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Soft Water: Naturally or Reverse Osmosis

Do You Have Soft Water?

Many people have soft water in their home because they use a water softener. This page is not about that kind of soft water. If you have soft water because you use a sodium or potassium based water softener you should read our Sodium page for more information on that.

This Page is About Naturally Soft Water 

There are several spots around the country which naturally have soft water. The softness is caused by a lack of calcium in the water.

To get good water ionization you need sufficient calcium in your water. If your calcium levels are below 50 parts per million (or mg/liter), it is too soft to ionize very well. If you buy a water ionizer and find your water is too soft and you are not able to get the adequate levels of ionization you should suspect this.

How to Handle Soft Water Issues

The best way to handle soft water issues is to install a canister-style or an in-line remineralizer. This goes into the input water line by cutting the line and inserting the two ends of the 1/4 inch hosing into the two ends of the filter. It's pretty straight-forward.

I have been 100% successful with everyone who did what I said with "fixing" their soft water issues. Soft water is not as hard to "fix" as hard water. It really is a science and I know the science of it very well. Ionizing slightly soft (but not too soft) water is ideal. We need to just find the sweet spot that works to make the water ionize perfectly.