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Soft Water: Naturally or Reverse Osmosis

Do You Have Soft Water?

Many people have soft water in their home because they use a water softener. If you use a sodium or potasium based water softener [or if you live in an area that has very high levels of sodium in your water] you should read our Sodium page for more information on that.

Soft Water: Naturally

The other cases of soft water in the country are people who naturally have soft water. The softness is caused by a lack of minerals. To get good water ionization you need sufficient minerals in your water.

If you buy a water ionizer and find your water is too soft and you are not able to get the adequate levels of ionization that you want, then you will be glad to know you can remineralize your water very easily and the minerals are a very high quality of minerals.

If your water ionizer has a calcium port, you can add minerals that way. See our Calcium page.

Anyone can add more minerals to their water with a simple, easy to install, in-line remineralizer.

Soft Water: Reverse Osmosis

If your water is so soft [or you use reverse osmosis] you can insert a remineralizer in-line with your input water hose pretty easily and cheaply: Remineralizer

Do You Have Hard Water?

If you live in a hard water area [over 200 ppm of hardness or over 12 grains] with extra calcium in your water you will want to go to our Hard Water page.