogen sticks and putting them into sealed plastic bottles. The tests were done with both Fiji water and tap water.

This last video is showing how the pitcher works like a charm in ionizing water. It is based on Dr. Hayashi's principle of adding magnesium to the water in the presence of magnetized ceramics. The filter also is a great water filter too. When water flows slowly through carbon, quite a lot of contaminants are able to be removed.